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Senate Proceeding on Jun 12th, 2008 :: 6:43:03 to 6:47:35
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6:42:52 to 6:43:03( Edit History Discussion )

i believe that's the expression of sentiment that we all share in this chamber as well as the people do across this country. so, madam president, working together, i think we'll get merida right. i'm

John Barrow

6:43:03 to 6:43:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: confident in the end we'll produce an agreement that will be acceptable both tohe mexicans as well as to ourselves so that we can join together in building a safer, more prosperous future and a successful combat

John Barrow

6:43:03 to 6:47:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Barrow

John Barrow

6:43:22 to 6:43:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: against those engaged in the violence within mexico and along that border area. that is our shared goal. that is the kind of lasting change i think we all want. and through this process, that is what

John Barrow

6:43:38 to 6:43:58( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: i believe we can produce together. madam president, i yield the floor and i see my colleague from pennsylvania who's here. the presiding officer: thank you. the senator from pennsylvania is recognized.

John Barrow

6:43:58 to 6:44:10( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: mr. casey: madam president, thank you very much. i would rise to speak as if in morning business, if i native consent. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. casey: thank you, madam

John Barrow

6:44:10 to 6:44:34( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: president. madam president, i rise today to discuss two agreements under negotiation between the united states and iraq that have grabbed headlines in recent days as more and more iraqi politicians announce

John Barrow

6:44:34 to 6:44:47( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: their strong opposition to these agreements. the two agreements will shape the presence of american military forces in iraq long beyond the current -- or the tenure, i should say, of the current

John Barrow

6:44:47 to 6:45:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: administration. unfortunately, the administration, in my judgment, is handling these negotiations in the same manner that has characterized its entire approach to iraq since 2003. its approach is this: unnecessary

John Barrow

6:45:05 to 6:45:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: secrecy, a disdain for congressional input, and an arrogant insistence that its course of action, the administration's course of action, is the only reasonable option. let me talk about each these agreements.

John Barrow

6:45:16 to 6:45:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: the first agreement to which i'm referring is a proposed status of forces agreement known by the acronym sofa," sofa." the status of forces agreement would define t authorities, privileges and immunities

John Barrow

6:45:32 to 6:45:46( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: of american troops on iraqi soil and allow u.s. forces to remain in iraq beyond december 31, when a united nations security council mandate authorizing the presence of coalition troops is scheduled

John Barrow

6:45:46 to 6:45:57( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: to expire. adlai mtion officials insist that another extension of the u.n. moon date, which has been -- mandate, which has been repeatedly renewed on an annual basis, is no longer possible. the iraqis seek

John Barrow

6:45:57 to 6:46:10( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: to return to a normal status in the international system and no longer want to be the subject of a u.n. authorized military operation. the second involves a more strategic framework which would lay out

John Barrow

6:46:10 to 6:46:28( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: the political, security, and economic ties between our two nations. quhiel the administration has walked back from previous -- while the administration has walked back from previous statements indicating

John Barrow

6:46:28 to 6:46:47( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: that united states was formed offer a binding security guarantee -- prepared to offer a binding security guarantee to the iraq government to come to its defense in formal aggression or internal turmoil,

John Barrow

6:46:47 to 6:46:59( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: it is still prepared to agree to -- quote -- "consult" -- consult -- with the iraqi government under such circumstances. while a promise to consult in the event of aggression has been extended by the united

John Barrow

6:46:59 to 6:47:09( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: states to many nations around the world and is known in diplomatic jar jargon as a -- quote -- "security arrangement," it still raises concern when the united states man takens a large-scale troop presence

John Barrow

6:47:09 to 6:47:21( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: in a nation. any promise to consult with a foreign government takes on much greater weight when more than 100,000 troopsre stationed there. the united states congress and the american public first

John Barrow

6:47:21 to 6:47:35( Edit History Discussion )

John Barrow: learned of these two proposed agreements when president bush and prime minister malaki signed a -- quote -- "declaration of principles last november outlining their shared intention to conclude negotiations

John Warner

6:47:35 to 6:47:50( Edit History Discussion )

John Warner: by july 31. a week later, a week after july 31, joined by five other u.s. senators, i sent a letter to president bush expressing deep concern over the proposed security guarantees to the iraqi government

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