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John McCain

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John McCain: rush-and-spend strategy is exactly the wrong approach. floor. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the leadership time is reserved. under the previous order, there will now be a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes

John McCain

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Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

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John McCain: each with the republicans controlling the first 30 minutes and the majority controlling the next 30 minutes. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. mr. mccain: mr. president, today the "help" committee will meet to discuss another new government and has advertised to promote

John McCain

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John McCain: prevention and while prevention and wellness is important, can lead to lower overall health care costs, we already have several programs focused on wellness and prevention. the h.h.s. appropriations request for prevention i is $700 million. in a recent omnibus

John McCain

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John McCain: appropriation bill, it wa was $22 million worth of earmarks for legislators pet projects for prevention and wellness and $310.5 million worth of earmarks under the health administration. yet t health care bill

John McCain

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John McCain: includes $80 billion new spending on new prevention programs without acknowledging the existing programs or suggesting improments to them. in other fitness has become another trough to put both feet earmarks and pet projects of members.

John McCain

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John McCain: we already have a $1.8 trillion in federal debt. the majority keeps on spending on new government programs and intervene in the markets and our personal lives. my question is: where will it stop? the center for disease control has devised programsed focused on weight lost smoking and tobacco, drinking

John McCain

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John McCain: and alcohol, injure and accident -- prevention. these programs receive hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year. but the considered by the health committee adds billions prevention. reckless spending going on is irresponsible. we should be focusing on whether

John McCain

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John McCain: the existing programs achieve their stated objectives. the federal government does nothing to measure effectiveness of a single metric for program perfornce. before we create a new federal entitlement program costing billions, we should first measure the effectiveness of our country programs.

John McCain

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John McCain: and i can tell you what is working. i can tell my colleagues what is working, employers all over the country are creating innovative, voluntary programs to promote healthier lifestyles and bring down cost. safeway is a great example without a government

John McCain

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John McCain: so instead of removing lynn drenses to more -- the "help" committee's first instinct is to create another government entitlement program and set up roadblocks to employer innovation. i would now like to take a moment to put this in perspective. today is tuesday, june 23.

John McCain

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John McCain: and another day has passed without complete health care reform bill to consider. we don't yet know what the majority will propose for their so-called government plan or how it will be paid for. what we do know is that a

John McCain

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John McCain: congressional preliminary estimate believes that the incomplete bill will cost over $1 trillion but cover only one-third of those currently uninsured. so i'm very interested in the congressional budget office cost estimate of a complete bill. some fear that the final price tag for covering all americans

John McCain

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John McCain: coul cost taxpayers as much as $3 trillion. we have a every day that goes by without a key element of the democrats' bill being available consideration leads to another day where millions of americans will become uninsured. this is a disservice to our

John McCain

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John McCain: constituents and -- and an embarrassment. mr. president, the -- the president of the united states and the majority continues to allege that we will enact health care reform before we leave for the august recess. we are now approaching the july recess. we do not have an estimate or

John McCain

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John McCain: the estimate, of two vital important parts of any health care reform legislation. what will be the role of the government mandate or the government role? and, finally, how much all of this will cost the taxpayers.

John McCain

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John McCain: so we're talking about one-fifth of the gross domestic product of this nation and we are expected in a few short weeks to enact overall health care reform with still -- with still the members on this side of the aisle not being informed as to what the plan is. much less have a serious debate.

John McCain

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John McCain: now, there -- there are of the committees going on and discussion and nice things said about each other. and but the fact is we haven't gotten down to the fundamental challenges of heal care reform in america, and the ds are growing shorter, and the time is growing short, and, mr. president, we cannotnact

John McCain

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John McCain: health care reform and fail. we cannot do that. so the sooner we get the full perspective of what the administration and the side's proposal is and how much it costs and what the fundamental issues are being addressed such as employer

John McCain

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John McCain: mandates and mandates, my -- our -- are certainly not clear not only to us, but to the american people. we have to communicate to the american people how we're to fix health care. we can't do that unless we have a complete plan to consider and present to them as well as

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