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Senate Proceeding on Jul 31st, 2008 :: 0:39:54 to 0:43:06
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Judd Gregg

0:36:55 to 0:39:54( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Judd Gregg

Judd Gregg

0:39:41 to 0:39:54( Edit History Discussion )

Judd Gregg: so it is the type of power we want. and it's safe. and it moves ours. we don't have to buy it from some other country. so it's very logical we should be aggressively pursuing nuclear power but the

John Cornyn

0:39:54 to 0:40:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: other side of the fact and the leadership of the other side, especially senator obama, are opposed to expanding the nuclear option for our nation which is, in my opinion, cutting off your nose to spite your

John Cornyn

0:39:54 to 0:43:06( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Cornyn

John Cornyn

0:40:12 to 0:40:27( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: face. this is a very safe and usable form of energy that addresses the issue of global climate change while still giving americans ability to purchase energy. mr. cornyn: it doesn't make sense to

John Cornyn

0:40:27 to 0:40:41( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: me but the navy, of course, as we know, the united states navy has been using nuclear power for its architect carriers and submarines for, i think, 50 years and been able to do so safely and without

John Cornyn

0:40:41 to 0:40:53( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: incident. france generates 80% of its electricity with nuclear power. and the environmentallal activists have actually, in france, cut a deal, as i understand it, with the nuclear power producers because

John Cornyn

0:40:53 to 0:41:04( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: they understand -- they get the point the senator from florida makes and the senator from new hampshire, that nuclear power is clean power. those are concerned about climate change, that would be one

John Cornyn

0:41:04 to 0:41:20( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: of the best things we could do to alleviate the pressure on the environment. but i want to get back, if i can for a second, because there's been a lot of talk particularly the senator from tennessee,

John Cornyn

0:41:20 to 0:41:37( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: senator alexander is talking about the need for new technology to develop plug-in hybrid cars, battery-operated cars. i necessity there is confusion because right now we need transportation energy

John Cornyn

0:41:37 to 0:41:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: which is basically oil and gasoline, aviation fuel to fly our airplanes and people wonder, how does nucle power using coal in a clean way to generate electricity figure into that? but theoint we're trying

John Cornyn

0:41:55 to 0:42:07( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: to make is that we need all of the before and we need to generate the electricity cleanly so we can use the new technology that we think will bring us into a clean energy future. i want to ask both

John Cornyn

0:42:07 to 0:42:21( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: of my colleagues here just to comment on a couple of things. we had one of my constituents, t. boone pickens in town. he is a remarkable man. he has been very successful in the oil-and-gas business. he

John Cornyn

0:42:21 to 0:42:39( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: says we need a different way of looking at our energy future. he is advocating increase use of wind energy to generate electricity he is advocating more use of natural gas because he says we found

John Cornyn

0:42:39 to 0:42:50( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: ways to develop moref that here in america so we have to buy less, the senator from florida's point. so that is less money than the $700 billion that we send overseas each year. mr. gregg: senator,

John Cornyn

0:42:50 to 0:43:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: we need to use everything. he did thought say "don't use drilling," he said we have to drill everywhere we can in the united states. we have to use wind. we have to use solar. we have to use nuclear.

Judd Gregg

0:43:06 to 0:43:19( Edit History Discussion )

Judd Gregg: we have to use everything because we have to stop sending $700 billion, as the senator from florida mentioned, to people who don't like us: venezuela and iron. keep it -- venezuela and iran. keep it here.

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