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Senate Proceeding on Aug 6th, 2009 :: 6:51:05 to 6:58:25
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Carl Levin

6:51:03 to 6:51:24( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: i urge my colleagues to vote against the i thank you, sir. mr. levin: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: madam president, how much in opposition to the kyl amendment? the presiding officer: 11 minutes. mr. levin: i would ask unanimous consent that i be allowed to use

Carl Levin

6:51:05 to 6:58:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Carl Levin

Carl Levin

6:51:25 to 6:51:45( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: the presiding officer: withou objection. mr. levin: madam president, we will soon vote on whether to extend the cash for clunkers program. rarely has this body passed legislation that has so clearly and quickly met our goals when it approved the first installment of money for this program earlier this summer. the program offers rebates of

Carl Levin

6:51:46 to 6:52:06( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: $3,500 to $4,500 for consumers o trade in old, inefficient vehicles for new ones with higher mileage. thousands now wonder if they'll have the opportunity. it is important to understand the context in which we originally approved this program. amid the most severe economic downturn since the great

Carl Levin

6:52:07 to 6:52:28( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: depression auto sales plummeted in the united states and around the globe for foreign manufacturers and u.s.-based markets alike. in the u.s. market month after month automakers reported sales that have fallen 40% or more from a year ago. this unprecedented decline has harmed not only the hard-working auto workers in my home state and other states, but auto suppliers, auto dealers, small

Carl Levin

6:52:29 to 6:52:51( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: businesses in every communi in this natio because the auto industry represents such a lar share of this nation's overall economic activity, as long as sale declines continue, it will weigh down our economy, frus out of recession. in establishing this program, we did not establish a course. we followed a path that had

Carl Levin

6:52:52 to 6:53:14( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: already been laid out by nations. in germany, france, japan and other nations governments recognize the danger to their own auto industries in this time of economic crisis, a they acted. germany's government established its own version of cash for clunkers, and in june car sales were up 40% over the same period a year ago

Carl Levin

6:53:15 to 6:53:36( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: other nations saw similar impressive increases, and after just a few days our efforts he borne impressive results. ford this week reported its sales increased in july from a year ago, the first year-over-year increase by any automaker. other carmakers, foreign and domestic, saw smaller declines

Carl Levin

6:53:37 to 6:53:57( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: in their previous -- than in previous months. the impact has been so striking that one private economist has raised his estimate for economic growth in the third quarter this have year bmore than 50% based solely on the success of cash for clunkers. this program accomplished what it was intended to accomplish.

Carl Levin

6:53:58 to 6:54:18( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: in just a few americans traded in their old car for a new model using the credits available from this program. that's 250,000 american families that have more fuel-efficient transportation, 250,000 tran money into local economies and an ialculable boost to this

Carl Levin

6:54:19 to 6:54:39( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: nation's struggling auto industry. the program has made significant improvements in fuel efficiency of our nation's vehicle fleet. according to data from the national highway traffic safety administration, consumers using this program are buying new vehicles with an average 63% improvement in fuel economy over their trade-ins. more than four out of every five

Carl Levin

6:54:40 to 6:55:01( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: vehicles traded in are trucks. nearly three out of five new vehicles are cars. the average mileage of 9.6 miles per gallon is more than double the program's minimum and far greater than expected. in short, cash for exceed earlier projections in

Carl Levin

6:55:02 to 6:55:23( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: its ability to get older cars off the road and their damaging emissions out of our skies. seldom have we had an opportunity to do more for our environment than we do today, reinforcing and extending this program will replace hundreds of thousands more of these vironmental clunkers with highly efficient new vehicles.

Carl Levin

6:55:24 to 6:55:46( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: now, some members have proposed changes to the by amendments -- some amendments are pending or will be introduced that are not related to this program. these may be well-intended amendments, but it is vitally important to keep in mind the need for immediate action. the house of representatives has sent us a bill that will keep

Carl Levin

6:55:47 to 6:56:09( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: the program running. any amendments -- any amendments -- that the senate approves will send the legislation back to the house of representatives where action will be delayed until the house reconvenes in september. so, any amendment that's adopted here is the death knell for this program. it would have to end immediately if an amendment is because of the uncertainty over

Carl Levin

6:56:10 to 6:56:30( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: whether funds remain and to what extent. this program is designed to be a onetime stimulus, not a stop-and-start deal, which would make it more complex and confusing. now, this situation is not we had a similar situation just a week or so ago when the senate passed a bill to restore funding

Carl Levin

6:56:31 to 6:56:51( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: to the highway trust fund. an amendment pending to that bill would have prevented the federal government from cutting $8.7 billion in transportation funding from several states, including my home state of michigan. normally it would simple decision to vote for that amendment t

Carl Levin

6:56:52 to 6:57:12( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: michigan is in desperate need, and that amendment would seemingly protect hundreds and millions of dollars for my state. but i voted against the amendment. i did so because of the time-sensitive nature of the underlying bill, and many others in this body voted against an amendment for that the highway trust fund was on

Carl Levin

6:57:13 to 6:57:35( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: the verge of running out of money, and the bill that we were voting on restored funding to keep it solvent through september. with the house of representatives about to adjourn a week or so ago, any senate amendment to that bill would have required that it be sent back to the house of representatives, likely killing the bill. i and many others here decided

Carl Levin

6:57:36 to 6:57:56( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: not to risk letting the highway trust fund run out of funds. so what did we do? we voted for a bill. we voted against an amendment, even though that amendment would have helped our states. and what we did instead is we pledged to seek passage of that amendment at a later date to a

Carl Levin

6:57:57 to 6:58:17( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: that bill, as did a majority of our colleagues. that's the situation we're in now, madam president. if we want this program to continue, we have but one choice. we've got to vote for it, but we also must vote against all the amendments that are pending to it, even though their own and in ordinary

Carl Levin

6:58:18 to 6:58:26( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: circumstances. it's going to be difficult for some to vote again amendments. i understand that. but the issue's going to be do you want a cash for clunkers

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