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Senate Proceeding 08-04-09 on Aug 4th, 2009 :: 4:36:10 to 4:44:35
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Dianne Feinstein

4:36:06 to 4:36:27( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: regrettably i cannot support her nomination for a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. i thank the chair and yield the floor. a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from california. the presiding officer: the

Dianne Feinstein

4:36:10 to 4:44:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein

4:36:28 to 4:36:48( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: senator from california. a senator: it should be no surprise that somewhat different from the ranking member of the committee. i served on this com 16 years now i have sat through the confirmationearing of four supreme court justices, and i'm very proud to say that i believe th president made an excellent choice.

Dianne Feinstein

4:36:49 to 4:37:10( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: and i enthusiastically support this nominee. mrs. feinstein: judge sotomayor is a warm and intelligent woman. more importantly, though, she a solid, tested and mainstream federal judge. her personal story is one of hard w she has risen above all kinds of

Dianne Feinstein

4:37:11 to 4:37:32( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: obstacles and she has perseverence. she's a roll model -- role model for women in the law, and i cannot help but feel a sense of enormous priden her achievements, her nomination, and, hopefully, before the end of the week, her confirmation to be a supreme court justice. as i said at the confirmation hearings, a supreme court

Dianne Feinstein

4:37:33 to 4:37:55( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: justice should possess at least five qualities: one, broad and relevant experience. so how does she stand? you can't find a nominee with better experience than judge sotomayor. she has 29 1/2 years of relevant legal experience.

Dianne Feinstein

4:37:56 to 4:38:18( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: and she's seen the law from all sides. for 4 1/2 years she was a prosecutor in new york city. she prosecuted murders, robberies, cases as an assistant district attorney. she worked with law enforcement officers and victims of crime and she sent criminals to jail.

Dianne Feinstein

4:38:19 to 4:38:40( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: new york city district attorney, mr. morgenthau who said that he looked for bright, young people. and he found her and he heard her story and she had been to princeton. she she went to yale law school. she was editor of the law review and came to his attention and he

Dianne Feinstein

4:38:41 to 4:39:01( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: went to recruit her as a prosecutor in new york city. for eight years then, after that, she practiced business law. -- as a litigator in a private firm. she worked on cases involving real estate law, banking law, contracts, and intellectual property law.

Dianne Feinstein

4:39:02 to 4:39:22( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: then for six years she was appointed by george herbert walker say, bush 41, as a united states district court judge. she heard roughly 450 cases in the district court up close and personal where litigants come

Dianne Feinstein

4:39:23 to 4:39:44( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: before the where the judge gains a sense of what the federal court means to an individual. i think that's important to know on the supreme court. and she saw there firsthand the impact of the law on people before her. and then she was appointed by president clinton for 11 years

Dianne Feinstein

4:39:45 to 4:40:06( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: she has been a federal appellate court judge on the second court of appeals. she's been on the panel for more than 3,000 federal appeals. and she more than 400 cases. appropriate traing grounds for

Dianne Feinstein

4:40:07 to 4:40:27( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: the supreme court. judge sotomayor will be the only sitting justice with experience on both the federal trial and appellate courts. and she has more federal judicial experience than any supreme court nominee in the last 100 years. that's a substantial

Dianne Feinstein

4:40:28 to 4:40:50( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: qualification. secondly, a supreme court justice should have deep knowledge of the law and the constitution. and i believe her broad experience gives her firsthand knowledge of virtually every area of the law. i said, as a prosecutor beings she tried criminal cases,

Dianne Feinstein

4:40:51 to 4:41:11( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: homicides, assault, pornography cases, those crimes that destroy lives. and as a business lawyer, she examined contracts, represented clients in litigation and tried intellectual property disputes. as a districtourt judge, she presided jury trials.

Dianne Feinstein

4:41:12 to 4:41:32( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: she sentenced defendants. she resolved complicated business disputes and she reached decisions in discrimination an civil tort -- and civil tort cases where people had been unfairly treated, injured, or harmed. finally, as an appellate judge, she grappled with the difficult and critical questions that

Dianne Feinstein

4:41:33 to 4:41:53( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: arise when people disagree a what our constitution and our federal statutes mean today. so she certainly has ample experience. thirdly, a supreme court justice, she would have impeccable and integrity.

Dianne Feinstein

4:41:54 to 4:42:17( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: and, madam president, anyone who watched judge sotomayor at her confirmation hearings has seen her temperment and demeanor firsthand. he is warm. -- she is warm. she patient. and she is extremely intelligent. she sat at that table with a broken leg up on a box hour

Dianne Feinstein

4:42:18 to 4:42:38( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: after and day room listening to members of the judiciy committee pepper her with questions and not atny time did she lose her presence, lose her cool, show anger, but s she showed determination and patience and

Dianne Feinstein

4:42:39 to 4:43:00( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: perseverence, and i think that means a great deal. at times the hearings became quite heated, but she calm even in the face of provocative questioning. i am not surprised that the american bar association and the new york city barociation

Dianne Feinstein

4:43:01 to 4:43:21( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: gave her their highest ratings. as one of her republican second circuit -- "sonia sotomayor is a well-loved col court. everybody from every point of view knows that she is fair and

Dianne Feinstein

4:43:22 to 4:43:42( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: decent in all of her dealings. the fact is she is truly a superior human being. -- human being." end quote what greater compliment could there be for a perspective supreme court ninee? after spending time

Dianne Feinstein

4:43:43 to 4:44:05( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: during our one-on-one meeting and participating in her confirmation h agree, she is a walking, talking example of the very best america can produce. she's overcome adversity. here is a woman, a child,

Dianne Feinstein

4:44:06 to 4:44:27( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: product of a poor puerto rican family livin project in new york. she is 8 years old, her father dice. she is 9 years old, she finds herself with juvenile diabetes. struggles with the language, she overcomes it.

Dianne Feinstein

4:44:28 to 4:44:36( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: sheraduates from high school. she goes to she succeeds in every way shape

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