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Senate Proceeding on Jun 14th, 2011 :: 0:33:25 to 0:39:50
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Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: rise today because i believe the united states is headed down a slippery path towards an escalation of military force in libya. i also believe that if the united states military is to be involved in such an escalation, then the united states congress must exercise its constitutional

Tom Udall

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Speech By: Tom Udall

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: authority and approve or disapprove of the president's proposal. i supported president obama's initial decision to engage in a limited military operation to prevent an imminent humanitarian catastrophe. president obama and the international community were

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: clear, the targeting of civilians by muammar qaddafi would not be tolerated. now it's been over 60 days since the president notified the congress that he intended to use military force in libya. we are adrift. we are without direction. we are in danger of fighting an expanded war, a war that was

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: originally justified as a limited military operation arcs no-fly zone to prevent civilian casualties and an imminent catastrophe. this war has now been slowly expanded to one that is pushing for regime change. madam president, we have been down this path before.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: let's not go there. in libya, we are now receiving reports that helicopter gun ships are being used to target ground forces, something that was never originally intend under the premise of a tphoefld. it -- no-fly zone.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: it seems the no-fly zone has slowly evolved into what some have called a no-drive zone. the congress has not approved this action. i do not believe the u.n. security council approved such an action in 1973. we also hear it is now the policy to support regime change

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: and that there are some plans to arm rebel groups. some outside groups and members of congress are clamoring to escalate the war in libya. they believe air power will never dislodge gassed gassed and his -- dislodge muammar qaddafi and his family.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: the u.s. has not approved the use of military use. flooding the region with small arms is also being proposed. this would be a major mistake and could lead to a host of unintended consequences. we do not know enough about the rebels fighting qadhafi, but we do know there are plenty of mercenaries as well as members

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: of al qaeda waiting to exploit any chaos. if arms are flooded into the region, there is no guarantee that they will be able to be accounted for. and in my opinion, there's a high likelihood that those arms could end up in the hands of some very unsavory and dangerous individuals.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: the bottom line is this, congress has not had the opportunity to weigh in. like my colleagues, i deplore muammar qaddafi. i supported democratic transition and his departure from power. but the military goals should be defined and limited as a matter of policy. it should not include regime

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: change. this would be a dangerous escalation. as many of you know, the senate foreign relations committee was planning a markup for last thursday of senate resolution 194, titled expressing the sense of the senate on the u.s. military operations in libya. i had strong concerns about the

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: resolution we were scheduled to consider. a sense of the senate is clearly not an authorization for use of military force. a sense of the senate does not meet the requirements of the war powers act. and a sense of the senate falls short of meeting our constitutional obligation to declare war.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: i drafted an amendment to senate resolution 194, and i ask unanimous consent that the text of this amendment be included in the record at the conclusion of my remarks. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. udall: my amendment stated -- quote -- "that the president is not authorized to deploy ground forces, including special operation forces, in pursuance

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: of any goals related to united states policy in libya unless expressly authorized by congress or as determined necessary by the president to protect a member of the united states armed forces currently deployed in the region." end quote. i believe that any authorization of military force should contain

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: similar language. i understand that senator webb and senator corker have introduced a resolution with these prohibitions and exceptions to protect our troops, and i support these efforts to limit the mission in libya. it is important that we do not escalate military actions in libya.

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: an escalation would be a dangerous course, and it would be costly to the region and our country. while the markup has been postponed, it's my understanding that senator kerry and others are working on language that would fulfill our constitutional obligations and comply with the war powers act. i look forward to consideration

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: of a resolution of this kind in the foreign relations committee and strongly believe it should include language similar to the amendment that i was going to offer. i've been proud to serve in the united states congress for more than a decade. we have fought two lengthy wars during this period of time. i have seen the impacts on our military, on their families, on

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: our national deficit. before the united states escalates its involvement in another overseas conflict, congress must weigh in. it is our constitutional duty. thank you mr. durbin: would the gentleman from new mexico yield for a question? mr. udall: i'd be happy to yield. the presiding officer: the

Tom Udall

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Tom Udall: senator from illinois. mr. durbin: madam president, i want to thank the senator from

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