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Senate Proceeding on Aug 5th, 2010 :: 10:00:40 to 10:05:00
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Byron Dorgan

10:00:36 to 10:00:57( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: be laid on the table and any statements relating to the bill appear at this point in the record. the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. dorgan: i object. the presiding officer: objection is heard. is there objection to the original request? mr. barrasso: i object. the presiding officer: objection is heard. mr. dorgan: mr. president? the presing officer: the senator from north dakota. mr. dorgan: let me say again

Byron Dorgan

10:00:40 to 10:05:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Byron Dorgan

Byron Dorgan

10:00:58 to 10:01:19( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: how extraordinarily disappointed i am. i have in my hand the proposal that senator barrassoffered to the secretary of the interior. and, by the way, i don't accuse anybody of bad faith. the senator from wyoming is a friend of mine, but i am enormously disappointed with him at this moment. he has a right to be disappointed with me if he wishes.

Byron Dorgan

10:01:20 to 10:01:40( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: but let me just say this, this negotiation ensued lastovember and december, resulting in a settlement. now, none of us here of that settlement. we weren't a part of the negotiation that reached that settlement. that's not the role of the united states senate, is to

Byron Dorgan

10:01:41 to 10:02:02( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: decide that we're going to be involved in a 1 hundred-person negotiation. the lawsuit was a suit brought by plaintiffs against the secretary of the interior. the negotiations were negotiations with the secretary of the interior who was a defendant in that suit. at's appropriate. that's the way it should be. if we don't like what that

Byron Dorgan

10:02:03 to 10:02:23( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: negotiation developed and don't support the settlement and believe we can do better, well, then, we object. so, we don't get this done. that's happened six times this year over and over and over again we failed to act. now, m colleague has five thingsents that are different than the settlement.

Byron Dorgan

10:02:24 to 10:02:46( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: maybe they're better. i don't have the foggiest idea. i said to him a while ago i wish he'd take "yes" for an answer because the response to the interior secretary was a letter to the interior secretary saying he agreed with them and would do them. my colleague says he wants them in legislative language. that changes the the negottion. it changes it.

Byron Dorgan

10:02:47 to 10:03:07( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: now it is 7:30 on a thursday night in august, months and months and months after the proposed settlement was sent to the congress by a federal judge saying do i just say to you, it is very hard to get

Byron Dorgan

10:03:08 to 10:03:28( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: next it will be somebody else that has four provisions or five provisions or who can write it better or think it more clearly. i don't know. but i do know this. the people who have been cheated -- and there are a lot of them many of whom have died waiting for this settlement, they're not going to get this settlement until this

Byron Dorgan

10:03:29 to 10:03:49( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: congress decides whether it is goin to pass legislation dealing with this settlement. and it may be that any member of this congress can do a better job and write better provisions except that we weren't negotiators because we were not the defendants in the suit. we have every right to say "no." and if

Byron Dorgan

10:03:50 to 10:04:11( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: certainly said no since last december. if that's the point of this, i suppose more plaintiffs will die. they'll wait for years, probably go back to federal court. maybe we can go another ten years in federal court, having lawyers indians living on land with oil wells 100 yards from their house and they get checks of 5 cents or 8 cents or $3 as revenue from

Byron Dorgan

10:04:33 to 10:04:53( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: i just don't understand it. i mean, i guess it -- people see competing u.c.'s and so what's the result of what are called in the senate competing u.c. stphofs doesnybody go -- u.c. stphofs does anybody go home feeling good? not me.

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