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Senate Proceeding on Jul 16th, 2009 :: 5:09:25 to 5:15:44
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James Webb

5:09:21 to 5:09:25( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: reflect the wishes of the people who vote for the members of

Jim Bunning

5:09:25 to 5:15:44( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim Bunning

Jim Bunning

5:09:26 to 5:09:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: those this is not the job of a supreme court or any other court of law, for that matter. i do not have the faith that judge sotomayor would fully respect the rules -- the roles of the judiciary and t

Jim Bunning

5:09:50 to 5:10:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: differences of the legislature. well, understanding that that role of the supreme court is interpreting law instead of making it might be the most important quality a justice could have. there will be times when precedent must be set, and it is critically that it is done

Jim Bunning

5:10:12 to 5:10:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: correctly. now, i understand a nominee's hesitancy to discuss a case or an issue them, but i do not think that they can explain for -- i do think they can explain their methods for

Jim Bunning

5:10:33 to 5:10:53( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: arriving at a conclusion. during the confirmation hearings of justice roberts and alito, they were both willing to walk through their decision-making processes. however, justice -- or judge sotomayor has been unwilling to do even this.

Jim Bunning

5:10:54 to 5:11:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: it is unfortunate, but i have no basis to understand how judge sotomayor will think through a case as a member of the highest court in the land. her views on race, as seen in the ricci case, are troubling. the city of new haven decided to

Jim Bunning

5:11:18 to 5:11:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: throw o firefighters' promotional exam because they felt enough minorities had passed it. many who passed that exam had made leading plaintiff, frank ricci,

Jim Bunning

5:11:39 to 5:12:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: who overcame a disability to pass it with flying colors. 17 white and one hispanic firefighter was reverse their case eventually found its

Jim Bunning

5:12:01 to 5:12:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: way before judge sotomayor. -- judge sotomayor at the second circuit court. she dismissed their claims in a one-paragraph opinion that cited no precedent roundly criticized by judges of all stripes.

Jim Bunning

5:12:23 to 5:12:44( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: unfortunately -- or fortunately, for that matter -- just last month the supreme court overturned this erroneous decision. judge sotomayor has shown an unacceptable hostility also to the second amendment. in the recent heller supreme

Jim Bunning

5:12:45 to 5:13:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: court ruling, it was found that the second amendment conferred an individual rig bear arms. however, in two cases, judge sotomayor has lent her name to, ex the second amendment is not a

Jim Bunning

5:13:06 to 5:13:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: fundamental right. her rulings and the lack of explanation of them indicate that she is hostile to the second amendment and will not protect it with the same urgency and energy as she might for any other of the nine amendments in the bill of rights.

Jim Bunning

5:13:30 to 5:13:55( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: she has believes a clearly spelled out right, such as the second amendment, is fundamental; but she is willing to recognize that spelled out, such as a right to privacy i fear that her appointment to

Jim Bunning

5:13:56 to 5:14:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: the supreme the decision from the heller decision that recognize that americans have the right to defend themselves. another area of concern is judge sotomayor's view on the use of foreign law in american courts. less than three months ago, she

Jim Bunning

5:14:18 to 5:14:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: said she believed that unless american courts are more open to discussing the ideas raised by foreign cases and by international going to lose influence in th world. first of all, the court's responsibility is to review the

Jim Bunning

5:14:41 to 5:15:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: law passed by the government that it is a part of, not laws passed by a foreign second of all, if there is a foreign law that looks like a good idea, then an elected legislature should consider it, and if it has merit, pass

Jim Bunning

5:15:04 to 5:15:24( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: into law. judges should not be looking around the country or the globe for laws that they like and then try to implement them. judge sonia sotomayor has a history of writing or signing on to briefs and inadequate

Jim Bunning

5:15:25 to 5:15:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: opinions for the gravity of the matters she in the ricci firefighter case i discussed earlier, half of the judges on her court criticized

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