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Senate Proceeding 07-21-09 on Jul 21st, 2009 :: 1:24:45 to 1:28:40
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Jim DeMint

1:24:45 to 1:25:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: seniors because they have government health insurance. government health care does not pay enough for the physician and th so they shift the cost over to the private market. and the worth part of all of these government plans is they're trillions of dollars in debt, debt our children are going to have to pay back.

Jim DeMint

1:24:45 to 1:28:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

1:25:06 to 1:25:27( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: these programs are broke. yet, they want to expand these programs. they want to take the part of health care that's not working and essentially force it on every they want every american to have a medicaid plan where doctors don't want to see us coming because w er not paying enough of their costs. folks, as i look at this whole health care reform debate -- and

Jim DeMint

1:25:28 to 1:25:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: i'm glad to see the president now we've got to stop him on this, because we've been since he took office passing one program after another, spending and debt at levels we never even imagined in this country. it's time to slow down and take stock of where we are. other countri lend us money to keep us going

Jim DeMint

1:25:49 to 1:26:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: are beginning to wonder can we pay our debts. we've doubled our money supply by the federal reserve, and that means big inflation, hig interest rates. yet, we're moving ahead with this health care plan that's going to expand our debt as a nation, raise taxes on small businesses that create the jobs.

Jim DeMint

1:26:11 to 1:26:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: it looks like we' pelize americans who don't decide to buy health insurance. and we're phaoufpg, again, towards a government program that we know won't work. there's not one federal program that has worked as advertised, that has worked to the budget that we said it would be to. this w announments of what we've

Jim DeMint

1:26:33 to 1:26:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: already passed as far as stimulus over the past year is going to mean tri dollars, trillions of dollars that we're going to have to borrow, that our children are going to have to p back. my appeal to my colleagues is this: we don't need to rush through a bill in the next two weeks before we go on our

Jim DeMint

1:26:55 to 1:27:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: break that affects one-fifth, 20%, of gets the government to effectively take over the most personal and private that we ask for asmericans. we don't need to pass a bill like that that we won't even have time to read. what the president and i think a lot of proponents of this bill are afraid of is

Jim DeMint

1:27:16 to 1:27:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: to go home on the august break and we take this bill and we it on the internet where people can really read it and radio talk shows and bloggers around the country are able to tell the american people what this bill is and what it will do, and get past we're hearing from the president and really look at the nuts and

Jim DeMint

1:27:37 to 1:27:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: bolts, because everything he's saying this bill is going to do, the congressional budget office and other experts are saying no, it isn't going to work that way. isn't it will raise our taxes. it's going to cost jobs in america and it isn't going fix health care. we need to go back to the basics

Jim DeMint

1:27:58 to 1:28:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: that would really reform health care and make private health insurance work better, make it more affordable and get it into the hands of more americans. why should we give up on freedom and move to a government plan when we haven't given freedom a chance to work in health care? i know the government can't run them running my plan. one of the best ideas i've heard in this debate is whatever we

Jim DeMint

1:28:19 to 1:28:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: pass, congressmen and senators ought to have to take that health plan. and i'm going to he an amendment to that effect if try to get it on the floor before august. but i appeal to my colleagues. let's listen to the american people. let's stop this rampage towards bigger and bigger government. let's take our time and look at this bill, and for once do something right.

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