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Senate Proceeding on Sep 16th, 2009 :: 8:45:25 to 8:51:30
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Lindsey Graham

8:45:21 to 8:45:42( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: to yield the floor t this time. a senator: madam president, i would like to be five minutes. i'd like to pick up where my colleague, senator lieberman left off. the question is to ask is how have the taliban regained momentum? mr. graham: how in the world could a bunch of fighters who

Lindsey Graham

8:45:25 to 8:51:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

8:45:43 to 8:46:03( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: don't have one tank, not one airplane, no navy, no heavy weap they have regained momentum and began to reoccupy parts of afghanistan? the only answer that i can come up with is that a vacuum has been created. and that vacuum has two components to it, the lack of

Lindsey Graham

8:46:04 to 8:46:26( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: governance and not enough troops to prevent the taliban from coming back in some areas of afghanistan. i would submit this: if we wait to train the afghan army as the only way to stablize afghanistan, we're going to waste two or three years and it's going to get so bad we can't stand the casualties and

Lindsey Graham

8:46:27 to 8:46:48( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: the american people will not tolerate a two or three-year period of where we're just training the afghan forces, sending them from the traing cycle into combat. they're going to fold just like they did in iraq. you cannot train an army and have them fight at the same time. you have to need a little bit of training space.

Lindsey Graham

8:46:49 to 8:47:09( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: this idea that we're going to train the afghan army, and that's the way to gain momentum against the taliban, quite frankly, won't work. i think that admiral mullin understands that. what will work is to clear the areas that the taliban he reoccupied, which can be done and the marines have been telling us wit no uncertain

Lindsey Graham

8:47:10 to 8:47:30( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: terms w troops, they're delivering punishing blows to the taliban. but you could send a million troops to afghanistan and still not deal with the fundamental problem that they face in the -- and the world faces. the legitimacy that the afghan government in the eyes of the afghan people. that's why the taliban have come back because the afghan government has failed.

Lindsey Graham

8:47:31 to 8:47:51( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: they failed in almost every respect to give the afghan people the governance and hope they need to stand up to the taliban. so this is one senator who believes that the way to regain lost momentum is to add more combat power and, yes, train the afghan army and police force with a new strategy, which we now have in place.

Lindsey Graham

8:47:52 to 8:48:13( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: it's labor intensive. it's goingyke a lot of time. -- to take a lot of time. you have to understand if we get the afghan army up to 400 thowrks the whole budget of -- 400,000, the whole budget i is $800,000 a year, and we're going to wind up paying it. i hope that the american taxpayer understands that.

Lindsey Graham

8:48:14 to 8:48:35( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: really it's cheaper for us to do that than for us to be the 400,000 person army. so when it comes to cost, it's better to train them and help them with their traing and funding than it is to stay over there in lar but we're going to have to plus up, to regain lost momentum. and then we're going to have to focus on the real cause of

Lindsey Graham

8:48:36 to 8:48:56( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: deterioration, governance. the failed. if some major figures are not prosecuted for ripping off the afghan people, then nothing will change over there. i've been a military lawyer serving a as a reservist in afghanistan, and i can tell you that everyone who has looked at

Lindsey Graham

8:48:57 to 8:49:17( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: the rule of law programs can tell you that corruption, narcotics corruption is rampant in that country and they need a legal system in afghanistan tha can stand up to the corruption. that means you've got to protect the judges from being assassinated and you've got to build capacity. there are less than 500 lyers in all of afghanistan. there are 16,000 people in jail.

Lindsey Graham

8:49:18 to 8:49:38( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: most of them went to jail without ever seeing a lawyer. we've got our work cut out for us. we need benchmarks and measurem back to south carolina and every senator can go back to their constituents and say we're not throwing good money after bad. we're going to push the afghan government to prosecute corruption.

Lindsey Graham

8:49:39 to 8:50:00( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: to provide security for judges, to find a way to empower the economy beyond the drug trade. start making hard decisions about how tribal justice systems can be incorporated into the formal justice system. ther are so many decisions that politicians in afghanistan have failed to make tha have allowed the taliban to come back and we

Lindsey Graham

8:50:01 to 8:50:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: need to put them on notice that when new resources and now troops, a new dynamic will be in place, and you will be making the decisions necessary to provide governance to your people. and if you fail to do that, then you will not have our support. because at the end of the day, they have to want it more than we do.

Lindsey Graham

8:50:22 to 8:50:46( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: now, senator lieberman is right about this, the good news that missed -- amidst all of this bad news is that the taliban are very much hated in the country. put yourself in one of the villages out in the middle of afghanistan -- one more minute, please. what would you do knowing that by night the taliban comes in

Lindsey Graham

8:50:47 to 8:51:09( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: and reigns terror. and give people assurance that we're going to not only provide them security, but the afghan government will provide them schooling, education, health care, and some hope. finally, i can't tell you that we will succeed with more troops i can tell you we will fail if

Lindsey Graham

8:51:10 to 8:51:31( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: we don't send more troops. it's smuch harder than afghanistan in many ways than it is in iraq. but we're not the russians, we're not the british, this is t vietnam, this is not iraq, this is afghanistan where 9/11 was planned and executed. we can get this rht. mr. mccain: will the gentleman

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