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Senate Proceeding on Jul 16th, 2009 :: 10:04:50 to 10:12:50
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Frank Lautenberg

10:04:43 to 10:05:06( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: privileges be granted to joseph mastrangelo, an active-duty navy, medical service corps officer who is a defense fellow in my office, during consideration of s. 1390, the national defense authorization act. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. lautenberg: thank you, mr. president.

Frank Lautenberg

10:04:50 to 10:12:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Frank Lautenberg

Frank Lautenberg

10:05:07 to 10:05:29( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: mr. president, today we're being asked to defend the very core of our american democracy, and that is the right of people to live freely, to move what they'd like to do as long as they don't bring harm to others.

Frank Lautenberg

10:05:30 to 10:05:51( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: people want to be free from violence, free from fear, fre from intimidation. and all too often we hear of crimes committed against innocent people solely on bigotry and hatred. this senate needs to send a

Frank Lautenberg

10:05:52 to 10:06:13( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: message, a message that this is unacceptable conduct in our society, that these crimes are especially heinous, that these crimes must be severely punished because it tears at the basic fiber of being freedom-loving americans.

Frank Lautenberg

10:06:14 to 10:06:37( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: an example of the horror that accompanies this kind of hatred is that on a day last month someone turd killer because of religious this individual walked through the doors of the u.s. holocaust

Frank Lautenberg

10:06:38 to 10:07:00( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: memorial museum which was then filled with visitors from all over the world, many of them children. his name, james von raised a rifle and opened fire, killing stephen johns, a security guard who was simply doing his duty, and wounding

Frank Lautenberg

10:07:01 to 10:07:22( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: others before the individual was shot and subdued. not only did mr. von braun take bystanders, but he wanted to destroy this vivid reminder of

Frank Lautenberg

10:07:23 to 10:07:43( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: how vicious man's bias could be group of over result of the holocaust. millions

Frank Lautenberg

10:07:44 to 10:08:04( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: a result of the holocaust, stemmed primarily by prejudice and the tragic fact is that our history is replete with examples of terrible hate crimes. in october of 1998, two men

Frank Lautenberg

10:08:05 to 10:08:26( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: attacked and savagely matthew shepard, a student who was gay and with a there at the university of wyoming. shepard died of his wounds a few days later

Frank Lautenberg

10:08:27 to 10:08:49( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: a gay person. in june of the same year who can forget byrd injury -- was chained to pickup truck, dragged along a texas road and was killed by declared racists. more recently we've seen vulgar

Frank Lautenberg

10:08:50 to 10:09:13( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: acts committed in the wake of an historic happening in president barack obama, an african-american, won the presidential election. in my home state of new jersey, after the november election, a cross was placed and set afire

Frank Lautenberg

10:09:14 to 10:09:35( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: on the front lawn of a couple. the cross was wrapped in a home-made banner that the girls had hung outside simply read, "president victory 2008," pride-filled honoring this incredible

Frank Lautenberg

10:09:36 to 10:09:58( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: accomplishment that took place within america at that time. at a time when our nation should be celebrating the progress we have made, we must full weight of the law to bear on those who commit atrocious crimes. unfortunately, existing federal law hampers prosecutors from

Frank Lautenberg

10:09:59 to 10:10:21( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: trying hate crimes effectively. right now current federal hate crimes lawpplies only when a victim is involved in particular activities, like serving on a jury or attending a pubc school. this legislation would protect ctims of hate crimes in all situat

Frank Lautenberg

10:10:22 to 10:10:44( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: victim is involved in certain federally protected ones. this amendment would also expand federal hate crimes protection to those victimized based sexual orientation disability. 15% of all reported hate crimes

Frank Lautenberg

10:10:45 to 10:11:05( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: are linked to sexual orientation. gay americans should not be afraid to walk about freely, and violent individuals should know that the federal government will prosecute you if you commit a crime with hatred as the

Frank Lautenberg

10:11:06 to 10:11:30( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: principal motive here. hate crimes are the ultimate expression of ignorance and hate, and we must strengthen our federal laws to ptect people against them. senator kennedy first introduced this legislation in 1997, a before matthew shepard and james

Frank Lautenberg

10:11:31 to 10:11:53( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: byrd were killed because o bigotry. mr. president, it's time to pass this critical amendment, stand up for americans who are victims of vulgar and senseless acts of violence. that shouldn't be happening in america punishment, without the reminder that we are a nation comprised

Frank Lautenberg

10:11:54 to 10:12:14( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: of many different ethnicities, different religions, different habits. there should n be any penalty severe -- that should not go without severe penalty if someone is attacked because their habit, their face, their

Frank Lautenberg

10:12:15 to 10:12:35( Edit History Discussion )

Frank Lautenberg: color, their religion is different than the ones most popular. mr. president, with that, i yield the floor absence of a the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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