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Senate Proceeding on Jul 28th, 2010 :: 6:36:10 to 6:39:35
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Byron Dorgan

6:36:06 to 6:36:26( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: the public, we do it wise and prudently, would support this. mr. dorgan: if the senator would yield for a question. the fact is, i happen to support limiting carbon or capping carbon. i will support a price on carbon. i don't support cap-and-trade as a mechanism to do that, but that's another side to this.

Byron Dorgan

6:36:10 to 6:39:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Byron Dorgan

Byron Dorgan

6:36:27 to 6:36:48( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: but because we have not been able to do climate change and develop a consensus on broader climate change legislation in this congress, because of that, i have always felt we should bring the energy bill to the floor which was, in fact, bipartisan and which would, in fact, do the very things that you would want done had you passed climate change legislation in order to limit carbon.

Byron Dorgan

6:36:49 to 6:37:10( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: take energy from the wind, that limits carbon. youevelop energy without putting carbon into the air. just as an example. so i know what the -- senator reid is trying very hard to do a couple of things. number one, he's trying to get this session moving on things that matter. he's got a lot of things on his plate. the senator from kansas knows,

Byron Dorgan

6:37:11 to 6:37:31( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: and i'm not being partisan when i say a lot of things have been blocked, even motions to proceed, so the senator from nevada, senator reid, has a difficult time trying to get things to the floor, get them moving and he's indicated he wants to bring to the floor an energy bill that includes a number of things that the senator from kansas and i would agree with. we need to do something about

Byron Dorgan

6:37:32 to 6:37:52( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: the oil spill regulation and safety a try to address those in the right way. and -- and we do need to address a number of the other things that the president -- excuse me -- the senator fm nevada suggested. i happen to think using natural gas for long-haul vehicles on the interstate roadways and so on makes a l of sense. he's proposed a number of things

Byron Dorgan

6:37:53 to 6:38:14( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: including electric vehicles. the bill that i introduced, along with my colleague, senator merkley, that we passed through the energy committee last week, to begin incentivizing and the development of an electric vehicle fleet. all of those are good things and i commend the senator from nevada for doing that. i think to the extent that we

Byron Dorgan

6:38:15 to 6:38:37( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: can if we can find ways to add other things that have a bipartisan consensus, that makes a lot of sense to me and i think that's what the senator from kansas is saying. the renewable electricity standard in order to be add wod take 60 votes because things -- added would take 60 votes because things take 60 vot around here. i went to a small school and i thought a majority was just a

Byron Dorgan

6:38:38 to 6:38:58( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: majority, but it is not these days. but if we have 60 votes, and i think there is some evidence that exist, adding renewable electricity standard will substantially improve, i believe, the potential to pass an energy bill that would matter to america. i wa to say, just quickly, i understand tt senator reid's trying very hard to get something done, get it up, get

Byron Dorgan

6:38:59 to 6:39:20( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: it passed, get it done. i commend him for that. i don't want to be critical at all. i commend the senator from kansas as well. he and i agree if we can add a renewable energy standard to this, we coun significant way. mr. brownback: i yield the floor. mr. dorgan: mr. president, i

Byron Dorgan

6:39:21 to 6:39:35( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: yield the floor and a not the presiding officer: the clerk

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