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Senate Proceeding on Jul 22nd, 2010 :: 3:55:20 to 4:02:15
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Amy Klobuchar

3:55:16 to 3:55:36( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: that'll talk about the export provision of this amendment and why it's so crucial. ms. klobuchar: well, thank you so much. i want to commend senator landrieu for her great leadership here. if you see all the barges that go down the river every day, you can see the trade and the export

Amy Klobuchar

3:55:20 to 4:02:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar

3:55:37 to 3:55:57( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: first hand that we are talking about. i did want to give my support to the lending part of this that is so important that senator landrieu, as head of the small business committee, has worked on incredibly hard. when we discussed this idea last year about small business lending, i went around to a number of my small businesses and i heard time and time again

Amy Klobuchar

3:55:58 to 3:56:18( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: how much this would be helpful for them. and i think it is summed up by a letter i grot bertha, minnesota. that's face t since you haven't heard of it it's not exeabt a metropolis, and a guy named harry waltriss. he said, "i'm a banker and need capital to continue serving my

Amy Klobuchar

3:56:19 to 3:56:39( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: nine minnesota towns. please pass the small business lending bill now. you gave money to wall street. how about main street in minnesota?" i think it's been said that wall street got a cold but main street got pneumonia. there are many issues out there.

Amy Klobuchar

3:56:40 to 3:57:01( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: a lot of it could be used to create private sector jobs. the other piece which senator landrieu and my great colleague from the commerce committee, senator lemieux, mentioned was exports. i became very interested in this because my state, mr. president, is now 7th in the country for fortune 5 companies. we're 21st in population but we've a strong and thriving business community that believes

Amy Klobuchar

3:57:02 to 3:57:22( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: in exports and innovation. we brought the world everything from the post-it note to the pacemaker. all of these things did not start at big companies. these big companies started in garages like medtronic or as little sandpaper companies in two harbors, minnesota, like 3-m.

Amy Klobuchar

3:57:23 to 3:57:44( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: 65% of the jobs in this country are due to small business. these small businesses which see this world of opportunity out there for them -- 95% of the jobs in america, 59% of the customers -- 95% of the customers in america are outside of our borders. unlike 3-m or medtronic or best buy that can have people working

Amy Klobuchar

3:57:45 to 3:58:08( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: internally on these issues, a little company in benson, minnesota, isn't going to be able to have a full-time person looking at where they can sell their products. well, they still manage to do it and a lot of them have been able to do it by working directly with the commerce department. and i can tell you, these are not little companies that necessarily are big government guys. these are people that are

Amy Klobuchar

3:58:09 to 3:58:29( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: conservative businessmen, or businesswomen, who went out there and said, how can i figure out how to sell my product around the world when i don't speak the languages. my favorite company is a company in minnesot the moose capital of our state.

Amy Klobuchar

3:58:30 to 3:58:51( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: a little second grader cald matter went. he drew a picture of a truck and the truckad wheels. he put a bunch of trashings on each of the wheels -- he put a bunch of tracks on each of the wheels. his dad said, that's cute. the kid said, no, this would be a lot better because you can put the tracks on the wheels and

Amy Klobuchar

3:58:52 to 3:59:12( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: take it out and use it as a regular truck. his dad creates this truck and then he starts a company that he calls matt's tracks, after his 7-year-old. one day the dad goes to far dorks north dakota, ways region of the commerce department that serves this part of minute minds and he talks to a woman named heher.

Amy Klobuchar

3:59:13 to 3:59:34( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: she is with the federal government. he goss her for help. she looks on her computer and identifies some markets, coalesces the embassies where he can sell this truck. they now, mr. president, due to exports, due to the fact that they're exporting to dozens of countries from kazakhstan to minnesota, they have 55 employees, all because of exports.

Amy Klobuchar

3:59:35 to 3:59:56( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: we have seen this all over our state. this is why senator lemieux and i came together to introduce a bill to focus on exports for small and medium-sized businesses. you know that 30% of our small- and medium-sized businesses say they would like to export more but they simply don't know how to do it? this amendment helps to fill the gap and assists u.s. businesses

Amy Klobuchar

3:59:57 to 4:00:17( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: that are looking to export their products but do not have the resources or the know-how to find new international customers. the program focuses on locating and targeting new markets, the mechanics of exporting, including shipping, documentation, and financing and the creation of business plans. this amendment is projected to

Amy Klobuchar

4:00:18 to 4:00:38( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: create 43,000 jobs. it would do this by making sur that this u.s. foreign and commercial service, which assists small- and medium-sized businesses, is able to carry out its mission to work with these by having adequate staff. and, secondly, it expands the rural export initiative which helps rural business to develop international opportunities.

Amy Klobuchar

4:00:39 to 4:01:00( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: as was well noted by my reblican colleague, senator lemieux, the numbers are clear. every dollar invested in this program creates $213 in rural exports. this part of the small business amendment that senator landrieu is putting together allows the department of commerce to identify known exporters that

Amy Klobuchar

4:01:01 to 4:01:21( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: have a capacity to grow their international sales. a business that have already been maybe exporting to canada or mexico and something like 50% to 60% of our businesses only export to those countries, it allows them to look for other countries. it provides matching grants to industry associations and nonprofit institutions to underwrite a portion of the start-up costs for new export

Amy Klobuchar

4:01:22 to 4:01:42( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: promotion projects. this is real jobs, mr. president, and we all know that we had to help our country from going off a financial cliff. that's what we did with the stimulus package and that's what we did by building new roads and bridges and we're doing that right now all over this country. but in the end, the way out of this economic slump will be with private business, with private

Amy Klobuchar

4:01:43 to 4:02:04( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: business expanding jobs, and the way you do it is to look across the borders of this country and to look where you can sell your goods. boy, they've been selling their goods to us for a long time, right? i want to go back to being a country that makes stuff again, that exports, that sends our goods to other countries. that's what this piece of the bill is about and i'm just grateful to senator landrieu,

Amy Klobuchar

4:02:05 to 4:02:15( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: her leadership, that she has included this in this package. i thank senator lemieux for his leadership with this amendment. i think it's going to make a big difference. i hope we pass this bill. it's incredibly important.

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