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Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: quorum call: mr. corker: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from mr. corker: i ask unanimous consent the call of the quorum be vitiated. i ask unanimous consent the call of the quorum be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. the presiding officer: under the previous order the leadership time is reserved. under the previous order the senate will proceed to a period of morning busins for one hour with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes each. the time is equally divided and controlled between the two leaders or their designees with

Bob Corker

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Speech By: Bob Corker

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: the republicans controlling the first half and the majority controlling the second half. mr. corker: madam president, thank you. i rise today to speak about where we find ourselves today. this is a momentous time in our countrs history as all of us in both bodies on both sides of

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: the aisle find ourselves focused on the issue of health care reform. madam president, in the middle 1990's i had the tremendous honor of serving the state of tenn allowed in toe oversee the state's medicaid program and many other programs in our state that focused on the needs of many of the underserved in our

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: state. since that time i have been convinced we, all of us, have a mora responsibility, to do everything we can in country to ensure americans of all walks of life have the tune for affordable, quality, private

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: health insurance. madam president, i've probably attended 50 meetings in the last 90 days working with others toward that end. i am convinced there are at least 90 people in this body that share the goal of ensuring we have the -- that americans of

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: all walks of life have the opportunity for affordable, quality health care. it's my home we will end up with a bipartisan shiewtion. i have been very disappointed in the results, though, of legislation that has come forward thus far. my sense is that the house of

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: representatives is promoting a bill this to me does not meet the mark. the "help" committee just passed out on party-line vote a bill that, again, does not meet the mark. madam president, what concerns me is there are so many things that i think we could agree on and yet we tend to focus on

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: those things that are out of bounds and really don't take us to the place we would all like to be. and it is to today to talk about this issue. madam president, i think all of us know our country has seen unprecedented debt levels. the leader of the republican

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: senate just spoke about that issue. i know the president in some ways found himself in this pla but on the other hand, since being in office, has accumulated debt on top of debt for future conventions. all of us understand our biggest

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: observations exist in entitlements with medicare and social security and i think that most of us thought as we came into this congress one of the major focuses we would have would be to get our entitlements under control so while we're doing this unprecedented short-term spending which i oppose, while that is occurring,

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: at least the world commu would realize we're trying to tackle our long-term obligations so they would continue to buy our bonds in order we can go on here in this country. i hoped very strongly we would focus on that and bipartisan bill, by the way, supported by republicans and

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: democrats to do just that. what's happened, though, and this is pretty unfathomable to me, during this health care reform, what has been focused on is medicare which has a $38 trillion unfunded liability, a program where the trustees have

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: said that it is insolvent and is going to be going into the hole in a huge way in just eight years. what is being discussed in this body and what has already been agreed to by many on the house side is taking money from medicare, a program which is insolvent, one that, instead of

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: taking money from we should be trying to make solvent but we're taking money from that program to create a whole new set of entitlements that, again, will add incredible amounts of debt to our country balance sheets. madam president, it is, again,

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: almost unfathomable to believe that people in this body would be looking to make a program that is insolvent even more insolvent by leveraging it to create another program. for that reason, because i know the finance committee is in meetings in small groups but

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: also as a committee, to try to figure out a way to solve this health care problem, it's my home they will do it in a way that makes sense; in a way that builds bipartisan support. to that today to the majority leader of the senate a letter signed by 35

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: senators, making this body, making the president, aware of the fact that we will not support further subsequent diezi -- furtherjeopardizing the medicare by using it to leverage a new entitlement. it is my hope in delivering the letter -- and we have 35 signatures at this moment; there

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: will be more added -- while these are all republican signatures i think there are many on the other side of the aisle that question leveraging an insolvent program for a new program. i have hopes that the finance committee, the leadership on the democratic side in the senate

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: and the president will seek a solution that is different than taking money from this insolvent program that aids our seniors to create a new one of the most discouraging issues is it is my understanding and i hope i'm wrong, that the folks that are talking about using medicare money to

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: new entitlement are not even dealing with s.g.r. every 18 months we sit down and discuss the across the country call us to make sure their payments are not going to be cut by 31% this year

Bob Corker

0:29:16 to 0:29:38( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: so each year we kick the can down the road and solve that for a year, a year and a half, because of budgetary constraints. it's my understanding, madam president, that what is being discussed at this moment, is taking money leveraging a new program which will add increasing debt, and not solving that problem even

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: during the ten-year budget window this legislation will deal with. madam president, again, i have attended every meeting that i have been asked to attend. i went to the white house yesterday. i met with a bipartisan group last night. i believe this country does need to figure out a way that all

Bob Corker

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Bob Corker: americans can access affordable, quality health care. i know all americans are concerned about the cost of health care. i stand here as one senator committed to doing that if the right way but i also stand here with 35 other senators saying that to do that and make another

Bob Corker

0:30:25 to 0:30:37( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: that exists more insolvent is not acceptable. i oppose that. i hope that is not used to create a new entitlement.

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