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Senate Proceeding on Jul 30th, 2009 :: 3:10:40 to 3:16:15
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John McCain

3:10:40 to 3:16:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

3:10:45 to 3:11:08( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. mr. mccain: i ask tha proceedings under the quorum call be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mccain: madam president, i rise in opposition to the bond amendment number 1904 enacted, would add another

John McCain

3:11:09 to 3:11:31( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: $8.5 billion to the $1.8 trillion deficit that we are accumulating this year. as many of my colleague recall, when congress considered the safe, accountable, flexible, efficient transportation equity act of 2005, the so-called

John McCain

3:11:32 to 3:11:53( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: safetea act, we included a section that required that $8.543 billion of unobligated contract authority be rescinded on september 30, 2009. now, the question, obviously, would arise, why would we do such a thing, authorize money

John McCain

3:11:54 to 3:12:17( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: but then say that it will be rescinded or cancele and it was done for one simple reason and that isecause of the size of the bill, it would have been subject to order because it exceeded the budget. and so -- and by the way, i would remind my colleagues, this

John McCain

3:12:18 to 3:12:42( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: was a $223 billion bloated and earmarked highway bill. so apparently it's not sufficient in the minds of some that we at least honor a commitment we made which would have canceled about $8.5 billion.

John McCain

3:12:43 to 3:13:03( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: please keep in mind that it was a $223 billion piece of legislation. please keep in mind that jt like fall, we earlier this year, we passed a $787 billion stimulus bill that

John McCain

3:13:04 to 3:13:25( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: only 10% of the money has been sent and only 1% of the $787 billion stimulus has been spent on highway and infrastructure pro so we know that the many, many billions of dollars mor will be spent on highway and

John McCain

3:13:26 to 3:13:47( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: infrastructu projects out of the stimulus bill that has not been spent and yet that doesn't seem to be enough. we need to add another $8.5 billion. and i would point out that this amendment, the same amendment, was considered in the senate environment and public works

John McCain

3:13:48 to 3:14:08( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: committee on -- just on july 15 and was defeated by a vote of 14-5. well, sometime we got to stop. floor time after time and say at our children and our grandchildren and the kind of

John McCain

3:14:09 to 3:14:29( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: debt that they are inheriting. now, this is just another $8.5 billion that was not budgeted which will add to the burgeoning debt that america is staggering under and at a time when we know that tens of

John McCain

3:14:30 to 3:14:52( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: billions of dollars in addition will be spent on highway and and infrastructure. you know, it's almost sad to see this because it beg with gimmickry on the floor at that time wouldn't be subject to a point of order, knowing that there would be an attempt at

John McCain

3:14:53 to 3:15:14( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: some point to restore it, which is now being made. now, in 2005 we were accumulating deficits but anything we have experienced if the last since the economy cratered back

John McCain

3:15:15 to 3:15:35( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: in september of last year. so i hope my colleagues would reject this amendment. it's unnecessary. it's unnee it's unwanted. and very frankly, it's just another sign that understand how serious this deficit problem is that we are

John McCain

3:15:36 to 3:16:01( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: accumulating, the biggest deficit sense world war ii as a percent of our gross national product. i hope my colleags will vote against the amendment. quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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