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Senate Proceeding on Jun 19th, 2008 :: 5:44:42 to 5:48:50
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Christopher Dodd

5:44:26 to 5:44:42( Edit History Discussion )

Christopher Dodd: the top procurement officials, a civilian in the u.s. department of -- in the air force went to jail. members of the leadership of boeing resigned and investigations were conducted and it was quite

Herb Kohl

5:44:42 to 5:44:58( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: a scandal. it was a sole-source teel. it was wrong -- deal. it was wrong and there was corruption in it and it was found out and people went to jail. i'm going to tell you. that's what happened. so what

Herb Kohl

5:44:42 to 5:48:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Herb Kohl

Herb Kohl

5:44:58 to 5:45:14( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: did congress do then? congress, in my committee, the armed services committee, had hearings about it, we discussed it. it was raised in the air land subcommittee of that committee that i for a time

Herb Kohl

5:45:14 to 5:45:32( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: chaired and we directed and we required that the air force conduct a bid of this process. no more solore source, you pick the best aircraft in the world to serve our men and women. that's what we

Herb Kohl

5:45:32 to 5:45:47( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: directed. no in, ands or buts. no qualifications. not one amendment was offered to object. and everybody knew at the time that there were two major aircraft producing companies, only two, that could

Herb Kohl

5:45:47 to 5:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: compete, boeing and northrup grumen-eads team. so we ordered a bid. these are our european allies. we have all kinds of joint operations, joint strike fighters where parts come for both of our aircrafts,

Herb Kohl

5:46:04 to 5:46:22( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: both of our areas of the world come together to make the joint striec fighter. and we said that we're going to bid this. the question came up during the debate, well, is this just a joke? is this just

Herb Kohl

5:46:22 to 5:46:36( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: a game? is it goioi to be a real fair bid? will everybody get a fair chance and the air force said that we're going to evaluate this on the merits and i remember asking them, is this going to

Herb Kohl

5:46:36 to 5:46:57( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: be a political decision? aren't you required to do it on the merits, they assured me they would do it on the merits.~ and so we went through this process. and as part of the process, the air force

Herb Kohl

5:46:57 to 5:47:15( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: produces a request for proposal, and they send that out, and it is a detailed statement of what the air force is looking for. and they request the bidders -- in this case there were just two --

Herb Kohl

5:47:15 to 5:47:31( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: to respond to that proposal. and they gave those bidders an opportunity to make suggestions and criticisms about the proposal. otherwise it would go out as proposed by the air force. and the boeing team

Herb Kohl

5:47:31 to 5:47:45( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: made no official or formal objections and no written complaints about the details of that proposal. they didn't request certain w.t.o. provisions that might tilt the scales awa from what's the

Herb Kohl

5:47:45 to 5:48:02( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: best aircraft or not best aircraft. and they agreed to proceed under that process. and that's what happened. the air force did it. and they believe they had done so with the most open process in air

Herb Kohl

5:48:02 to 5:48:19( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: force history of any major procurement of this kind. and, they are required to follow their procedures, and it's easy to make a mistake. so maybe they made some mistakes. maybe they've got a perfectly

Herb Kohl

5:48:19 to 5:48:35( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: good explanation for some of the criticism that g.a.o. has raised. but that's where we are today. they found some procedural flaws. but i got to tell you, the g.a.o. did not say it was time for a

Herb Kohl

5:48:35 to 5:48:50( Edit History Discussion )

Herb Kohl: bunch of politicians, a bunch of lawyers, accountants, prosecutors, schoolteachers to start picking what is the best air force plane available. and it's not our -- we shouldn't be doing, substituting

Charles Schumer

5:48:50 to 5:49:06( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: our judgment for those of the military. so i'm sorry that we didn't get a firm confirmation of this process. i fully acknowledge that the air force will need to review the complaints that have been

Charles Schumer

5:48:50 to 6:00:18( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles Schumer

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