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Senate Proceeding on Jul 14th, 2010 :: 4:32:50 to 4:38:05
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Jeff Sessions

4:32:38 to 4:32:58( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from alabama is recognized. mr. sessions: i would ask the quor with. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. sessions: mr. president, we -- i guess the week before last we had the hearing on elena kagan for her nomination to the united states supreme court,

Jeff Sessions

4:32:50 to 4:38:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

4:32:59 to 4:33:19( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: which is a tremendously serious and important position. five members of the supreme court -- not just nine, but only five -- can redefine the meaning of words in that constitution and really alter in many ways the very structure of our government.

Jeff Sessions

4:33:20 to 4:33:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: we've seen activist judges, i think, that have tended in that direction, and it's dangerous and harmful because judges are given lifetime appointments. they're not accountle to the public. they are protected, even their salaries are not reducible while they serve in office. so we have to know and believe

Jeff Sessions

4:33:42 to 4:34:02( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: that they will be neutral, impartial, unbiased and will render judgments based on the law and the fact, and not on any preconceived commitments that they may have had. ms. kagan is now a solicitor general of the united states. she's taken some sort of leave of absence in recent weeks since

Jeff Sessions

4:34:03 to 4:34:23( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: this nomination occurred, but she holds that title. that's a part of the department of justice. solicitor general represents the united states government in federal court, usually before the supreme court in important cases before the courts of

Jeff Sessions

4:34:24 to 4:34:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: appeals, and often is involved in setting legal policy for the united states and helping to advise on that. so, i would just say that it's important that the american people know before she is confirmed, if she is confirmed, that she has not been involved

Jeff Sessions

4:34:47 to 4:35:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: in matters that would bias her and cause her not to be able to serve impartially under the law and under the constitution of the united states. that's an important question. just yesterday -- the day before, i believe -- the "wall

Jeff Sessions

4:35:08 to 4:35:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: street journal" had an editorial entitled "kagan and obamacare" in which it raised questions about the objectivity that she might bring to that and whether or not she had been involved legally in the discussions and drafting or ideas concerning the development and promotion of the

Jeff Sessions

4:35:33 to 4:35:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: health care reform bill, so massively affecting health care in america, and raising the question should she recuse herself if that comes up. and she has been involved in that. i think that's a very important question. seven members, the seven members of the -- republican members of the senate judiciary committee wrote yesterday and asked

Jeff Sessions

4:35:55 to 4:36:19( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: ms. kagan to give detailed explanations of to what extent she may have been involved in any discussions regarding the promotion or legality of the health care reform bill. and i think we're entitled to that. it's an important matter. i see my friend, dr. barrasso,

Jeff Sessions

4:36:20 to 4:36:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: who's been a great expert in our debates over health care reform. he has repeatedly explained how this legislation will impact health care throughout america. and as a physician, he understands that and he has been able to explain it to us in ways that i think any of us should be able to understand, and in fact

Jeff Sessions

4:36:43 to 4:37:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: gave us some very serious warnings about the fact that the promises made for this legislation were not legitimate, weren't real, weren't accurate. and in study after study and report after report has come

Jeff Sessions

4:37:05 to 4:37:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: out, senator/dr. barrasso has been proven correct. the warnings that he gave us that it's not going to reduce costs, that other difficulties will arise have been proven true. too much in fact. and it's a matter of real seriousness.

Jeff Sessions

4:37:27 to 4:37:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: so i guess i would just want to say that a judge should recuse themselves if their impartiality might raoefpbably be -- reasonably be questioned on any matter that came before them. i believe dr. barrasso has raised previously his concern about what it really means if

Jeff Sessions

4:37:48 to 4:38:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the united states governmt tells an individual american citizen who is minding his own business that they have to have an insurance policy. i would just recognize him at this point and ask, at least that he would share his thoughts

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