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Senate Proceeding 07-27-10 on Jul 27th, 2010 :: 3:33:25 to 3:41:00
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Sam Brownback

3:33:25 to 3:41:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback

3:33:26 to 3:33:46( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: amendment number 4525. the presiding officer: the senator from kansas a senator much, mr. president. i appreciate the opportunity to speak with my colleagues on the pwaor about jobs, job creation there are there, that are here now and things we need to do. mr. brownback: i would report

Sam Brownback

3:33:47 to 3:34:08( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: to my colleagues, a report came out yesterday from brookings institute citing about exports and export opportunities that we had -- that we have. and they were pointing out that we, the president rightly in the state of the union message called for tkaublg of exports by the -- a doubling of sports by

Sam Brownback

3:34:09 to 3:34:30( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: the united states in the next five years. they were looking around and seeing what are the communities to see this happen. the brookings institute came out were a report yesterday that it released and they cited four metropolitan areas that doubled the real value of their exports between 2003 and 2008. one of them is wichita, kansas, and the aviation cluster.

Sam Brownback

3:34:31 to 3:34:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: doubling its exports based primarily on aviation and the aviation industry. and i congratulate wichita in my state for what it has done to expand exports and essentially a good portion of this being essentially a homegrown industry, and it's general aviation. these are smaller aircrt, business aircraft that travel to many of the airports throughout

Sam Brownback

3:34:53 to 3:35:13( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: this country, and now airports throughout the world that are now served by commercial aviation. 569,000 airports nationwide only 500 are -- of the 5,000 airports nationwide only 5 hundred are served by carriers. only 10% of theirports connected that way.

Sam Brownback

3:35:14 to 3:35:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: the rest have to be concted by business aviation, by products made in wichita. we make both large aircraft and small general aviation products, both of those. but particularly the general aviation products are made in my state, many of them made in my staeufplt and this is an industry -- made in my state. this is an industry that is a

Sam Brownback

3:35:35 to 3:35:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: homegrown one that we can grow and build exports on. brookings is citing to it yesterday. they pointed out that 40% now of the u.s. production of general aviation character is going overseas. $150 billion of u.s. economy is based on general aviation, the smaller business aircraft.

Sam Brownback

3:35:56 to 3:36:17( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: employing 1.2 million people in the united states. now, the problem with this is that earlier this year the administration had really attacked a lot of business aircraft and business aviation saying that this is not useful, squanderrous of resources when in fact it makes efficient use of resources, and it's a

Sam Brownback

3:36:18 to 3:36:38( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: homegrn business that is now exporting 40% of its product and one of the leading cities, one of the leading clusters in the country to push on exports which we need to have a lot more of and comport-related -- and export related jobs. so i would ask the administration and i would personally invite the president to come to wichita, kansas, to

Sam Brownback

3:36:39 to 3:36:59( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: see the business aviation, to see the general aviation business for himself, to see the fine products produced by learjet, cessna, hawker beechcraft corporation, those companies that are producing these excellent aircraft, and to help this business grow. i would also point out to my colleagues and to the administration that this is an

Sam Brownback

3:37:00 to 3:37:21( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: industry that has been targeted by other countries for takeover. this is the same sort of thing that's happening on general aviation, starting to happen on general aviation that happened on the large-scale airliners when airbus was built by government money in europe to take on and build large airliners and take that business

Sam Brownback

3:37:22 to 3:37:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: away from boeing, mcdonnell douglas, lockheed corporation. and airbus succeeded in knocking two of those entrants even out of the field when they don't even make aircraft, large aircraft any longer. and only boeing is left. and we just recently won a large trade case against the european union and airbus for its heavy subsidization that it's had by the european union to get into

Sam Brownback

3:37:44 to 3:38:05( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: that marketplace and to steal market share from u.s. production. that's what's taken place in the large-scale aircraft business. what is now setting up is many countries around the world are looking at getting into smaller aircraft and midize aircraft, i believe subsidizing their way into this marketplace to take

Sam Brownback

3:38:06 to 3:38:26( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: those jobs and those opportunities to other countries around the world. embry air in brazil is one that has had fast expansion taking place the small and mid-size market, defying logic at the present time that has been a difficult marketplace. they he expanded the number of aircraft.

Sam Brownback

3:38:27 to 3:38:47( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: they have expanded the number of different types of they produce, all in a marketplace that's been under a great deal of difficulty in the last several years. and i call on the administration to, one, be supportive of this industry. i invite the president to come to wichita. two, to start looking at what

Sam Brownback

3:38:48 to 3:39:09( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: other countries are doing to bid into this marketplace and to take these jobs from the united states by subsidizing these jobs with their foreign treasuries. that is illegal under the world trade organization. we need to be aggressive in our country in protecting this key export industry that's being targeted for attack by other

Sam Brownback

3:39:10 to 3:39:30( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: counies around the world. we'll be putting forward more information on this as this develops further, but i would really hope -- and i'm going to be contacting the u.s. trade representative's office about looking io these practices of other countries. i meet regularly with people that lead various countries in the business aircraft marketplace, and they are

Sam Brownback

3:39:31 to 3:39:51( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: talking constantly about china looking at this, brazil going into this market space, other countries lining up with different products to go after this homegrown successful, now export-oriented business in the united states that connects the other 4,500 airports that don't

Sam Brownback

3:39:52 to 3:40:12( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: have commercial service. this is a big issue. so i congratulate wichita for its growth in exports, being one of the leading cities in world. it's certainly in our country and in the world in exports. i ask for the administration to support this homegrown industry. i ask my colleagues to look at

Sam Brownback

3:40:13 to 3:40:33( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: this as well. and i would further point out that when we look at military aircraft, certainly the big tanker contract that's been such a controversy around here, that we don't give those jobs to overseas companies like airbus that's bidding on the tanker contract, but rather that those jo

Sam Brownback

3:40:34 to 3:40:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: subsidized and bought by other countries around the world. let's not let it happen in the large-scale commercial market. let's not let it happen in the tanker bid. let's not let it happen in general aviation. these are high-wage, high-skilled manufacturing jobs that we need in the united states, that we have in the united states. and we should not let them be

Sam Brownback

3:40:56 to 3:41:00( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: stolen by practices overseas that are not consistent, not legal under the world trade

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