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Senate Proceeding on Sep 25th, 2008 :: 1:49:56 to 1:55:53
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of the suggestions from our witnesses focus on the decision making of our national security agency. even after the federion of ameran scientists suggest oversight of agency ies by use ing cleared auditors

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: from the g.a.o. and advocate ing establishing a national security law committee within the national security council to make decisions on legal issues relate ed to national security. a crucial part of

Carl Levin

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Speech By: Carl Levin

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: restoring the rule of law in the next administration now, mr. president, will be re rebuilding the reputation of the office of legal counsel. walter dellinger, joined by a press prestigious group of attorneys

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: provided detailed testimony on how that can be done. the attorney general should pay very close heed to this advice. another problem is the excessive government secrecicy. this permeates all rule of

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: law issues discussed at the hearing. the executive branch invokes the state secrets privilege to hide its programs behind opinions, overclassifies information to a avoid public disclosure and interprets

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: the freedom of information act as an information withholding statute, it shuts down all of the means to detect and respond to its abuses of the rule of law. whether those abuses involve torture or domestic

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: spying or the firing of u.s. attorneys for partisan gain. with regard to this administration's overuse of the state secrets privilege, a university of chicago law professor and many others recommend

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: that congress pass s. s. 2533, the state secrets protection act, which was reported out of the judiciary committee in april. the bill takes the simple and obvious step of requiring courts to review

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: allegedly privileged documents to determine whether they really are privileged. to address the rampant problem of overclassification, several submissions, including that of john podesta, urged the next

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: president to rewrite the executive order on classification to reverse som of the changes made by president bush to that order. in particular, president bush eliminate ed provisions that established a presumption

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: against classty indication in cases of significant doubt that permitted senior agency officials to declassify information, and exceptional cases in which the public interest and disclosure out outweighs

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: the need to protect the information and that prohibited reclass if i indication of materials that have been release ed to the public public. contributors argue that these provisions be restored. on

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: the issue of secret o.l.c. opinions and other man manifestations of secret law, there is general agreement that legislation is needed to require greater disclosure of the law under which the executive

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: branch actually operates. a number of submissions recommend the passage of two bills that i introduced this year, the executive order integrity act which requires the president to public notice

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: in the "federal register" when revoking or modifying a public lished order, and the o.l.c. reporting act which requires the president to report to congress when it is concluded that the executive branch

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: is not bound by statute. finally, the national security ar archives and others address the proper standard for disclosure of information under the freedom of information act. attorney general reno issued

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: a memorandum in 1993 that contain contained a presumption of dis disclosure, even if a documt wasechnically from disclosure, the department of just twice defend the withholding only if disclosure

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: would actually harm an interest protected by the exemption. attorney general ashcroft re reversed that in 2001. contribute ors uniformly recommend the new administration immediate immediately restore the

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: presumption of disclosure. the subcommittee also received numerous recommendations for reforming our detention and interrogation policy. detailed plans for a-- -- by the center for strategic and international

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: studies, by harold coe and by a group of 20 leading scholars. there is nearly universal agreement that guantanamo should be closed and that these thought thoughtful proposals deserve careful consideration.

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: a number of groups also recommended dismantle ing the current system of military commissions and instead trying terrorist suspects in u.s. courts or military courts marshal. with respect to interrogation

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: practices, princeton's deborah pearlstein argues that the u.s. government should have a single standard of humane detainee treatment. she suggests that the president and congress should invest in efforts

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: for the most humane intelligence gathering. finally, a number of recommendations were made on government surveillance and privacy issues. national security lawyer susan spaulding argues that the

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: next administration should undertake a comprehensive view of intelligence activity ies and assess their effectiveness to ensure that they support rather than undermine the rule of law. she points to a number

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: of key issues for review,. which were also mentioned in other submissions as issues issues where changes need to be made. these include the foreign intelligence surveillance act and the relate ed amendments

Carl Levin

1:54:53 to 1:55:05( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: made this summer. national security letters and other patriot act authorities. the first amendment implications of domestic spying activity ies, data mining and other data collection analysis activity

Carl Levin

1:55:05 to 1:55:16( Edit History Discussion )

Carl Levin: ies, pro-filing i n the name of counterterrorism. the appropriate role of many local, state and federal entities that are not involved in domestic intelligence gathering and the need to enhance transparency

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: and oversight in awful these areas. now, mr. president, this is a long list but spalding argues that too many of these powers were created piecemeal without consideration of how they fit together

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: and without adequate consideration for the need to respect civil liberties. this is just a sampling of the careful and interesting proposals that the subcommittee received. taken together, these

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: recommendations should serve as an excellent source for both branches of government. while i'm not at this time going to propose a specific plan of action to the next president -- the next congress, i am

1:55:53 to 1:56:07( Edit History Discussion )

reviewing the legislative proposals that have been submitted and i hope my leagues will take advantage -- colleagues will take advantage of them as well. i want to thank each and every person who made

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