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Senate Proceeding on Sep 8th, 2009 :: 2:56:10 to 3:02:55
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John Ensign

2:56:07 to 2:56:28( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: im, senator klobuchar, i'm really pleased to be able to work together with my colleagues to get this legislation completed mr. presiden i reserve the remainder of my time. mr. ensign: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. nevada.

John Ensign

2:56:10 to 3:02:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Ensign

John Ensign

2:56:29 to 2:56:49( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: mr. ensign: first, mr. president, i thank the coauthor of this legislation, senator doan, for his leadership on recognizing how important this legislation is to our country especially at this critical time when we need all of us just went back to our home states and realized that

John Ensign

2:56:50 to 2:57:11( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: there are a truly hurting out there and it's not just people who have already lost their jobs but there's a lot of people who are afraid they're going to lose their jobs. there's people who are afraid to vest in creating jobs. i would say that the number one emotion i heard during the august recess was it is fear of what's going to

John Ensign

2:57:12 to 2:57:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: happen in this senator dorgan, i think, eloquently put that this bill is really about jobs. and it's aboutreating jobs without adding to the federal debt. another thing i the state of nevada, people are very concerned about federal spending and the deficits, this

John Ensign

2:57:33 to 2:57:54( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: year, that we're facing in this looming federal debt that people really think is a threat to the future of the united way, helps create jobs without adding to the deficit. as a matter of fact, will do -- because it's paid for through contributions for the

John Ensign

2:57:55 to 2:58:15( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: private sector plus an entry tee into the united states -- entry fee into the united states, small, $10, for those countries who participa way, it's cheaper fore those country whose have the visa waiver program so the little $10 is cheaper than if you got a full visa.

John Ensign

2:58:16 to 2:58:37( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: the $10 that most countries charge much higher prices will no the united states but the money will let people know that we open for business. now, when you look at -- i'm, obviously, from a tourist-driven state. we spend a lot of money advertising whether las vegas or??

John Ensign

2:58:38 to 2:58:59( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: reno or lot advertising to other places including internationally to come to our city. we do it a lot of the las vegas convention visitors authority, private businesses do it works well, what we're saying with this bill is, let's do it as a country. let's say, we have so

John Ensign

2:59:00 to 2:59:20( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: amazing places to see the rest of the world about i and if you do saying, if you build it they will come. it's will not only if you build it, we have already built it or god built it with o natural resources you have to let them know they're welcome and that it's easy to come here that's what we're saying with

John Ensign

2:59:21 to 2:59:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: this legislation. plus, when you tell them about it it paints a mental picture in their mind when they're thinking about where to spend their next holiday or vacation. they it i i always wanted to go to the united states. may they want to see our natur

John Ensign

2:59:43 to 3:00:03( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: wonders, whether yellowstone, the grand canyon, alaska, hawaii, my home state has beautiful alpine lakes in t entire world -- i argue the most beautiful alpine lake if the entire room. ere are that are manmade in this

John Ensign

3:00:04 to 3:00:24( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: country: washington, d.c., of the most incredible cities in the world we tell people about it and they can come and they learn about our history and our democracy. they may have a better the people and of the government of the united states than they currently have. statistics are very clear. people who visit the united states have a much more favorable view of the united

John Ensign

3:00:25 to 3:00:45( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: states. there are plenty of or places to see whether it's going to new york city and in new york city or some of the other cities like chicago, my my hometown of las vegas obviously is a

John Ensign

3:00:46 to 3:01:08( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: destination obviously with some of the most amazing restaurants that there is on the planet. you can go to the beaches on california and the east coast. some of the most amazing golf destinations, whether it's hilton head, south monterey peninsula out in california, really have some amazing places to see. and if we tell people about it,

John Ensign

3:01:09 to 3:01:29( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: they'll come the studies are fairly significant on this. you spend money to bring people and they actually will come. and en they come, they'll bring their money. senator dorgan talked about it. the average visiter who come from overseas, who come long ways away -- not canada or mexico -- but when they come from a long way away, they spend on average of $4,500

John Ensign

3:01:30 to 3:01:51( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: in the united states. and if we can attract some of those 58 million new investigators who are traveling worldwide now since the year 2000, we can attract even a small piece of that, it's going to create tens of thousands of jobs in the united

John Ensign

3:01:52 to 3:02:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: and who around here doesn't think we need jobs? clarke county is where las vegas is located. the unemployment rate is 14% now. tourism, when you total it all together, is the number-one industry in the united state well, we ought to do somet to promote it. and that's why this legislation i believe is so important. this bipartisanship.

John Ensign

3:02:13 to 3:02:35( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: we have a place. it's crying out for jobs we have a place. it's saying, don't add to the deficit. we're not doing that. that's why i think this bill makes so much sense at this time in our country's history. over the next couple of days, we're going to be debating this bill. tonight's just a procedural vote to get on the bill. i believe

John Ensign

3:02:36 to 3:02:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: should -- should support it. when we get on the bill, we'll have a lot more to say about it, a lot more examples of why this is a good piece of legislation. so, mr. president, i appreciate the work that has been done will yield the floor here in just a second to allow the subcommittee chairwoman to speak speak, senator klobuchar. she's done great work on this

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