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Senate Proceeding 07-13-09 on Jul 13th, 2009 :: 2:51:45 to 2:59:24
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John Thune

2:51:42 to 2:51:45( Edit History Discussion )

John Thune: procurement and $15.7 billion in all-important research and development.

Joseph Lieberman

2:51:45 to 2:59:24( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

2:51:46 to 2:52:06( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: as it stands right now, the full committee's recommendation is a net addition to the president's budget request of $2.9 billion to support activities under the air-land subcommittee's jurisdiction. mr. president, in the past armed services committee in the senate have supported stability

Joseph Lieberman

2:52:07 to 2:52:28( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: and funding levels as requested for army readiness and modernization programs. this has been particularly true for the army's future comba stem, which has been the major modernization program of the army. however, the army was forced to

Joseph Lieberman

2:52:29 to 2:52:50( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: make some tough decisions in these tough budget times and decided in april to restructure the future comt system program, including of the man ground vehicle portion of that program. the department has reoriented

Joseph Lieberman

2:52:51 to 2:53:13( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: army modernization plans that have been in place for the last six years. that's the necessity that the army felt both for budgetary reasons and, i believe, for reasons of effectiveness. so the bill before us today supports the department's decision, the army's decision with respect to the restructuring of the future

Joseph Lieberman

2:53:14 to 2:53:34( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: combat system program and recommends full funding for the spin-out portions, the network portions of that program, that it be carried forward. this is a remarkable alication of modern technology to the battlefield. the history of warfare shows,

Joseph Lieberman

2:53:35 to 2:53:56( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: generally speaking, that any developments, any advances that have occurred over history, from the first fires that on to the railroad, et cetera, et cetera, have found their way obviously the ability to fly, have found military use. and so it is with the remarkable

Joseph Lieberman

2:53:57 to 2:54:17( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: capability to communicate with one another to, use telecommunications and the computer, particularly, has found its way into applications to combat which greatly the soldiers, each and every one of them.

Joseph Lieberman

2:54:18 to 2:54:40( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: to see the battlefield beyond what they can see with their eyes and to conduct the most effective warfare on our behalf. the bill also requires and recommends full funding for a new ground combat vehicle research and development program as the secretary of defense agreed the army nds. in addition, this bill will

Joseph Lieberman

2:54:41 to 2:55:02( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: direct the department to establish a development program for a next-generation self-propelled howitzer to take advantage of technologies already matured as part of the future combat system nonlineup site cannon program. in other words, what we're

Joseph Lieberman

2:55:03 to 2:55:25( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: trying to do is in the aftermath of secretary gates' decision to terminate a series of programs under the future combat system program is technological advances that were made as part of that, those now term mr. president, to support our

Joseph Lieberman

2:55:26 to 2:55:46( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: fo also recommends a large sum, but for an important purpose -- $6.7 billion for the that's an increas billion above the president's budget request for what is

Joseph Lieberman

2:55:47 to 2:56:08( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: family known as the mrap. in this case all-terrain vehicles, a lighter version, version of the mraps that have do lives and well-beings of our soldiers in iraq from thempact

Joseph Lieberman

2:56:09 to 2:56:29( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: of i.e.d.'s, bombs that our enemies set off. these mrap of tremendous assistance to the growing number of troops that we are sending to afghanistan. this is a version of the mrap made particularly for our troops now fighting for us in afghanistan. in addition, in response to the

Joseph Lieberman

2:56:30 to 2:56:50( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: army chief of priorities list, the bill also recommends adding $179 million to procure additional force 21 battlefield command brigade and below systems to enhance the operational effectiveness of small units fighting on our

Joseph Lieberman

2:56:51 to 2:57:11( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: behalf in afghanistan and iraq. when it comes to air power, the bill also additional $560 million to buy 18 f.a., 18 e.f. aircraft in fiscal year 2010 as originally planned in the program of record

Joseph Lieberman

2:57:12 to 2:57:33( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: rather than the nine aircraft budget. our subcommittee believed that these added aircraft are a sensible development to make against a looming dangerous shortfall in our nation's tactical inventory. in other

Joseph Lieberman

2:57:34 to 2:57:55( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: generation of tactical air fighters coming on will not be there early enough to help the navy overcom the running out of a life span of a series of tactical aircraft that they have now that will put them way below what the navy itself believes it needs in the the subcommittee also

Joseph Lieberman

2:57:56 to 2:58:16( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: recommended an additional $1.75 billion to buy seven f-22a. raptor aircraft rather than terminating the production program as requested by the department. this was a full committee when it received our subcommittee report. although this was a hard decision, the

Joseph Lieberman

2:58:17 to 2:58:37( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: production of the raptor will guarantee that we have balanced combat air forces in the future and support the transition between f-22-a and the f-35 joint strike fighter programs. the bill $20.4 million to support 12 additional blackhawk a to l

Joseph Lieberman

2:58:38 to 2:58:58( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: model conversions to accelerate modernization of the army's active and fleets. in the area of efficiencies, the bill recommends making adjustments or follows: a decrease of million for the c-130 avionics modernization program because of delays in beginning the

Joseph Lieberman

2:58:59 to 2:59:20( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: production program. and for the csarx search and rescue helicopter program because of the availability of prior-year funds to cover fiscal year 2010 requirements. madam president, there is e

Joseph Lieberman

2:59:21 to 2:59:25( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: prigprovision of this bill that i myself have grave about. the full committee overturn add

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