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Senate Proceeding on Jul 16th, 2009 :: 8:35:45 to 8:41:20
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John Thune

8:35:42 to 8:35:45( Edit History Discussion )

John Thune: it has resulted in cost savings.

John McCain

8:35:45 to 8:41:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

8:35:46 to 8:36:06( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: it is well known that physicians practice defensive medicine which many times accounts for 10%, 15% increase in those costs for fear of being sued. and the new technology then, which has made such tremendous advances, then, indeed,

John McCain

8:36:07 to 8:36:27( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: increases costs because they're overused because tha physician knows that unless in sops states in some -- some cases and some places, unless a test is administered, whether the patient needs it or not, is going to be administered

John McCain

8:36:28 to 8:36:49( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: and prescribed in order to avert the eventuality of appearing in court and not having administered all of the necessary or what the plaintiff lawyers believe is necessary tests and procedures. so, look, we know

John McCain

8:36:50 to 8:37:11( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: now from the congressional budget office for the second time that this proposal is not going to cure issues of america. it's time we went back to the drawing board. it's time republican and democrats sat down at the negotiating table. not calling one or two senators down to

John McCain

8:37:12 to 8:37:32( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: not trying to republican or two republicans. not doing that. now, i know that still with this plan the democrats may be -- and the administration may be able to pick off a couple of republicans and get 60 votes and enact this massive, massive

John McCain

8:37:33 to 8:37:53( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: movement of the government takeover -- eventual takeover of the health care system in america or we can sit down together for the first time with -- with incredibly knowledgeable people. there's nobody that knows more about health care than our two doctors. doctors coburn and barrasso.

John McCain

8:37:54 to 8:38:14( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: there is no one that knows more about health care than senator enzi, who has been our leader in the "help" committee. senatorrer there's a lot of knowledge on the health care issues that we could sit down together and scrap this idea, scrap this spend money to keep from going

John McCain

8:38:15 to 8:38:36( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: bankrupt, scrap this proposal that the congressional budget office says the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibili for health care costs and that the measures would worsen and already -- an already bleak budgetout look and d nation more deeply into debt. that's not -- that's not the proposal that -- that the

John McCain

8:38:37 to 8:38:58( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: american people want to patriot penalty for. so events today have been very interesting. and the fact is that what we need to do now is sit down together for a change -- and i've done it in the past. i will admit on issues that are not of this magnitude. i don't know if there's been an

John McCain

8:38:59 to 8:39:19( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: issue that consumes the gross national product of this -- gross domestic product of this country that i've been involved in. certainly other major issues. certainly my friend and colleague from measure on defense authorization and other measures to preserve our nation's security.

John McCain

8:39:20 to 8:39:40( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: but this issue, i must say, causes all magnitude. that is also the reason why we should sit down together and not pass legislation that is purely on a partisan basis. and let's listen to the experts. let's listen to the congressional budget office. i -- i've -- i know of no one

John McCain

8:39:41 to 8:40:01( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: who believes t in the congressional budget office. as i say, sometimes i've been very with them. but i know of no one who thinks if they're not doing the very best they can under the intense pressures of getting these numbers out -- i want to take

John McCain

8:40:02 to 8:40:23( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: this moment to salute the congressional budget office, whether i agree or disagree with them, for the incredible work they've done in the i hope at some point to be able after the health care bill is done, the thousands of hours put in by the congressional budget office and the staff there in tryingo come up with their

John McCain

8:40:24 to 8:40:45( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: best assessment so that we can legislate with the benefit of the knowledge that, frankly, only they possess. so let's listen to them. let's listen to other outside experts. let's recognize the fact that this issue has bad divided this congress, but also listen to the fact that the american people are

John McCain

8:40:46 to 8:41:06( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: more ske that we are considering or that have been reported out by both the house and the senate "help" committee and maybe go back over and do something -- start over and do some american people can say -- can believe in and that we can tell the american people thate put

John McCain

8:41:07 to 8:41:20( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: their interests first. mr. president, i note my friend, the senator from michigan, on the can give a ray of hope to our colleagues and let them know how they're going to be able to

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