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Senate Proceeding on Jun 8th, 2011 :: 7:45:50 to 7:55:00
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James Inhofe

7:45:44 to 7:46:05( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: things that should be addressed by regulation, so they're trying to do it through regulation. utility mac, ozone -- actually, the changing of the ozone standards, when they're not using, as the law newer, updated information.

James Inhofe

7:45:50 to 7:55:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Inhofe

James Inhofe

7:46:06 to 7:46:27( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: and particulate matter, coal ash and all the rest. i'm only saying that now because there's a cost to overregulation, and that's what i know that my friend, senator snowe, is trying to get at. i do have -- it is minding -- and correct me if i am wrong -- that we are not trying to get

James Inhofe

7:46:28 to 7:46:48( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: recognized and move current amendments aside. is that correct now? yeah, that's good enough. i won't try to do that. however, i do want to mention, probably the most significant single amendment we're going to be having on this -- on the e.d.a. reauthorization bill would be the one to take down the maximum amount from the $500

James Inhofe

7:46:49 to 7:47:09( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: million to $300 million. it's kind of interesting because this program, in my state of oklahoma, has been really very successful. we've -- time and time again we've been able to do things, attract businesses and industry down in a little town called

James Inhofe

7:47:10 to 7:47:31( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: elgin, oklahoma, adjacent to the fort sill live range. we've been able to put together something that's going to attract about 150,000 square foot building and all of that with a very small initial grans. so it's worked we will. and i understand some of the critics critics of this program. i have noticed that some of this

James Inhofe

7:47:32 to 7:47:52( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: jurisdiction is in the committee of which i am the ranking member, the environment and public works committee, it is important to look at these things in these difficult time, i think it's important not to authorize more than we could anticipate would be very prudently appropriated. and since we've been authorizing $400 million in

James Inhofe

7:47:53 to 7:48:13( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: total amount has been -- what has -- it's something less than $300 million, i'm going to have an amendment that will take down the existing limit on this, which is 500 million, down to $3 00 million. that will be amendment number 430. it's already introduced. and interestingly enough, while i don't agree with with

James Inhofe

7:48:14 to 7:48:35( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: president obama on many things, he seems to agree on this, and i'm going to read a statement that he had. the administration supports the passage of s. 782. but down here it says, however, the bill would authorize spending levels higher than those requested by the president's budget. and the administration believes that the need for a smart

James Inhofe

7:48:36 to 7:48:57( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: investment to help america win the future must be balanced with the need to control spending and reduce the deficit. and so the administration looks forward to working with congress in reducing the limits of this bill. so i'm the administration and introduce this amendment number 430, and it is introduced right now. we're hoping to be able to at

James Inhofe

7:48:58 to 7:49:18( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: some point start setting aside and getting these amendments up for votes. that's one of the major reasons, as one of the major sponsors of this bill, we have a lot of things that we need to be talking about on the floor. we've done nothing around here, nothing. we haven't done appropriations, haven't done anything except a hand ful of judges, noncontroversial nudges's judges. so -- and some controversial, i

James Inhofe

7:49:19 to 7:49:40( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: might add. but nonetheless, we should be talking about these things. there are a lot of things we want to get done and certainly this is one of them. the other amendment, though, that is a little less understandable because it involves something that is i -- i throw in the category of not being believable.

James Inhofe

7:49:41 to 7:50:04( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: and that is we have a critter in oklahoma and it is around other parts of the country called a lesser prairie chicken. going all the way back to my days in the state legislature, a long time ago before a lot of you guys were born, people were concerned about the lesser prairie chicken and always trying to protect it and yet our farmers and ranchers had a

James Inhofe

7:50:05 to 7:50:25( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: problem with it because they burrow down and make holes and our cows and horses would break legs. that has nothing to do with they are talking about having that -- right now it is actually a candidate f an endangered species. and the reason it is is because they are claiming course, the population is

James Inhofe

7:50:26 to 7:50:46( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: dwindling. well, it's not. the problem is we got too many of them. this is kind of interesting. the state, for those of you whose geography is not too good, immediately north of us is kansas. they have a hunting season for the prairie. you can go north across the

James Inhofe

7:50:47 to 7:51:09( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: border and they protect it. it is ludicrous that they do that. first of all, federally mandated uses of alternative energies such as wind and all that, i think, is inappropriate. we have all the resources we need in fossil fuels around this country. we have the resources in terms of oil, gas, and coal.

James Inhofe

7:51:10 to 7:51:30( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: we have naff run this country for -- we have enough to run this country for 100 years, without being dependent on the middle east. when you have these mandated percentages, that means you have to go into other forms of energy where the technology is not quite there. now, wind technology is there. it's -- although a lot has to happen before it's going to be

James Inhofe

7:51:31 to 7:51:52( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: in a competive match and not have to be subsidized. nonetheless, oklahoma happens to be in the wind belt. if you go through oklahoma and you can see in northern texas, all the way through oklahoma and southern kansas, tbher a wind belt. the problem that we're -- i have airplanes.

James Inhofe

7:51:53 to 7:52:13( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: my minute visa vice is to fly airplanes -- my mini vice is to fly airplanes. when i take people who have not been the number of windmills at any one place out there. you can see 200 or 300 that are out there. it represents a huge investment.

James Inhofe

7:52:14 to 7:52:35( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: a lost stakeholders are involved in it f they end up listing the lesser prairie chicken, that is going to all of a sudden put fish and wildlife in a position where they can stop this wind energy that is taking place right now. and the reason they won't be their fault, they will they'll say if the habitat is threatened because there are

James Inhofe

7:52:36 to 7:52:57( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: towers and predators on these towers looking down, then they would have to stop that from taking place. they could conceivably have to take down millions of dollars' worth of investments there are a right nowvment so i have an amendment to this bill that is going to preclude them from being able to list it.

James Inhofe

7:52:58 to 7:53:18( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: i have had a visit with the caned who's been nominated to be the director of fish and wildlife, dan ashe. and i had him along with secretary ken salazar, secretary of the interior, in my office. we talked at some length about some of these things. he has made a compliment to come out of oklahoma and see what a hardship this would be. so i think it would be an

James Inhofe

7:53:19 to 7:53:39( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: excellent idea to find some vehicle, and this vehicle seems to be the one that's being used right now, to put such legislation on that would have precluded them from listing the lesser prairie chicken. the private investment in oklahoma wind power is one -- of course we're one of the top states. we're number 13 of all 50 states

James Inhofe

7:53:40 to 7:54:01( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: in terms of wind. it could be significantly curtailed. state senator bryce march l marlet noticed the investment. we want to protect oklahoma gas and electric, recently announcing the construction of a

James Inhofe

7:54:02 to 7:54:22( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: pie-power line from oklahoma city to woodward. then eventually going into gymon all the way through what used to be called no man's land in the panhandle of oklahoma. these would be multimultimillion-dollar investments. it could be severely challenged by the listing of the lesser

James Inhofe

7:54:23 to 7:54:44( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: prairie chicken. so i will be offering that amendment. i already introduced the amendment and would look forward to explaining that further as time comes. in the meanwhile, tomorrow i do want to get into the cost of the resmtion it is one that if we're really sincere of doing something to promote business

James Inhofe

7:54:45 to 7:55:00( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: and industry, the first thing we need to do is get the bureaucrats off the backs of the businesses that are planning to expand. we will be addressing that with that, mr. president, i

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