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Senate Proceeding on Jul 16th, 2008 :: 8:51:10 to 8:58:06
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Joseph Biden

8:50:58 to 8:51:10( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Biden: always -- always a pleasure to work with him. madam president, i yield on our time, five minutes to the senator fromro massachusetts. mr. kerry: madam president? m the presiding officer: the senator

John Kerry

8:51:10 to 8:51:23( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: from massachusetts. mr. kerry: thank you vernky much, madam president. let me begin, madam president, by t hanking the chairman of the foreign relations committee, senator biden, and the ranking member,

John Kerry

8:51:10 to 8:58:06( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Kerry

John Kerry

8:51:23 to 8:51:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: sen ator lugar, for their leadership and efforts to help bring the senate to where it is today. i appreciate what they have done to help elevate this program and bring it down to a new stage. the

John Kerry

8:51:42 to 8:52:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: truth is that for two shamefully sluggish decades the senate and the congress and the country, really, ignored this issue and was somewhat tim timid, even scared of it and we lost a lot of times

John Kerry

8:52:03 to 8:52:20( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: in leading the fight against hiv-aids on a global basis. in 1999, i guess it was, senator frist and i were privileged to work together and bring an effort to the floor of the united states senate, working

John Kerry

8:52:20 to 8:52:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: as cochairs, ultimately of csis's task force that was put together. we wrote a piece of legislation that ultimately drew broad support in the foreign relations committee. i'm pleased to say one of the

John Kerry

8:52:38 to 8:52:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: important points that people are beginning to understand this u issue is not partisan and was not ideological was when the then, i think then chair, senator helms joined and became a cosponsor

John Kerry

8:52:52 to 8:53:09( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: of our effort. that effort, ultimately, transformed itself with president bush's support into pepfar when he picked up the cry for some $15 billion. and i will tell everybody that initially many

John Kerry

8:53:09 to 8:53:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: of us had suspicions that was going to be public relations effort, not a real one. in fact, i think president bush has probably transformed this effort into the single most important piece of his legacy.

John Kerry

8:53:22 to 8:53:44( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: and as senator coburn just said, this is, perhaps, now, one of the most important things the united states is doing on a global basis and it has made a profound difference. my wife and i had the privilege

John Kerry

8:53:44 to 8:54:00( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: of bei ng in south africa and botswana in november. i will never forget visiting the school near durban where there was a community effort brought together because the united states was putting this

John Kerry

8:54:00 to 8:54:15( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: money into the organizational effort of community care taking. i saw children, orphanre children, who long before the years they should have been, hadecome the caretakers for a whole family of

John Kerry

8:54:15 to 8:54:27( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: brothers and sister. i saw what they refer to as "aids grannies," who assumed respon sibilities because of the deaths within the family for f the care taking of people who are h.i.v. positive. it was

John Kerry

8:54:27 to 8:54:43( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: impressive and the gratitude of people toward the united states, the connection they had with us as a result of this is one of the most significant foreign policy initiatives we have eaged in. so

John Kerry

8:54:43 to 8:55:04( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: i'm very grateful to senator biden and senatoren lugar and the committee itself for its work and to the senate, now, for embracing this measure which will take us to the next madam president,

John Kerry

8:55:04 to 8:55:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: 2.5 million people will be infected and 2.1 million will die from aids. the challenge of human infrastructure, to be able not to just -- to be able to deliver the antiretro antiretroviral drugs and

John Kerry

8:55:16 to 8:55:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: to deal with the denial in government, such as south africa itself. some of the aids workers -- we had to kick out k the press and the public people in order to get them to talk openly and honestly about

John Kerry

8:55:30 to 8:55:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: the difficulties they were having because the government itself was engaged in some denial and they feared retribution. it's our effort. our tax payer money. our initiative. our caring that is

John Kerry

8:55:42 to 8:55:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: making the difference in those likes and breaking down the barriers of denial and all of us in the united states senate are profoundly proud of this initiative and this effort. i'm also pleased that

John Kerry

8:55:55 to 8:56:11( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: inn this legislation there are two items that i thought were one, creating advanced market mechanisms where we canms say to people where there is no market for the creation of a vaccine, that market

John Kerry

8:56:11 to 8:56:24( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: will bee there; norway, canada, the gates foundation and others are involved -- germany and others -- are involved in provid ing that kind ofd market assurance. and in this legislation there is

John Kerry

8:56:24 to 8:56:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: an additional effort to engage us similarly in helping to provide those market assurances so that drug manufacturers will invest in the creation of vaccines knowing that, indeed, there will be a market

John Kerry

8:56:38 to 8:56:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: down the road. finally, we will allow people that are h.i.v. positive to be able on a case-by-case basis, to be able to come to the united states as ex-speakers or otherwise on a -- as experts or otherwise

John Kerry

8:56:52 to 8:57:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: on a humane basis, to be table to travel and president clinton thought we should do and president bush thinks we should do thi s and obviously a majority of the senate does. i think that is adopting a humane

John Kerry

8:57:05 to 8:57:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: and sensible policy because the international ... the international aids committee has h eld two conferences. one in canada, one inn mexico. they wanted americans to take part but nobody could travel

John Kerry

8:57:16 to 8:57:27( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: into this country so the conference couldn't be held here. i think it's a wise policy. i appreciate the fact that the leadership on this legislation, senator biden and senator lugar, were able to

John Kerry

8:57:27 to 8:57:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: fight to hold on to that. so madam president, i think this is a good, bipartisan moment, for the united states senate. most importantly, it's a good moment for thent american people eo because it reflects

John Kerry

8:57:42 to 8:57:57( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: our values and, i think, will help us to be better understood and better appreciated in many parts of the world where today we have to climb back from a former reputation. thank you. the presiding

John Kerry

8:57:57 to 8:58:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Kerry: officer: the senator from new mexico. mr. domenici: on roll cllall vote 181 i voted aye and it was my intention to vote "no" and i ask i be allowed to change my vote since it will not affect the

Richard Lugar

8:58:06 to 8:58:19( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Lugar: outcome. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. domenici: i thank the chairman and ranking member. i yield the floor. mr. lugar: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from

Richard Lugar

8:58:06 to 8:59:57( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Richard Lugar

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