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Senate Proceeding 06-09-09 on Jun 9th, 2009 :: 2:04:50 to 2:08:30
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Jeff Sessions

2:04:46 to 2:05:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: on the 4:20 vote i announce to our colleagues. senator sessions is up and will be the first speaker. signature session mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from alabama. mr. sessions: mr. president, i thank senator mcconnell for his leadership in so many ways but particularly his concern that he has shown repeatedly on

Jeff Sessions

2:04:50 to 2:08:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

2:05:09 to 2:05:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the united states judiciary. he's a member of the judiciary committee and he takes these issues seriously and i think it's important that we all do so. i have to say i'm disappointed this morning that we learned from media reports -- i did -- that the chairman of the judiciary committee, senator

Jeff Sessions

2:05:30 to 2:05:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: leahy, announced we would begin the hearings july 13 on judge sotomayor. i believe that's too early. i don't believe it's far more important we do this matter right than we do it quick. when the announcement was made president obama said that the

Jeff Sessions

2:05:51 to 2:06:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: time we should look to is october 1 when the new supreme court term starts. and i think that always was an achievable goal something i said i believe we could achieve and do in a right so the question is, can we get all this done in this rush-rush fashion? it will be the shortest

Jeff Sessions

2:06:12 to 2:06:34( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: confirmation time of any recent nominee. it is a that of justice roberts, now chief justice roberts. it turned out, sent 29, a of days before the new term began. and home was going to be chief justice.

Jeff Sessions

2:06:35 to 2:06:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: but the last nominee, whose record was much like this nominee, justice alito, was coming up in late -- in december -- and the democratic leader then on the judiciary committee, senator leahy, asked that it be put off until after christmas. and the republican chairman at

Jeff Sessions

2:06:58 to 2:07:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: that time, senator specter, despite president bush's desire it move forward, he said, no, i think that's a reasonable request and we put it off. there was some 90-some-odd days before that occurred and well over 70 ds before the hearings began. i just want to say,

Jeff Sessions

2:07:23 to 2:07:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: mr. president, first and for foremost we are committed to a fair and just hearings but we need to examine the record of 3,500 probably more than 4,000 cases. in addition she has given a lot of speeches and written law review articles and those need to be analyzed because make no

Jeff Sessions

2:07:47 to 2:08:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: mistake about it, this is the this congress and this the american people have, to play a role in what would town ou turn out to be a lifetime appointment, a federal bench of independence and unaccountability for the rest of their life. so i think it is important we do

Jeff Sessions

2:08:09 to 2:08:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: this thing and we do it right. i thank senator mcconnell his leadership in insisting we do it right. i believe from what we know today the timeframe that is set forth is unrealistic. more than that, necessary. let's do is right. take our time. and do it in a way that i as i've said repeatedly, this

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