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Senate Proceeding on Jul 29th, 2010 :: 0:48:35 to 0:56:45
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Olympia Snowe

0:48:35 to 0:56:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: is the tradion in the united states senate. majority rulesut you accommodate the rights of the minority. that's the essence of the institution of the united states senate is all about. i pretkpwret we are where we are today here in the united states senate on this issue that i have been champion since january of this year. it seems to me that we're all worried about the legislative train running out of the station here.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: if we're all concerned about the limited time which we have available to address the small business issue and job creation that is the foremost issue in the unitedtas of america, i would have suggested -- and i did and i asked and i pleaded -- that we should have addressed this issue at the outset, in january. at the outset of the legislative

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: and i it took sever months to address those issues, then we should have taken several months to address those issues. but now we're faced with a procedural impasse here because we're being denied the opportunity to offer some amendments to this legislation. now you think we ran out of ti. we didn't run out of time.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: we didn't run out of time. we had 81 days -- 81 days -- in which we did not have roll call votes. 81 excluding federal hol tkaeurbgs all through -- holidays, all through yesterday in which we didn't have recorded votes. we could have addressed this

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: issue long before now, give it the attention it deserves rather than treating it as a mere afterthought in the legislative process that we've got to ram it in there and deny the minority the oortunity to offer a few amendments. that's all we're asking. now you think we just dropped this bill on the floor of the united states senateesterday. this bl was o the floor more

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: than three weeks ago. and how many amendments have we been able to offer this, amendment, on our side? zero. the lending facility was offered by senator lemieux, but obviously th is an amendment that the majority wanted. i recognize the chair here, that

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: was one of her major issues, an area in which i disagree. t we have not been able to offer any amendments. we've had this bill on the floor for three weeks. we've had three substitutes. three substitutes. no amendments. no amendments. andhen yesterday no votes on anything. we could have been finished with

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: this bill by now if given the minority the right to offer a few amendments. we're shutting down this process here, madam president, denying the opportunity to debate the foremost issue facing the united states of america. creating jobs. we have a 9.5% unemployment rate. we need to create jobs in

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: america. as illustrated last month, only 83,000 jobs were created in the private sector. and we're saying we don't have time to aress this issue? it really is not only frustration, madam president, it does a disservice to the american people. they know better.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: substitute, and we have side-by-sides or alternatives to republican amendments, no opportunity to review it, no opportunity to have a discussion to reach a true unanimous consent. the majority has said we have a unanimous consent agreement, but actually it's an ultimatum to the minority. take it or leave it.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: we had no opportunity to review these alternatives, these alternatives, because they were just filed. actually amendments were not filed. the majority leader posed it in his unanimous consent agreement that we would either have to accept or reject. there was no opportunity to have a discussion yesterday. how could we reach an agreement? you know, maybe on several amendments it would be important

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: to this legislation, madam president. so we have amendments. we had four amendments that were filed on the majority side, and then we're faced with a cloture vote today at 10:40. faced with a cloture vote. why do we rush into a cloture vote? why don't we spend more time

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: talking to each other to get the policy right? is it something that we are not familiar with anymore, how to sit down and talk to one another, to discuss the issues? so what are the alternatives that the majority provides in the unanimous consent agreement that wasn't a consent agreement because nobody talked to anybody about it. well, it's adding issues that

Olympia Snowe

0:54:41 to 0:55:04( Edit History Discussion )

Olympia Snowe: were in the supplemental. it's basically taking the supplement, the tax extenders bill, fiscal assistance to the state, education funding, agricultural appropriations, disaster funding that' actually in the substitute, the new substitute that was filed, those are the alternatives that have been offered to this amendment. so this has become a megabill.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: it's a megasupplemental. it's a mega tax extender bill. it's now an agriculture disaster bill on the small business bill. so if we were to take the issues that we agreed to on a unanimous basis, on a bipartisan basis in the senate small business committee, we could have had 75

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: to 80 votes. but that wasn't sufficient for the majority. it wasn't sufficient. so here we are today with a cloture motion. take it or leave it, because you know what? we only have a week left. why do we have a week left? why don't we take as long as it requires to do what's right to try to get the best policy to

Olympia Snowe

0:55:47 to 0:56:08( Edit History Discussion )

Olympia Snowe: create jobs in america instead of facing this figurative legislative brick wall that's artificially contrived? it's all political theater. it's not about legislating anymore. it's all political theater. you know, it's scoring political points. it's all for the next election that's coming very shortly. it's not about getting the right

Olympia Snowe

0:56:09 to 0:56:29( Edit History Discussion )

Olympia Snowe: policy for america, for small businesses that are suffering, r the 8 million who have lost their jobs, the 15 million that are a part of that, with the underemployed that are desperate, that need certainty. you know, the house is adjourning tomorrow, so where is this legislation going?

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: this was supposed to be a jobs agenda legislative session. that's what we were told by the majority. that's what we were told by the president of the united states. i said back in january, i sent letters to the president, to the small business administrator, to the majority saying let's do it

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