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Senate Proceeding on Jun 16th, 2009 :: 0:52:40 to 1:01:55
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John McCain

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John McCain: mr. pr floor. mr. mccain: mr. president? the presiding senator from arizona. mr. mccain: tomorrow the comm labor and pensions will begin consideration of a 615-page bill that seeks to reformur nation's health care system. this bill introduced by senator kennedy and others just last

John McCain

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Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

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John McCain: week has veryrand ambions. we all agree that health care reform is necessary. we all agree that congress must act. but we must not act recklessly. we must not act with haste and political expediency. health care reform will affect each and every american, and we must do it right. i strongly believe that we have

John McCain

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John McCain: to start over and act in a truly bipartisan manner to address the issue. unfortunately, the legislation before that committee seeks to enact a massive government-run health care program that intrudes into the lives of all americans by making decisions each american's choice of doctors, employer health p and insurance providers.

John McCain

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John McCain: and it leaves major questions unanswered. every american should answer: how much will this massive expansion of government cost? and every taxpayer should have a clear answer to how are taxpayers going toay for this massive government expansion? yesterday -- yesterday -- the

John McCain

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John McCain: congressional budget office released a letter that stated that thea kennedy bill, the bill now pending from markup tomorrow, beginning tomorrow in committee, would ensure only one-third -- ens one-third -- of the 47 million americans that are currently

John McCain

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John McCain: uninsured for the cost of $1 trillion. and again, that only insures one-third of the uninsured. let me quote, mr. president, from the congressional budget office report. it says "once the proposal" -- considering in the health care

John McCain

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John McCain: committee -- health committee -- "once the proposal was fully implem individuals would obtain coverage through the new insurance exchanges. at the same time the numr of people who had coverage through an employer would decline by about 15 million, or roughly 10%, and coverage from other sources would fall by about 8

John McCain

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John McCain: million, so the net decrease in the number of people uninsured would be about 16 million." 47 million are without health insurance in ame so this matches, mr. president, with an executive sumry entitled the impact of the 2009

John McCain

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John McCain: affordable health choices act, which is completed by the h.s.i. network, done by steve perenni, ph.d. and mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that this report be included in the record.

John McCain

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John McCain: what this study cacludes is it awe thepbt case the congressional budget office because -- it authenticates congressional budget office because it says if you want to insure every american it's going to be $4 trillion. not $1 trillion, but $4 trillion over a ten-year so to ensure coverage for all americans under this proposed

John McCain

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John McCain: legislation, it would cost $460 billion annually, or $4 trillion over the next tenure years according to a report issued last week, as i mentioned. so the best we can tell, the cost of the legislation that we are now considering trillion.

John McCain

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John McCain: now, hour we going to how are we going to pay for that, mr. president? how are we going to pay for it? is there a proposal yet besid eliminating fraud, abuse, and waste? well, it's unacceptable and it isn't health care reform. and i believe that the c.b.o. letter should be a w tpo all of us in this chamber to

John McCain

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John McCain: scrap the current bill and start all over, and start all over in a bipartisan fashion negotiations. yesterday the president of the united states said the opponents of his legislation, or his proposals were fearmongering. i don't agr i don't agree with that assessment, nor do i accuse the

John McCain

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John McCain: proponents of this bill of that motivation th-fplt isn't health care reform. any bill that strips 23 million americans of their health care coverage and ensures a mere third of the 47 million uninsured americans is not what americans are looking for legislation. and let me say americans aren't calling -- they aren't calling for a massive government expansion.

John McCain

0:57:47 to 0:58:07( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: they aren't calling for a new government insurance plan that will do private insurance plans or ena a broad government panel exerting command and control of individual, large employer health care plans. they aren't calling for new taxes, cuts

John McCain

0:58:08 to 0:58:28( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: services or penalties to individuals or small businesses, health coverage doesn't imply with washington's standards. they're not calling for a $1 trillion to $4 trillion to be spent to fund the appetite of some, some who are hungry for the daily lives of americans.

John McCain

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John McCain: americans need health insurance, good and complete health care coverage, the security of knowing they have a job and, even better, a job where an employer can afford to provide health ce coverage. if the employer doesn't provide coverage, we need to make it easier and affordable to get health care coverage for an american.

John McCain

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John McCain: american family $5,000 refundable tax credit and let them go out and an insurance policy that meets their needs, and let them go across state lines if they feel like doing it. that's pretty simple. it's not real complicated. it could be done in way and in a matter of weeks. that's not

John McCain

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John McCain: what's happened here. despite all of their calls along with the president for bipartisanship. but it want to solve the problem for the american people. i believe it's time for democrats and republicans to come together gets americans

John McCain

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John McCain: coverage nded at affordable rates and this should be our goal. ensuring that all americans have coverage, not just 16 million as the congressional budget office study indicates. everybody covered, not unsustainable government expansion. and, again, i'm calling on the white house and the

John McCain

0:59:57 to 1:00:17( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: scrap this unsustainable bil and sit down and let's start from according to news reports this morning, robert gibbs stated this morni is not the administration's bill, after the c.b.o. letter came well, where is the administration's bill?

John McCain

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John McCain: we're legislation before the end of july. where is the administrat bill? we can't afford this one. we can't afford the one that is supposedly going to be into legislation that willome

John McCain

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John McCain: to the floor of this senate. it does an injustice to our taxpayers and their children. 42% of u.s. voters are saying that cutting the deficit is the most important priority for the country. the bill is being considered tomorrow in the "help" committee. it i the wrong direction.

John McCain

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John McCain: so, madam president, let me just say, scrap this bad bill, pay attention to the congressional budget office, understand it coverage, understand that the costs would be between -- around $4 trillion over a period, for which soar there is almost no provision to pay for, and let's sit down together

John McCain

1:01:23 to 1:01:41( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: and work together in order to provide americans with the health care they need reasonable cost.a madam president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding off clerk will call the roll.

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