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Senate Proceeding 06-09-09 on Jun 9th, 2009 :: 2:18:30 to 2:24:30
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Jeff Sessions

2:18:27 to 2:18:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: do this right and not try to push things beyond the point that is circumstances. the presidin mr. sessions: i kyl for his leadership on this committee. he's one of the senate's great lawyers. i appreciate his insights, as we all do.

Jeff Sessions

2:18:30 to 2:24:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

2:18:48 to 2:19:09( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i would just note i think this rush is ill-advised. in truth, the white house was determined to get the nominee's questionnaire to the senate in a hurry, and there are a number of cameras and crews and press releases that went out when boxes were delivered. but in many ways the questionnaire was incomplete.

Jeff Sessions

2:19:10 to 2:19:31( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the result, i think, of that kind of rush. the nominee failed to provide sufficient details that were required by t for example, the judge did not include her troubling recommendation to the puerto rican appeal lobby against a new york state law that would have reinstated the death penalty.

Jeff Sessions

2:19:32 to 2:19:53( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: and it had quite a bit of intemperate rhetoric in it. after that was noted, she admitted she failed to and got that document in. but i suggest perps if somebody hadn't been aware of that omission, maybe we would not have received that document at all. what else might she have failed

Jeff Sessions

2:19:54 to 2:20:14( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: to include that might be an important bit of information as our committee does its oversight work? in addition, the nominee was supposed to provide opinions and fili verdict, judgment or final decision, or three cases she indicates that the district attorney's office is searching for records and she did not

Jeff Sessions

2:20:15 to 2:20:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: provide those. in 14 cases, she admitted -- noted that she tried. the record is incomplete and not provided there. so we don't have any document related to these cases. as another example, the nominee is supposed to list speeches, remarks, and lectures in the absence -- and in the

Jeff Sessions

2:20:37 to 2:20:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: absence of having a prepared text, to provide outlines, notes, and then a summary of the subject several of the entries lack any subject matter descriptions or are so vague as to be utterly uninformative, includi quotes i just note from the record. and we've had some problems with

Jeff Sessions

2:20:58 to 2:21:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: her speeches. a lot of speeches she notes she's given she has no text for. but i would just note this is on her i spoke on the second circuit employment discrimination cases -- close quote. didn't indicate what or give any summary of that. another one -- quote -- "i spoke

Jeff Sessions

2:21:22 to 2:21:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: at the federal externship class on access to judgment, close quote. no indication of what that was and no summary. certainly no text. -- quote panel how to practice safe employment." no explanation. next -- quote -- "i spoke on the

Jeff Sessions

2:21:43 to 2:22:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: united states judicial system." next, i spoke on the topic of lawyering for social justice. close quote. i discussed my life experiences and the role of minority bar organizations, close quote. i participated in a symposium on post conviction relief. i spoke on the execution of judgments of conviction.

Jeff Sessions

2:22:04 to 2:22:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i spoke on the the hague convention in the united states and abroad, close quote. -- quote -- "i praised in a discussion on sentencing -- i participated in a discussion on sentencing guidelines. i praise pra euted in a round table discussion and recep on the art of judging at this event. that would be nice to note what

Jeff Sessions

2:22:26 to 2:22:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: she thought about the art of judging. i contributed to the panel, the future of judicial review, the view from the bench at the 2004 national convention of the -- where the official theme was liberty and equality of the 21st century. that's some of the things that

Jeff Sessions

2:22:48 to 2:23:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: are there t questionnaire's requirements. this questionnaire is one we use for nominees of both parties for a number of years. so the chairman justifies our rushed schedule because of the need, he says, to allow the nominee to respond to unfair criticism of her record. but the chairman and all our democratic colleagues know that

Jeff Sessions

2:23:09 to 2:23:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the republican senators who will actually b nominee, i am confident and certain have been nothing but extremely fair and courteous and respectful of the nominee, even when sheade mistakes like omitti several things from her questionnaire, we haven't criticized her for that. so in return for this courtesy,

Jeff Sessions

2:23:31 to 2:23:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i'm disappointed that we are being rushed to complete this process at a time, based on what i know now, is not a wise approach. so i don't think it's a good way to begin the proceedings. i look forward to working with my colleagues on this date. perhaps we can do better as we move forward. is an important process.

Jeff Sessions

2:23:52 to 2:24:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: it's the opportunity to understand what this is about, and i think we ought to do it right. as senator leahy has said. and not rush it. i thank the yield the the presiding

Jeff Sessions

2:24:16 to 2:24:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: clerk will call the

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