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Senate Proceeding on Aug 5th, 2010 :: 8:55:15 to 9:02:00
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Tom Harkin

8:55:15 to 8:55:35( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: mr. harkin: i thank the president. i thank the senator from pennsylvania for yielding me a few minutes to go in front of him even though he was here before me. mr. president, i just want to say a couple of words in support of the child nutrition bill. i know the senator from pennsylvania also wants to speak about that. the child nutrition bill that was just passed by unanimous consent here in the senate this afternoon. first of all, i want to thank

Tom Harkin

8:55:15 to 9:02:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

8:55:36 to 8:55:56( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: chaian lincoln, the chairman of the senate agriculture committee, for her tireless efforts to bring this bill to fruition. she's been a great advocate and a great champion of child nutrition and making the changes necessary to get better food for our kids in schools. i also want to thank senator

Tom Harkin

8:55:57 to 8:56:18( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: chambliss, with whom i served on the agriculture committee for a number of years either as ranking member or as chairman, and working on agriculture bills. i want to also particularly thank senator murkowski of alaska. she and i have worked together as partners in this effort for several of the past years on trying to get this bill put

Tom Harkin

8:56:19 to 8:56:40( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: together and get the provisions that we have in the bill done. she's just been a great champion of better food in our school lunch programs, school breakfast progm, after-school meals. also i want to thank our leader, senator reid, and the minority leader, senator mcconnell, for working together on both sides to get this bill to the point

Tom Harkin

8:56:41 to 8:57:05( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: where we could actually get it to a unanimous consent today. i just wanted to say there are many important components of this bill, many of which i had pushed for many years when i was the chairman of the agriculture committee. i'm particularly supportive of the provision to increase reimbursement for school meals,

Tom Harkin

8:57:06 to 8:57:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: the expanded use of the after-school lunch program, a new and great focus on promoting breast feeding and the very real advance that is that makes to health promotion in the early stages of childhood. i just want to, however, single out one provision that i worked on for about 15 years, a provision that would require the adoption of school nutrition

Tom Harkin

8:57:30 to 8:57:52( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: standards for all foods in all schools. mr. president, since the 1970's, the rates of childhood obesity have tripled among children and adolescents in the united states. type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically. current estimates suggest that among children born today, the lifetime risk of developing diabetes is 30% for boys, 40% for girls.

Tom Harkin

8:57:53 to 8:58:13( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: and among african-americans and latinos, it is even higher. again, these are complicated problems, requires multifaceted solutions. to improve the health of our children, all sectors of society must be involved: parents, the media, corporate america and of course our schools. again, i am well aware that

Tom Harkin

8:58:14 to 8:58:34( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: schools are not the only places where our kids have access to sugary beverages and fried foods and candy, high-sodium foods. but schools can and suld do more to provide healthy foods to our kids. what kids throerpb

Tom Harkin

8:58:35 to 8:58:55( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: eat at an early age, they tend to develop habits and tastes for those kids later on in life. if you start feeding kids sugary soda and french fries for they tend to keep eating that as they grow older and with all the health problems that brings on. to that end, it's critically important that we establish strong nutrition standards for

Tom Harkin

8:58:56 to 8:59:16( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: all the foods sold in the school through vending machines, snack bars and a la carte lines in our schools. now, there are several traoepbs do this. -- reasons to do this. existing usda nutrition standards where schools sold outside of school meals are outdated. they allow for the sale of foods low in nutrition, high in fat

Tom Harkin

8:59:38 to 9:00:00( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: set nutritional guidelines for all the food sold in the lunch, in the school lunchroom, school breakfasts and school lunches, and can adopt those standards to follow the dietary guidelines. however, the secretary has no authority to regulate foods sold ouide the lunchroom.

Tom Harkin

9:00:01 to 9:00:22( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: so you've got a big loophole here. kids can eat lunch, they can have good food prepared -l according to dietary guide but down the hall they have vending machines with candy bars and potato chips and sugary sodas and all kinds of things like that, which undermines -- undermines -- what we're trying to do to get better food for our

Tom Harkin

9:00:23 to 9:00:45( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: kids in school. parents think they send their kids to school, they're going to get good meals, and yet they can go down the hallway from the school lunch room and buy all of these bad foods. so that's what this bill does. it provides that the secretary of agriculture now, for the first time, has regulate all of the food in schools.

Tom Harkin

9:00:46 to 9:01:06( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: even in the vending machines, snack bars, allah cart lines. -- al a cart lines. i particularly want to thank the following groups for their help through all of these years to bring this bill to this point. the center for science and the

Tom Harkin

9:01:07 to 9:01:28( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: public interest, the american heart association, the american die tettic association, the american diabetes association, e american public health association, the american association of school administrators and the national p.t.a. they've all been wonderful in working together to get this bill put together and -- and through the floor of the senate.

Tom Harkin

9:01:29 to 9:01:49( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: on the food and beverage side, i particularly want to thank the american beverage association, mars incorporated, the dairy industry, pepsi, coca-cola, and many others who brought us to this point. mr. president, we cannot ignore the rising toll of diabetes.

Tom Harkin

9:01:50 to 9:02:00( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: by providing the commonsense provisions to protect the environment in our schools, this bill makes a major step forward in efforts to protect our children and promote their health. mr. president, again, i want to

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