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Senate Proceeding on Jul 26th, 2007 :: 4:57:47 to 5:01:36
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Jim DeMint

4:57:27 to 4:57:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: been filed while i am here. mrs. murray: mr. president, i would object at this time. i have a number of senators who are asking to call up amendments, and we would like to work with all of you

Mary Landrieu

4:57:47 to 4:57:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: to do that in a regular fashion here. maybe we can do that as the senator from louisiana is speaking. but at this point we're going to allow the senator from louisiana to speak and move back to regular

Mary Landrieu

4:57:47 to 5:01:36( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu

4:57:56 to 4:58:06( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: order. the presiding officer: is there object-- the presiding officer: is there objection to the unanimous consent request propounded by the senator from louisiana. ms. landrieu: i thank the chair and

Mary Landrieu

4:58:06 to 4:58:13( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: i can appreciate the situation we're in with the point of order being offered against the amendment. bu as you know, i offered this amendment in good faith last night and came and spoke on the floor

Mary Landrieu

4:58:13 to 4:58:31( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: at some length before the amendment. i was under the impression that before we would vote i would have the opportunity to speak on the amendment. since th didn't happen, i appreciate the goodwill

Mary Landrieu

4:58:31 to 4:58:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: of my colleagues to at least allow me five minutes to speak, although the amendment -- there's been a point of order called against it. my amendment actually appropriates $25 million on this appropriations

Mary Landrieu

4:58:47 to 4:59:02( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: bill. i don't know where else we would appropriate money except on an appropriations bill. and that's basically what my amendment does. it's a two-page bill. it appropriates $25 million to the c.i.a.

Mary Landrieu

4:59:02 to 4:59:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: to give them some extra resources to try to track down the number-one terrorist and his network that's threatening our country. this amendment was prompted not out of politics or spite. it was prompted out of

Mary Landrieu

4:59:17 to 4:59:33( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: last week's national intelligence estimate that has been referred to now several times on both sides of the aisle. this dn't come from a democratic think tank or republican think tank. it came from

Mary Landrieu

4:59:33 to 4:59:51( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: the national intelligence estimate that says that the al qaeda network is as strong as it was before 9/11 and that osama bin laden is still the number-one target.~ so i offered an amendment in good faith

Mary Landrieu

4:59:51 to 5:00:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and reached out to my colleagues to say, we're on home homeland security. could we find $25 million to a appropriate some additional fund funding to the c.i.a. - i know that there are other resources,

Mary Landrieu

5:00:04 to 5:00:16( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: some of them are classified and some of them are not -- and to just clearly restate for the policy that osama bin laden remains the foremost objective of the united states in the global war on terror

Mary Landrieu

5:00:16 to 5:00:31( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and protect protecting the united states homeland, the foremost is to captured and kill osama bin laden. i understand the point of order, and i understand that technically the parliamentarian

Mary Landrieu

5:00:31 to 5:00:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: would probably rule against me. but for the purposes of the constituents that i'm representing, i want to say that i am trying but am blocked in a appropriating $25 million more on a homeland security bill

Mary Landrieu

5:00:43 to 5:00:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: to give it to the c.i.a. to help protect us from the number-one terrorist, according to our intelligence reports. that is all i wanted to say. i thank my colleagues for a allowing me that moment

Mary Landrieu

5:00:56 to 5:01:36( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: of the record, and i know the senator wants to go back to regular order. mrs. murray: i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the point of order is well-taken and the amendment falls.

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