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Senate Proceeding on Sep 16th, 2009 :: 4:18:50 to 4:24:14
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Jon Kyl

4:18:45 to 4:18:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Kyl: country. that's one of the reasons you saw hundreds of thousands of people on the mall here this

John Ensign

4:18:50 to 4:24:14( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Ensign

John Ensign

4:18:52 to 4:19:13( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: last weekend is because people are really concerned about the direction of our country. we've heard from economic experts that are talking about america actually approaching its borrowing capacity for the united states. if our country ever reaches its borrowing capacity, it's economic disaster. it would be like a business

John Ensign

4:19:14 to 4:19:34( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: having all these expenses out there, no cash in the bank, and the bank says -- and all her to lenders say -- sorry, we're not giving you anymore money. well, we owe people from all over the country. we owe china, we owe japan, and other sovereign wealth funds across the world. they hold a lot of our debt.

John Ensign

4:19:35 to 4:19:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: the more that we continue to borrow, the more we become beholden to these other countries, and when the next trillion dollars needs to be borrowed, what if these other countries say to us, either, no, we're not going to do it -- but the other thing they could also say is, yeah, we'll give that you next trillion dollars.

John Ensign

4:19:56 to 4:20:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: we'll loan that to you. but it's going to be at a hire interest rate than what you want to pay. and, by the way, the other debt that we also hold that you owe us, we're going to raise the interest on that. you see, we're not going to be in a position to say, no, that's not exactly what we want to do. the more debt that we run up,

John Ensign

4:20:17 to 4:20:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: the l able to bargain that we're going to be in as a country. we literally cannot sustain the level of debt that we have here in the united states. that we're developing. and i seat pages down in front of us here, these younger generations and the djourning -- and the younger generations across our country are being

John Ensign

4:20:39 to 4:21:00( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: saddled with this debt that this ngress, this president, the past president, past congresses have run up. well, unfortunately, instead of slowing that borrowing down, we're increasing it by faster and faster rates. so this is a very simple motion. this just says, let's start taking these appropriations

John Ensign

4:21:01 to 4:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: bills and let's start at least freezing spending. that's basically what amendment does. it just says, freezing spending. and, by the way, a lot of the programs that are in this appropriations bill, were already dramatically increased in the stimulus bill.

John Ensign

4:21:24 to 4:21:45( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: and so not only did we increase last year over the previous year with the regular appropriations process, we then added money to the stimulus bill on top of that. so what do they do this instead of being fiscally responsible and saying, hey, let's at least freeze spending, i bet the american people would even say,

John Ensign

4:21:46 to 4:22:08( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: economic times, make we should just do a little haircutting and actually cut spending a little bit. but no, no, no, no. the majority has said, we're actually going to increase the level of spending in this bill by 23% it's at a time in our country

John Ensign

4:22:09 to 4:22:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: where we cannot afford it. so, madam president, this is, i think, a place to start showing some fiscal responsibility. there will oppounities where we can. we all know that entitlement spending is out of control in this country. we all know that that needs to be addressed. medicaid and medicare alone will

John Ensign

4:22:31 to 4:22:51( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: bankrupt the country. the president talked about some of that the other night. one of the reasons that we need to actually get entitlements under control in our health care bill -- which, by the way, none of the health care bills do -- but we do need to get entitlement spending under control. but we also need to get p what

John Ensign

4:22:52 to 4:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: is called discreti or these annual appropriations bills. we need to get them under control as well. we're not talking about small amounts of money anymore. even though the entitlements are the big of the part of the budgets, the discretionary or the annual spending bills are a very significant amount of money these days.

John Ensign

4:23:17 to 4:23:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: as i mentioned before before, this year's bill is a 23% increase over last year's. now, the committee report says that it isn't, it's actually a cut from last year. but they do that -- leat me explain exactly how they do that. they took last year's bill, added on the money that we spent

John Ensign

4:23:39 to 4:23:59( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: in the stimulus bill to last year's bill, and they called that that's what we're going to spend last year. so this year we're going to spend less than what weg? did in the combination of those two bills. so they call that a spending. well, i mean, that's phony washington math. that's how we end up with the

John Ensign

4:24:00 to 4:24:14( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: deficits and debt that we have in this country because people are claiming to cut spending when it's actually, if you compare apples with apples it is a 23% so, madam president, i think it's time -- it's time -- it really is time.

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