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John Ensign

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John Ensign: country and incentivize people what america is about. and in my judgment. let me yield the floor and reserve my time. i think the senator from nevada wishes also to speak. mr. ens the presiding officer: the senator from nevada. mr. ensign: mr. president, just to make a few concluding remarks on the travel promotion act. first of all, i want to thank my

John Ensign

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Speech By: John Ensign

John Ensign

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John Ensign: colleague, the senator from north dakota, senator dorgan. he and i worked closely along with our staffs, put a lot of work into this piece of legislation that we believe is a very good piece of legislation for our country. it does several first of all, nature, it is a bipartisan bill, which doesn't happen around here very often anymore the second thing, it creates jobs.

John Ensign

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John Ensign: the most important to is to create jobs. my home state of nevada, number two in unemployment rate in the united states, we desperately need jobs. we're very dependent on tourism. this bill will help create tourism-type jobs. but it won't just do it for

John Ensign

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John Ensign: nevada. it will do it for states throughout the united states. because when people come to our country to visit, they may come to one state primarily, but they usually stop in several other states along the way, speurbl the over -- especially the overseas travelers which this bill is intended to attract. we are in a situation with the

John Ensign

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John Ensign: number-one industry in america -- the tourism industry - dramatically impacted by the downturn in the economy. tourism not only affects the people in that industry, but it affects people in all kinds of other industries that are related to it. so when you create a tourism job,

John Ensign

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John Ensign: the line. you're creating construction jobs. you're cre haveo go see the dentist or their local health care provider or the grocery store or wherever else they're going and using the money that they earn to use that they spend in the economy. that creates other j economy. other countries around the world

John Ensign

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John Ensign: spend money to attract people to their what we're saying with this bill is let's advertise the united states, and let's use those dollars in a way that creates jobs he in america. we know we have a great product to sell. and when you have a great product to sell -- the united states of america -- it makes sense to sell it.

John Ensign

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John Ensign: it makes the presiding officer, the senator from illinois, home to one of the great cities in america -- chicago -- it's a great product to sell. i'm from las vegas -- a great product to sell. our national parks are incredible products to sell. our beaches. the colors changing in the northeast. there are so many amazing places to see in america that it's a

John Ensign

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John Ensign: very easy product to sell. right now we're just not selling it. with all the other countries advertising -- you think about the times that you've seen australia advertise or other countries advertise because they want americans to go visit their country, well, we want other citizens to come to america. not only does

John Ensign

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John Ensign: but it also creates a lot of goodwill around the world. as my colleague, senator dorgan, pointed out, wn people come here to the united states, they leave with a more favorable impression. well, not a lot of people have a favorable impression of the united states these days, so we want more and more people coming here visiting,

John Ensign

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John Ensign: not only our sites, but interacting with our people and seeing that america, americans themselves, they in red suits and have horns on their head; that we're actually good people and that we like other people around the world. this bill is going to, i believe, improve the image of america around the world by the people who come to visit here.

John Ensign

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John Ensign: so, mr. president, let me conclude with this: bipartisan bill that creates jobs, that doesn't hurt the deficit, this is the kind of legislation we need to pass here in the united states senate, especially in the economic times, especially when pple are worried about skyrocketing de

John Ensign

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John Ensign: we have other pieces of legislation that are important to work on, but right now there's no question, take the time out that we're taking to

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