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Senate Proceeding on Sep 28th, 2010 :: 6:47:20 to 6:53:00
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Sam Brownback

6:47:08 to 6:47:29( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: quorum call: mr. brownback: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from kansas. mr. brownback: i ask further proceedings under the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brownback: mr. president, i ask to speak in morning business for up to 15 minutes. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brownback: mr. president, it wasn't an hour ago that we saw the lofty formation of four jets flying in formation over the burial site of ted stevens and

Sam Brownback

6:47:20 to 6:53:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback

6:47:30 to 6:47:50( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: just as it passes over the site, one of the jets heads -- heads up and breaks formation and heads into the sky above. it's such a memorable moment. i've seen this now twice of this formation, but it is so memorable for me on this particular occasion because it's about a man that i memorable, ted stevens, senator

Sam Brownback

6:47:51 to 6:48:12( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: ted stevens, who served in this body for many years, who is mr. alaska i think to this nation's capital and to many of the people in his home state, is one of those soaring, towering figures that served in this body, died at the age 86 in a tragic accident but leaves a memory and a legacy that won't

Sam Brownback

6:48:13 to 6:48:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: long be -- that won't be forgotten. mr. president, one of the things that i find so endearing about the memory of ted stevens was his tenacity and his work and his belief in the body. this guy would fight tirelessly for his state, for his beliefs and for this body. and yet for a lengthy -- did through a lengthy period of

Sam Brownback

6:48:35 to 6:48:56( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: time, through a number of different administrations, was an institution in and own right of what he did. and i know the chair, being the presiding officer that worked both within this body and serves in this body, is one that remembers ted stevens similarly. i didn't realize some of the other aspects that the chaplain of the senate talked about for the years. there was about six years there

Sam Brownback

6:48:57 to 6:49:17( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: that ted was president pro tempore of the senate so would open up the senate every day. and we open up the senate, salute to the flag, prayer, and then going forward. that senator stevens at that time would go to the chaplain and says, let's bring up the prayer pressure, chaplain, really urging him and us forward

Sam Brownback

6:49:18 to 6:49:39( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: and to do things better and better for this country. it's just a marvelous legacy to think about and to know about. one of the beauties of serving in this body -- and this is my last year in this body -- is the people you get to meet and to know. one of the things to me that's always so striking is that while we're dealing with policy issues all the time, it's the people

Sam Brownback

6:49:40 to 6:50:00( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: that you touch that's so important and so critical. and i think too often we look at it as a policy debate when we really should be looking about the people's relationship. and i say that from the standpoint that we need to be better working related together. ted stevens had a beautiful

Sam Brownback

6:50:01 to 6:50:23( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: relationship with chairman inouye across the aisle on the appropriations committee, and it's those relationships often is what gets things done. and people lament in leaving this body that it's gotten less civil, it's this or it's that. my analysis is it's gotten less relational and that that's the real problem is that people

Sam Brownback

6:50:24 to 6:50:44( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: don't have relationships across the aisle, people that they talk with, that they're friends with. they disagree, disagree on a lot of different things, disagree probably on most things that are voted on, yet when it comes down to the end of the day, we've got to get something moving and done here, it's that relationship of trust and -- that here's a

Sam Brownback

6:50:45 to 6:51:06( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: person that i know that's a friend that you can work with is what counts. and i think that that's the thing that we really need to look at much more is the relational. and it's not something that you can artificially do. it's something that has to take place over a series of -- over a period of time. it's something that has to take place over probably a period of

Sam Brownback

6:51:07 to 6:51:28( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: a series of projects, whe you -- after a period of time, you say, you know, this is a person that i can work with, that i relate well with and that i trust. and it's that trust that gets things done i think at the end of the day. it's that sort of thing you could see in ted stevens often. whenever he would give his word, you knew it was going to happen if he had any way of doing, it

Sam Brownback

6:51:29 to 6:51:49( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: would be according to what he said. i had a friend of mine who once said, you know, when a man breaks his word, it breaks the man. well, you could look at ted stevens and the guy would consistently say he was going to do something, it was something that he would stand with and that's a good trait. i just -- i bring these memories of ted here to the floor at a

Sam Brownback

6:51:50 to 6:52:11( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: time when we just witnessed the jet fly up towards the sky in memory of ted stevens and of his spirit and of his relational nature that he had within this body, the people that he knew and that knew him and that trusted him and he trusted. and i -- and i really commemorate that way of service,

Sam Brownback

6:52:12 to 6:52:33( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: that time of service and i also commend it to members continuing in this body, that we be a lot more relational and intentional about relating to one another so that we really look for those chances to do that. god bless you, ted stevens, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the survivors certainly in that terrible plane crash that took

Sam Brownback

6:52:34 to 6:52:50( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: place. mr. president, i yield the floor quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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