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Senate Proceeding on Sep 22nd, 2010 :: 6:45:55 to 6:49:35
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Harry Reid

6:45:51 to 6:45:56( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: house, they get sick, their kids get circumstance and their pipe

Mary Landrieu

6:45:55 to 6:49:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu

6:45:57 to 6:46:18( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: -- copper piping st rotting. it's horrible. and our people have had their homes flooded and of course then we had to gut their homes. we didn't have enough drywall in the united states and so we started needing it so much, it came from lots of other places, and some of it is really bad. so a couple of us have a bill that we want to try to say, don't send us anymore rotten

Mary Landrieu

6:46:19 to 6:46:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: chinese drywall. we're going to try to pass that bill. i think my constituents would like to know if they see an ad on television saying how great drywall is, you know, thesards that say, this is a fabulous product? tell senator landrieu to support this product. i think my constituents would

Mary Landrieu

6:46:40 to 6:47:01( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: like to know if that's actually the chinese drywall company that's behind that product telling them not to vote for me, because i'm trying to protect them from this company. that's one example, but i could give you 100 examples. so i'm not saying the chinese drywall company that sent us rotten drywall shouldn't advertise, except i don't think

Mary Landrieu

6:47:02 to 6:47:22( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: foreign companies should be advertising in elections in america. but let's say it was an american company that sent us this bad drywall. if to argue against a bill, fine, but at least let people know that that's what they're doing. and if it was a labor union that's, you know, advocating for

Mary Landrieu

6:47:23 to 6:47:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: something, let people know. so that's why i support chuck schumer's bill. that's why i support the disclose act, and that's why i think most people in louisiana support it, because they might make up their mind, but they'd like to know who's paying for ads and that's really all that this bill does.

Mary Landrieu

6:47:44 to 6:48:05( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: i know there have been some friends from the other side that have come down and tried to convince the senate that we should have all our elections in secret. but i think democracy is best served when people are educated, intelligent, and informed about all aspects, let them make their own judgments and we live or die by that as you know.

Mary Landrieu

6:48:06 to 6:48:27( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: not literally, but we're either in office or we're not. so i just wanted to come and express my support for this. i hope we vote on it to. i wish we could get 60 votes in the senate. it is mind-numbing to me, and mind-boggling that we couldn't have a handful of republicans

Mary Landrieu

6:48:28 to 6:48:49( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: say we should have honest and open elections. it is not about trying to block corporate money or increase union blown or block union money and increase corporate money. it is about disclosing the money, from where ever it comes, from and having reasonable limits that are fair to everyone. i don't think that's too much to ask.

Mary Landrieu

6:48:50 to 6:49:10( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: basically all this bill z i know there are other members coming to speak rveg but i'm supporting cloture and hing debate on something that we don't have to take that long to understand. it is pretty clear. you're either for transparency or you're not. you're for disclosure or you're not. and you're for it fairly for everyone. i yield the floor and suggest

Mary Landrieu

6:49:11 to 6:49:23( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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