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Senate Proceeding on Jun 24th, 2010 :: 5:04:00 to 5:09:45
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Barbara Boxer

5:03:59 to 5:04:20( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from california is recognized. mrs. boxer: i ask that the quorum call be the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mrs. boxer: mr. president, i rise today in strong support of the comprehensive iran sanctions accountability and divestment act of 2010.

Barbara Boxer

5:04:00 to 5:09:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

5:04:21 to 5:04:43( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and i want to particularly thank my colleagues on the banking committee for working to bring this conference report to the floor. i have said many times before that we don't have a moment to waste when it comes to iran. we must focus like a laser beam

Barbara Boxer

5:04:44 to 5:05:04( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: on iran's dangerous refusal to cease uranium -- to seek uranium treatment in defyance. because we know that iran could not only use any weapons it acquires but it could proliferate nuclear material to terrorist groups and rogue

Barbara Boxer

5:05:05 to 5:05:25( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: regimes around the world, because we know this, we also should know that we must act today. the situation today is a threat to the security of the united states, the middle east and the rest of the globe. let me list just a few of the ma important provisions of this bill.

Barbara Boxer

5:05:26 to 5:05:47( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: first, it would specifically target companies involved in refined petroleum sales to iran and those who are supporting iran's domestic refing efforts. this is critical because countless experts have told us that the w to really pressure iran is to target its oil and gas sectors.

Barbara Boxer

5:05:48 to 5:06:10( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and i believe this for a long time, and i have been pushing for this bill for a long time. according to the g.a.o., the the government accountability office -- quote -- "in recent years oil revenues have accounted for 26% of iran's gross domestic product

Barbara Boxer

5:06:11 to 5:06:32( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and between 50% and 76% of the iranian government's revenues. we need to go after them where their revenues exist, because their revenues are being used to push forward their nuclear program, which is so dangerous. we have to t resources, and the sanctions

Barbara Boxer

5:06:33 to 5:06:53( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: bill is a very good way to do it. second, this bill would also target foreign financial institutions that continue to do business with iranian banks and iran's islamic revolutionary guard. i think that chairman dodd and chairman berman captured it best when they said in essence to

Barbara Boxer

5:06:54 to 5:07:17( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: iran, cease your activities or be denied critical access to america's financi system. third, the bill would also place significant penalties or iran's human rights abusers. i don't think i have to explain why this is essential. like many of my colleagues, i've watched those human rights

Barbara Boxer

5:07:18 to 5:07:39( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: violations inside of iran brutally suppressing the operation green movement that has sought to have its voice heard. i'm pleased the bill has a provision that requires companies bidding on a u.s. government procurement contract to certify that they are not engaged in sanctionable conduct. that is so important because a

Barbara Boxer

5:07:40 to 5:08:00( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: recent g.a.o. study found that the u.s. government awarded $880 million to seven companies between 2005 and 2009 that were also doing business in iran's energy sector. tax-paying dollars from hard-working americans that go to this government must never be used to purchase goods or supplies from foreign companies

Barbara Boxer

5:08:01 to 5:08:22( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: who are working to develop iran's energy sector or who are engaged in any behavior that is prohibited by sanctions. and finally, this bill codifies in law long-standing executive orders that prohibit american companies from doing business in iran. american firms, including through their subsidiaries, must never be allowed to value a

Barbara Boxer

5:08:23 to 5:08:43( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: quick profit over the national security of america. i know we're going to pass this conference report today, and i know it will have strong support in the senate. but what we must do next is to be vigilant in ensuring that the new sanctns created by this bill are enforced to the fullest extent possible. and i ask the administration if

Barbara Boxer

5:08:44 to 5:09:05( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: they are ready to enforce this law should it parks and they said -- should it pass, and they said absolutely. the situation is grave. we must send a clear and resounding message to iran that it will have to pay a very heavy price for its continued defiance of international law and its wreck hr-ts behavior which

Barbara Boxer

5:09:06 to 5:09:28( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: threatens the middle east, it threatens the entire world. so, mr. president, i'm looking forward to voting for this and making sure as a member of the foreign relations committee that this sanctions act is enforced. thank i yield the floor, and i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the

Barbara Boxer

5:09:29 to 5:09:34( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: clerk will call the

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