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Senate Proceeding 07-14-09 on Jul 14th, 2009 :: 2:40:45 to 2:46:30
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Amy Klobuchar

2:40:41 to 2:41:03( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: prident. another washington takeover, too much debt. there's a better way. i thank yield the floor. the presidinofficer: the senator from minnesota. ms. klobuchar: mr. president, i ask to speak for five minutes to be followed by the senator from new hampshire, senator gregg, who wishes to speak for ten minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. klobuchar: mr. president, i come to the floor today to voice

Amy Klobuchar

2:40:45 to 2:46:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar

2:41:04 to 2:41:24( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: my support levin-mccain amendment to strike $1.75 billion added to the bill that is on the floor to purchase additional f-22 aircraft that have not been requested by the pentagon. i believe this amendment present us with an important choice of what our national security priorities will be going

Amy Klobuchar

2:41:25 to 2:41:47( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: forward. will we continue to pour billions and billions of dollars into weapons systems despite the fact that they are requested, despite cost overruns, program delays? will we make the hard choices necessary to ensure that our troops in the field have what they need to fight present and

Amy Klobuchar

2:41:48 to 2:42:08( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: future conflicts? i believe the choice is clear. now, i'm aware that this means for some states that are making this plane or have some of them in our own state -- that this means jobs. but if we don't move forwa what we really need to produce for our troops today, we're never going to be able to do the best for our troops and do the best for our country.

Amy Klobuchar

2:42:09 to 2:42:29( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: and, by the way, as we move forward, that means jobs. i was just up in northern minnesota visiting a little company that had no contacts with the military, no political connections to get contracts and they had been in a very open, transparent process because they make an incredibly light backpack that's good for the troops, good for their backs and they got the contract.

Amy Klobuchar

2:42:30 to 2:42:51( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: this is a new and part of this new era in transparency and part of the new era means that we actually look at what our military no one can dispute that the f-22 possesses unique flying and combat capabilities or that it will serve an important role in protecting our nation in the future. the question is not whether we

Amy Klobuchar

2:42:52 to 2:43:13( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: should keep the f-22 in service. the question is wheth should purchase planes at the expense of more urgent needs for our troops. our armed forces are currently fighting in two major conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. after more than seven years in afghanistan and more than six

Amy Klobuchar

2:43:14 to 2:43:34( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: years in iraq, the f-22 has not been used in combat. it has n countries. and over the course of these conflicts, we have seen the tragic consequences when our troops don't have the equipment and resources they need, such as enhanced body armor or vehicles to protect them from i.e.d.'s. we've seen what don't give our troops what they

Amy Klobuchar

2:43:35 to 2:43:55( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: need. we cannot continue on this course. we must focus our defense resources on the personnel, equipment, and systems necessary to respond quickly to unconventional and evolve conflictwhile retaining the ability to counter conventional foes. for years, members on both sides of the aisle have come to the

Amy Klobuchar

2:43:56 to 2:44:16( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: senate flo wasteful spending in our defense budget and called on the pentag in its budgetary and procurement policies. hearing this cal, our military leaders have produced a plan this year to address wasteful and unnecessary defense spending so that we can ensure that we

Amy Klobuchar

2:44:17 to 2:44:38( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: are providing our armed forces america safe and strong while also dollars are used res we have a major debt in this country. some of it is because of mistakes made in the past in this economy we have enough blame to go around everywhere. but we have a major debt, we have a deficit and we have

Amy Klobuchar

2:44:39 to 2:44:59( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: troops that need to get the equipment they deserve. what's the answer? put $1.75 billion into some planes that the pentagon says they don't need? i don't think that's the answer, mr. president. it should be noted that the limit on the number of f-22's that the levin-mccain amendment would restore is supported by the secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and both the

Amy Klobuchar

2:45:00 to 2:45:21( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: current and the immediate past president of the united states. ielieve that senators levin and mccain should be commended for their dedication to improving our defense posture and budget and for putting their own political interests aside. their own jobs states.

Amy Klobuchar

2:45:22 to 2:45:42( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: earlier this spring i was traveling with senator mccain in vietnam when the proposed reductions, including the f-22's were i discussed with him at length what this would mean, t difficult decisions that members are going to have in their own states. but i also talked to him about what the troops need. and right now the troops their commanders are telling us that they don't need these planes.

Amy Klobuchar

2:45:43 to 2:46:03( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: and so it is a testament to senator mccain's service to our nation and the work that senator levin has done for years that they arleading the fight to our military and civilian leaders, and i am proud to join them. this amendment presents us with an opportunity, mr. president. we can begin making decisions

Amy Klobuchar

2:46:04 to 2:46:24( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: based on security interests and fiscal responsibility and cut $1.75 billion for additional f-22 aircraft that our military commanders say that they do not need or we continue on a course that canno i urge my colleagues to do what

Amy Klobuchar

2:46:25 to 2:46:30( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: is in this nation's best long-term interest, in the best interest of our troops, and to

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