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Senate Proceeding on Jun 19th, 2008 :: 8:16:23 to 8:20:15
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Richard Shelby

8:08:16 to 8:16:23( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Richard Shelby

Richard Shelby

8:16:10 to 8:16:23( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Shelby: that wasn't particularly the case. today many people are just start starting to get back into their homes and businesses north of iowa city. receding waters are bringing further heart 13 heartaches

Charles Schumer

8:16:23 to 8:16:35( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: has resident salvage what they can and then throw away what was destroyed by the floodwaters. these are the luck lucky ones. many are determine ing whether they can salvage the house, let alone

Charles Schumer

8:16:23 to 8:20:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer

8:16:35 to 8:16:49( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: what's inside. now, small communities downriver like oakville and columbus junction are completely sub submerged. farms lost everything including equipment, crops, livestock. the cities of burlington

Charles Schumer

8:16:49 to 8:16:54( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: and kio kiocock can holding their breath to get through without devastation like we have seen in iowa city and cedar rapids.| despite all of this iowans show their resiliency and heart. i was on c-span's

Charles Schumer

8:16:54 to 8:17:03( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: call in program called "washington journal," early this week. people from all over the country called to say how proud they were of the way people in the midwest and particularly they were referring to

Charles Schumer

8:17:03 to 8:17:14( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: iowans, were pulling together and working to get through this disaster. of course, senator harkin and i couldn't agree more. volunteers continue to be at the forefront of our efforts. local churches have

Charles Schumer

8:17:14 to 8:17:25( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: made heroic efforts. and the salvation army and red cross have been in iowa since the beginning. i can't say enough about the local officials including law enforcement, fire departments, and the iowa

Charles Schumer

8:17:25 to 8:17:38( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: national guard. i i would like to extend my thank yous to all of my colleagues who have come forth showing support. i think i can speak for both senator harkin and me in saying that. we've had people

Charles Schumer

8:17:38 to 8:17:51( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: in private, coming up to us on the senate floor, having that happen is very gratifying. manyf you have had similar events occurring in your own states and understand the pain that we feel once again

Charles Schumer

8:17:51 to 8:18:02( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: in iowa. our constituents are going to need the federal government's help. senator harkin and i have been meeting often and have also put together a coalition of midwest senators whose states are also

Charles Schumer

8:18:02 to 8:18:15( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: hit. so i want to thank all of my colleagues for giving our constituents the help that they need as we continue dow this road. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from connecticut. mr.

Charles Schumer

8:18:15 to 8:18:24( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: dodd: mr. president, i would like to yield four minutes to my colleague from virginia, senator webb. mr. warner: i don't intend to object. could i have four minutes following senator webb? mr. dodd: i is

Charles Schumer

8:18:24 to 8:18:36( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: no objection. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. the senator from virginia. mr. webb: thank you, mr. president. i would like to speak, actually, in conjunction

Charles Schumer

8:18:36 to 8:18:45( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: with the senior senator. it's fine with me if he wants it follow me if four minutes. i would like to speak for a bit about the announcement from the white house today to the affect that the president has

Charles Schumer

8:18:45 to 8:18:56( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: agreed that he will not veto the g.i. bill that we have worked on so hard if the last 17 months; that he is willing to accept this legislation. i want to say how grateful i am to all of the veterans

Charles Schumer

8:18:56 to 8:19:04( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: groups who, over the last 17 months, worked so hard to get the right bill. this bill will be reported back to us, i am told, in the exact form that we sent it over with a vote of 75-22, not long ago. there

Charles Schumer

8:19:04 to 8:19:13( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: is another provision that senator warner and i had worked on as a separate amendment regarding transferability that will be put in this bill in slightly different form but there was mischaracterization

Charles Schumer

8:19:13 to 8:19:23( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: in terms of how the white house portrayed this transferability provision and i think it goes to the heart that senator warner has done over many years. ing it deserves to be clarified in this body. the announcement

Charles Schumer

8:19:23 to 8:19:36( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: from the white house was to the effect that this transferability provision would be a new provision. in fact, senator warner and a number of senators from our side of the aisle enacted this as

Charles Schumer

8:19:36 to 8:19:52( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: law six years ago. we've heard from people on the other side, from the administration, from people in the pentagon, that this was a priority i item out of the pentagon. but it has been in law at the

Charles Schumer

8:19:52 to 8:20:04( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: discretion of service secretaries for six years. so we're willing to accept this provision as it comes over. we're enormously grateful that the president said he will not veto this bill because quite

Charles Schumer

8:20:04 to 8:20:15( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: frankly it has been almost seven years since 9/11 and the operational tempo of the people who have been serving has gon up. they deserve a wartime g.i. bill. they're going to get it. i want to express,

8:20:15 to 8:20:29( Edit History Discussion )

again, my appreciation to all the members of this body, the 58 sponsors including 11 in the republican party and the veteran groups who helped make this possible. with that i yield to the senior senator

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