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Senate Proceeding on Aug 3rd, 2010 :: 6:50:15 to 6:54:55
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Kirsten Gillibrand

6:50:11 to 6:50:31( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: gillibrand who is also an attorney joinings today. senator gillibrand. mrs. gillibrand: i thank the senator from minnesota for her leadership, for her guidance, for her distinguished career and her service o the judiciary committee. it's so meaningful to all of us to have the ability to interview these candidates so in depth. i'm so proud to stand today in

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:50:15 to 6:54:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:50:32 to 6:50:53( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: support of solicitor general elena kagan's nomination to the united states supreme court. with his decision, president obama has chosen an individual of the highest caliber, a woman with an enormous hisry of achievement, a history of service and perhaps most importantly a history of bridge building.

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:51:16 to 6:51:36( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: to serve as a united states supreme court justice. dean of harvard law magna cum laude from harvard law, editor of "harvard law review," these are just some of the honors she obtained throughout her career.

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:51:37 to 6:51:58( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: throughout this process, it has been made abundantly clear that solicitor general elena kagan has a profound and exceptional understanding of the constitution and our system of law. unfortunately, it appears that some of my colleagues are determined to criticize elena kagan, regardless of these facts.

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:51:59 to 6:52:19( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: they can no longer find partisan or ideological fodder by which to create a straw man opposition, so they are now questioning her intellect, her clarity of mind and her temperament. it is deeply concerning to me that my colleagues would dismiss the judgment of every solicitor general of the past 25 years and dismiss the views of law professors from all across the

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:52:20 to 6:52:40( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: united states and even sitting supreme court justices who have suggested that elena kagan is eminently qualified to sit on this court. these distinguished legal experts from across the country, across the ideological spectrum, say that elena kagan is not only an intellectual giant but she is qualified to serve on the

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:52:41 to 6:53:01( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: nation's highest court as any of her other predecessors. every solicitor general over the last quarter century, democrats and republicans, wrote a letter of support for her nomination as solicitor general, noting her brilliant intellect, her candor and her high regard in which she is held by persons of a wide

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:53:02 to 6:53:22( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: variety of political and social views. the support of miguel estrada, ken starr, ted olson, along with the support of some of my republican colleagues such as senator lindsey graham also speak to her ability to build bridges and to find common ground. these are the traits we need in a justice when so many decisions

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:53:23 to 6:53:44( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: right now are narrowly being decided at a 5-4 margin. an attorney with over two decades of experience working in three branches of t federal government, kagan's breadth of experience will bring diversity to the court, consisting entirely of former many of the justices on both sides of the aisle are quite fond of elena kagan from her time as solicitor general

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:53:45 to 6:54:06( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: have commented on how her distinct professional background is a welcome contribution to the court. based on her record hievement, it is clear that elena kagan possesses the temperament that will distinguish her as a consensus builder on a deeply divided court. narrow 5-4 decisions by a conservative majority have become the hallmark ofhe roberts court.

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:54:07 to 6:54:27( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: these decisions have often been overreaching in scope and have repeatedly ignored settled law and congressional intent. for example, in the citizens union case, the court disregarded not only the extensive record compiled by congress but abandoned established precedent. solicitor general kagan's unique

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:54:28 to 6:54:49( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: ability to build coalions will be very helpful in bridging this very serious divide. since the announcement of her nomination, i know more than a few of my colleagues have struggled to find a viable reason to object to her nomination. the bottom line remains that there has yet to be a credible reason to oppose this outstanding confirmation.

Kirsten Gillibrand

6:54:50 to 6:54:56( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: i look forward to enthusiastically casting my vote

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