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Senate Proceeding on Aug 5th, 2010 :: 3:25:35 to 3:32:10
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Byron Dorgan

3:25:31 to 3:25:51( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: senator dorgan and senator lincoln for their leadership, and i yield the floor. according to gorge dam president? the presiding officer: is not frr north dakota. mr. dorgan: senator barrasso and i, in our roles as chairman and vice-chairman of the indian a fairs committee, have been working on this fork a long while. senator kyl, also senator baucus has had discussions, senator kyl had to leave the floor. but i believe he will come back

Byron Dorgan

3:25:35 to 3:32:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Byron Dorgan

Byron Dorgan

3:26:13 to 3:26:35( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: tribal lands and give you personal ownership of these lands, and then we're going to manage the lands for you, and take care of it for you, and the income that comes off those lands, that's going to be yours. you are we're going to manage your accounts. the fact is, they took control of those lands and created trust accounts and indians got bilked,

Byron Dorgan

3:26:36 to 3:26:57( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: looted here. let me show one more i've shown semplet this fellow is still alive much his name is james kennerly, from the blackfeet indian tribe. he stands in front of his rather humble home, as you can see. he's still alive. he's hoping that probably congress will resolve this by

Byron Dorgan

3:26:58 to 3:27:18( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: settling this issue. his farther was a world war i veteran, wounded, disabled in combat, fighting for the country. the family lives on ld that has considerable oil and gas leases. thousands of barrels a week were pumped off that land. years later the oil wells still continue to pump, but all the

Byron Dorgan

3:27:19 to 3:27:40( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: lease documents have disappeared. and this family les in a house like this. despite having had oil interests on their fractionated valve property. johnson martinez, he lives -- is a navajo indian in his 70's, lives in a run-down trailer house near bloomfield, new

Byron Dorgan

3:28:02 to 3:28:23( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: for a few even cents. a court-appointed investigator found that non-indians were receiving 20 times more than the navajo indians like johnson were receiving. in these same circumstances. ester and sam value des lives 100 feet from natural gas wells. they've been producing natural gas for a long while and yet this family has trouble putting

Byron Dorgan

3:28:24 to 3:28:44( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: food on the taifnl they receive checks for $6 and $8, sometimes the checks come, sometimes they don't. the federal government can nerve explain to them what happens -- can never explain to them what happens to the money. this is grand theft.

Byron Dorgan

3:28:45 to 3:29:07( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: for 1230 year 130 years the american indians ha been cheated. yes, there's some incompetence here. that's the comfortable word. there's also looting and cheating and so the lawsuit was filed 15 years ago. ten years ago the federal government -- the federal court said the federal government is completely without merit here.

Byron Dorgan

3:29:08 to 3:29:29( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: you got to resolve this case. the court found in favor of the plaintiffs saying that they've been bilked. that was ten years ago. and the case goes on in federal courts, more and more money spent on lawyers. finally at last -- at long last, interior secretary salazar and the plaintiffs in this case negotiated an agreement and the

Byron Dorgan

3:29:30 to 3:29:51( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: federal judge in the case hurrah. this looks like justice to meevment and it was sent to congress to provide the funding for this agreement. now, senator barrasso and i have been talking a lot about this, as has senator kyl and senator baucus and some others on these two issues. i have been speaking about the cobell indian case. others were talking about the

Byron Dorgan

3:29:52 to 3:30:12( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: pigford case and black farmers. i understand -- came to the floor today to offer unanimous consent request to see if at last -- at long last we might put this behind us and do what is the fair thing. i understand that a unanimous consent request would be objected to at this moment because of what is called the pay-for, so we have a

Byron Dorgan

3:30:13 to 3:30:33( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: disagreement about that, but i also understand from discussions that we've just held that there is the possibility and the potential that this afternoon, we might find a way to reach an agreement on the pay-for portion of this and have the senate finally approve the cobell and pigford situation so that we can

Byron Dorgan

3:30:34 to 3:30:55( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: move beyond this. this -- this is something that -- there are people who should hang their head in shame. many of them now departed who have bilked the indians out of so much money over years. i just i would finally say ten poorest counties in america. the ten counties with the most

Byron Dorgan

3:30:56 to 3:31:18( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: significant poverty in our country. eight of the ten are indian reservations, eight of them. now, we know that. we know what's going on. and then i talk about these people who live in humble abodes with no money, with six oil wells on their land, and somebody gets the money but they don't. who's cheating them? who cheated them a decade ago,

Byron Dorgan

3:31:19 to 3:31:39( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: five decades ago, ten decades ago? and will we ever settle our account here? will this country ever deal responsibly with what i call a shame? well, madam president, my colleague, senator barrasso, and i have worked on this for a long while this year. he has had some concern about certain aspec

Byron Dorgan

3:31:40 to 3:32:01( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: settlement, but i don't think there is a disagreement between us at all about the need to move forward to resolve this. my hope is that we can do that very soon. as i said, i was intending to do a unanimous consent request, but i think i will sto short of that at this moment because th perhaps later this afternoon for us to reach agreement on the pay-for and a couple of other

Byron Dorgan

3:32:02 to 3:32:11( Edit History Discussion )

Byron Dorgan: elements, and get a unanimous consent request agreed to, which would be a very significant achievement in this body today. madam president, i know tt senator barrasso from wyoming wishes to seek recognition.

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