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John McCain

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John McCain: final mr. mccain: the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. mr. mccain: mr. president, as we all know, health care dominates the agenda and the thoughts and efforts of the congress of the united states, and it has to be and it is an historic opportunity to achieve the

John McCain

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Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

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John McCain: health reforms that americans need today more than ever. we need fundamental reforms, reforms that not only help people get affordable health care coverage, but reforms that bring down the costs of health given the enormous costs associated with the bill that's been proposed, i called on the other side to scrap the bill and

John McCain

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John McCain: start from scratch. we've got to get it right. it shouldn't be a partisan process that forces a bad bill through committee. in starting over, we must address the fundamental components of health care reform, including the major drivers of increasing health care costs. one of the main factors

John McCain

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John McCain: health care cost trends too high is defensive medicine. ask any doctor, ask any practitioner, they order additional procedures for fear of litigation, which drives up the medical malpracti insurance costs faced by so many in the medical profession.

John McCain

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John McCain: medical liability insurance is a direct result of out of control lawsuits that force physicians to practice defensive medicine to avoid baseless liability lawsuits. any legislation reforming our health care system is incomplete if it doesn't address this

John McCain

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John McCain: important issue. a 2003h&hs report estimated the cost of defensive medicine to be between $70 billion billion a year. now put that in the light, mr. president, of the report that's in "the washington post" this morning.

John McCain

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John McCain: ita; says "obama's health plan tphaoepdz spending c.b.o. says." it goes on to say "whaoeupl president obama's plan to expand coverage to the uninsured is likely to dig the nation deeper into debt unless policy-makers adopt painful control on

John McCain

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John McCain: spending such as sharp reductions to doctors, hospitals and other providers at oer measures. mr. president, here is a way to save about $100 billion a year. $100 billion a year, because if it were updated, the cost estimate would likely increase to $180 billion a year. where is it in this bill?

John McCain

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John McCain: it's nowhere. nowhere, and that's a testimony to the trial lawyers of america. on monday, before a receptive crowd at the american medical association, the president stuck his toe in the medical liability that medical liability reform is real.

John McCain

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John McCain: but the president took cas on noneconomidamages off the table by saying -- quote -- "don't get too excited yet. just hold on to your horses here, guys. i want to be honest with you. i'm not afrbgd -- advocating caps on malpractice award this all but ensures that meaningful reform won't happen.

John McCain

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John McCain: today "the wall street journal" stated in an opinion piece - quote -- "president obama mentioned the medical liability problem, and we suppose this is progress. but mr. obama's call might have had more credibility had he not ecifically ruled out the one policy suits. without caps on medical

John McCain

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John McCain: malpractice awards, the lottery will continue. interestingly, mr. president, m neighbor in the state of california precise problem in 1975 that passing legislation tha capped jury awards for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering for medical malpractice lawsuits.

John McCain

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John McCain: not only does this cap reduce the amount of damages, but it has had the effect of deterring lawsuits. malpractice filings have fallen in almost every county in california. according to a 2004 rand study, this has medical malpractice lawsuits being 30% less than other states.

John McCain

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John McCain: such a cap is sure to alsoead to lower medical malpractice insurance rates. not only do you have a reduction in suits itself, reduction in awards, but you can imagine the costs that have been saved because the doctors no longer feel defensive medicine. thereby, prescribing unnecessary

John McCain

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John McCain: and unneeded tests and procedures simply to protect themselves in court from medical malpractice. there are plenty of ideas that should be caps on nondamages, health courts, national standards of

John McCain

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John McCain: care are just a few thoughtful concepts. we have stories that capping noneconomic damages brings down the cost of malpractice insurance. california and texas reformed malpractice to stem the ti of doctors leaving their states. there's also intriguing ideas involving health courts, c

John McCain

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John McCain: focused only on health disputes, with specially trained judges having expertise in health court adjudication to make injury compensation decisions. some have also pushed for a concept establishing standard of care. the concept envisions establishing specific clinical practice guidelines that doctors would be required to follow and

John McCain

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John McCain: enforce by the department of health and human services. this approach might reduce liability concerns. these are b that can be considered sides of the aisle, and there are other ideas that we would be well served to continue. when healt care costs are said

John McCain

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John McCain: to be driven up by over $100 billion and up to 40% of medical liability lawsuits groundless, don't you think the other side would have some provision in their bill to address this fundamental problem? maybe even a modest provision.

John McCain

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John McCain: i'm here to tell you that the other side has yet to any provision to suggest medical malpractice reforms. shocking? it should be addressed and must be addressed as part health reform. mr. president, i suggest the absence of a the presiding officer: the

John McCain

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John McCain: clerk will call the roll.

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