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Senate Proceeding on Sep 24th, 2009 :: 5:50:50 to 5:56:44
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Susan Collins

5:50:35 to 5:50:56( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: tarp bailout czar, a terrorism czar, and a weapons czar und the previous and i would like to ask the senator from maine if she produced this amendment, proposed this amendment under a republican president, who clearly had muscovite czars, of a lot of different versions? ms. collins: mr. president, i

Susan Collins

5:50:50 to 5:56:44( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Susan Collins

Susan Collins

5:50:57 to 5:51:19( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: again would be happy to attempt colleague and friend -- and he is my friend -- from illinois. and i realize that he has his role to play in this debate. but the fact is, he's just lied several positions that

Susan Collins

5:51:20 to 5:51:42( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: are established by law -- the intelligence czar is the director of national intel generals, dennis blair. joe lieberman law that established that position in 2004, and confirmed by the snavment the regulatory -- by the senate.

Susan Collins

5:51:43 to 5:52:04( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: the regulatory czar, cass sunstein and john graham in the previous administration, it is established by law and p the office of information and regulatory affairs within o.m.b. i'm not talking positions. and nin no matter whose administration it is. and i am talking about perhaps other positions on his list,

Susan Collins

5:52:05 to 5:52:25( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: regardless of 0 whose administration they're in. i would apply the same standards. now, the senatorould then say, well, why didn't i amendment in the previous administration? the answer is, we didn't have this proliferation of czar positions in the previous

Susan Collins

5:52:26 to 5:52:49( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: administration. but, mr. president, i would say to my colleagues, regardless of whether it is a democratic president or a republican president, a democratic congress or a republican congress, i think this is an institutional issue, and i think all of us, as members of congress, should be

Susan Collins

5:52:50 to 5:53:10( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: very concerned about organizational structures that make it impossible for us to conduct effective oversight, that insulate these officials who have significant policy ever coming to testify, from

Susan Collins

5:53:11 to 5:53:31( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: going through the vetting and the confirmation process. i think that's a problem regardless of -- who the president is, and i'm not the only one who thinks it. that's why senator robert c.

Susan Collins

5:53:32 to 5:53:52( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: wrote to the president to -- and this press relse says, "queions the obama administration on the role of white house czar because," as he says, "too often i've seen these lines of authority and become sometimes purposely to shield

Susan Collins

5:53:53 to 5:54:16( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: information and to obscure decision making. "quimg note saying that this is part of a plot to obscure information. but what i'm saying is, we an obligation to exercise our constitutional duties, and the proliferation of these unaccountable positions in any administration makes that

Susan Collins

5:54:17 to 5:54:37( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: impossible for us to do so. so, mr. president, if i could complete just statement before we got into this bit little colloquy -- and i dooppreciate the opportunity to clarify who my amendment would cover, whom would be

Susan Collins

5:54:38 to 5:55:00( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: covered by it and whom would not -- as i said, i was willing to work with the white house to make this even clearer, if need be. my staff was here many hours last night. i had conversations with white house officials and, unfortunately, at the last moment they decided not to try to propose revisions to the text.

Susan Collins

5:55:01 to 5:55:22( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: now, i am not going to seek to overturn the chair's ruling on this amendment, which will be forthcoming, and i know how it will go. but i do think it is unfortunate that a procedural tactic is being used to block a vote on this amendment. and i do want to tell my colleagues that i think this is

Susan Collins

5:55:23 to 5:55:43( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: a real issue, and i'll very pleased that the homeland security and governmental affairs committee, under chairman lieberman, is going to hold a hearing to explore this issue, because it does have constituonal ramifications, and it does involve the balance of power between the executive and the legislative branch. but the ruling the chair going

Susan Collins

5:55:44 to 5:56:06( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: make is not going -- but the ruling the chair is going to make is not going to be the last word on this subject. the administration need needs -- any administration needs to fully explain the responsibilities and authorities of these czars, and until all of these czars are made available to testify before and provide information to

Susan Collins

5:56:07 to 5:56:29( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: congress, until congress is fully consulted on the decisions to create these positions in the first place, i will continue to press forward on this issue. i believe that the amendment that i drafted was a very reasonable, balanced one, and it would have step toward establishing an

Susan Collins

5:56:30 to 5:56:44( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: oversight structure for these positions at would provide the transparency, accountability, and oversig our nation expects from its leaders. and i am dismayed that the senate is about to choose a

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