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Senate Proceeding 06-23-09 on Jun 23rd, 2009 :: 5:31:45 to 5:37:45
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Bob Corker

5:31:41 to 5:32:02( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: great heritage of not in favor of that approach to it. madam presi chair in yield the floor. >> before, today on the floor my colleagues, some of them have begun in their attack on president obama's historic an incredibly qualified nominee to the supreme court, judge sotomayor.

Bob Corker

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Speech By: Bob Corker

Bob Corker

5:32:03 to 5:32:23( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: they clearly decided it for ideological reasons and that they were going to oppose whoever president obama appointed the before the hearings even started. we have heard people try to attach a lot of labels to the judge sotomayor over the past few weeks, but it has become clearer and clearer as we look

Bob Corker

5:32:24 to 5:32:47( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: hard at judge sotomayor's record and vast experience that attacking this nominee is like throwing rocks at a library. it is uncalled for and it doesn't accomplish anything. her opponents are grasping at straws because it have before us one of the most qualified exceptional nominees to come before this senate in recent history.

Bob Corker

5:32:48 to 5:33:08( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: let there be no doubt, the judge sotomayor's on -- nomination to be a supreme court justice is a proud moment for america. dream is in reach for everyone willing to work hard. play by the rules and give to their communities their ethnicity, gender or social and economic background.

Bob Corker

5:33:09 to 5:33:30( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: and it is further proof of the deep roots the hispanic community has in this country. but let's be clear, we get to be proud of this nominee because she is exceptionally qualified we get to be proud of her vast knowledge of the law, for practical experience fighting

Bob Corker

5:33:31 to 5:33:51( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: crime, and her proven record of dedication to equal justice under the law. those other reasons we are proud and they are the reasons she should be confirmed without delay. we should not be hearing any suggestions indefinitely and infinitely more time to discuss this nomination

Bob Corker

5:33:52 to 5:34:13( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: and carried it to move just as promptly as the nomination of john roberts and that is exactly what we're going to do. just a little while ago at a press conference we heard from prominently go and law enforcement organizations who explain how the people who have actually seen her work know her best. as

Bob Corker

5:34:14 to 5:34:34( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: qualified judge. it came from across our from florida, texas, nebraska to my home state of new jersey. they shed light on how important her work has been in the fight against crime, how her work as a prosecutor put the tarzana murder behind bars. how does a judge upheld the

Bob Corker

5:34:35 to 5:34:56( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: convictions of drug dealers, sexual predators and other violent criminals. and they made it clear how much they admired her strong respect for the liberties and protections granted by our constitution including the first amendment rights of people she strongly disagreed with. judge sotomayor's credentials are undeniable. after graduating at the top of

Bob Corker

5:34:57 to 5:35:18( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: her class at princeton, she became an editor of the law journal at yale law school which many considered to be the nation's best. she went to work at the manhattan district attorney's office murder to child abuse to fraud winning convictions all along the in a republican president, george h. w. bush, appointed her

Bob Corker

5:35:19 to 5:35:39( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: to the u.s. district court in new york in a democrat bill clinton appointed her to the u.s. court of appeals. she was confirmed by a democratic majority senate's and senate. her record as a judge is as clear and publicly accessi any reason nominee.

Bob Corker

5:35:40 to 5:36:01( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: and clearly shows modesty and restraint on the bench. she would bring more judicial experience to the supreme court than any justice in 70 years more federal judicial experienc than anyone in the past century. in her record and her adherence to precedent leave no doubt

Bob Corker

5:36:02 to 5:36:22( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: whatsoever that she respects the constitution and the rule of law. judge sotomayor's record has made it clear that she believes what determines a case is not for personal preferences law. for hundreds of decisions prove very conclusively that she looks at what the law says, she looks

Bob Corker

5:36:23 to 5:36:43( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: at what congress has said, and she looks above all at what president says. she is meticulous about looking at the facts and then decided the outcome in accordance with the constitution. and on top sotomayor's personal background is rich with hardships that millions of

Bob Corker

5:36:44 to 5:37:06( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: american families share. her record is proof can both be in impartial arbiter of the law and still recognize her decisions will affect people's everyda i think it really says something that t worst for ideological opponents can accuse her of is

Bob Corker

5:37:07 to 5:37:28( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: being able to understand the perspective of a wide range of people whose cases will come before judge sotomayor deserves nothing less than a prompt hearing and a prompt confirmation. as f a plan to come back to the floor as often as is necessary to rebut any baseless attacks

Bob Corker

5:37:29 to 5:37:46( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: leveled that this judge. the bills with pride to have the opportunity to support president obama's ground-breaking nominee. someone who is clearly the right person for a court of the land. the end is enormous joy to be reminded once again, that in the

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