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Senate Proceeding on Jul 23rd, 2008 :: 5:30:52 to 5:34:03
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John Cornyn

5:29:22 to 5:30:52( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Cornyn

John Cornyn

5:30:38 to 5:30:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: they have, the more lands available to them, the greater, they believe, and i believe, that they can maximize the likelihood that they'll actually find oil. this isn't to help the oil companies. this is

Lindsey Graham

5:30:52 to 5:30:58( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: to help us quit sending $700 billion a year of american dollars to foreign countries for oil. we have more of it here at home, if you believe the experts about, 3 million barrels a day. mr. durbin:

Lindsey Graham

5:30:52 to 5:34:03( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

5:30:58 to 5:31:13( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: would the senator yield for a question? the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. cornyn: i would be happy to but i understanbud my time has expired. mr. durbin: madam president,

Lindsey Graham

5:31:13 to 5:31:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: who's in control of time now? the presiding officer: the minority -- the minority has 3 1/2 minutes remaining 6789 the senator from north carolina. south carolina. mr. graham: close enough. the presiding

Lindsey Graham

5:31:21 to 5:31:34( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: officer: sorryment 3 1/2 minutes. mr. gr aham: americans are probably wondering what their congress is doing to solve the nation's energy problems. apparently just asking each other questions. what i would

Lindsey Graham

5:31:34 to 5:31:45( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: like to do is do something. i would like to have a comprehensive plan that would address the fact that most of you througut who are listening to me are hurting, you're having to fill up your cars

Lindsey Graham

5:31:45 to 5:31:56( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: with $4-plus-a-gallon gas, food prices are going up and we're fiddling while your budget is burning. i can't explain this. i don't know. but you're f yiguring this out, the congress is at an all-time low

Lindsey Graham

5:31:56 to 5:32:08( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: in terms of approval rating. it seems to me like this is something we could all agree on: how to address our energy needs. 70% of our oil comes from overseas. most of it from the mideast. if you feel

Lindsey Graham

5:32:08 to 5:32:16( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: good about that, great. i don't. i think most americans would ld like to get away from that. there is o off the eastern coast. i don't know why you wouldn't want to add more supply. if there are

Lindsey Graham

5:32:16 to 5:32:27( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: leases that the oil companies have now they're not using, they expiredxp six, eight or ten years and they have to pay to renew them. t i would imagine if there's oil out there, they they would go get

Lindsey Graham

5:32:27 to 5:32:39( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: it. but there's a lot of oil and gas, they tell me, off the coast -- off the e--ast coast butst there's a moratorium on us being able to explore for us. lift the moratorium, add it to our supply. every

Lindsey Graham

5:32:39 to 5:32:50( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: barrel of oil that america can extract from american-ownedow resour ces is one less barrel you need from the mideast. it makes us more independent. and, yes, get away from using oil. i am all for that

Lindsey Graham

5:32:50 to 5:33:04( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: but that's not going to happen any time soon. just by lifting the moratorium at the executive level, oil prices have come downom about $20. nuclear power? everybody talks about it. the french, 80% of

Lindsey Graham

5:33:04 to 5:33:13( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: the french f powerpo comes from the nuclear industry. they recycle the waste. they don't put it in the ground. they know what to do with the waste. surely we can be as bold as the french. anyway,

Lindsey Graham

5:33:13 to 5:33:26( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: there are a lot of things we could do but we'rere choosing to do nothing. we're choosing to blame each other. there's a bill on the floor that addresses one part of the problem, speculation. we should

Lindsey Graham

5:33:26 to 5:33:36( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: be dealingbe with speculators, we should be addinge domestic inventory, we should be doing something about nuclear -- nuclear power, to make sure we can expand our nuclear footprint t. would be good for

Lindsey Graham

5:33:36 to 5:33:45( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: theor environmen t, it would make us less depend oantd fossil fuels. and, yes, we should make new cars that depend on batteries. riwe should be doing ite all. all votes rise if we should work together.

Lindsey Graham

5:33:45 to 5:34:03( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: this is one time when democrats and republicans, if they would law down the partisanship andp focus on america's interests, we would all look better. but we've got a bill that just allows us

Joseph Lieberman

5:34:03 to 5:34:13( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: to do one thing and that's ridiculous. we should be d oing a bunch of things together. and ladies and gentlemen of the senate, america is watching and they're not pleased. i yield. mr. lieberman: madam

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