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Senate Proceeding 10-06-09 on Oct 6th, 2009 :: 0:57:40 to 1:03:05
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Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: into the services, and i would very much appreciate support for the sanders-dorgan amendment which will be coming up in a while. thank you mr. president. i note the a a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from montana.

Jon Tester

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Speech By: Jon Tester

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: mr. tester: later attempt the snot will vote on the amendment to terminate funding for research and development of the army's full-scale hypersonic test facility known as the mariah hypersonic wind tunnel. the mariah hypersonic wind tunnel program is under development in butte, montana. it is the nation's only program to develop the wind tunnel technology required to test and

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: evaluate new hypersonic missiles, space access vehicles, and other advance propulsion technology, technology that the air force says we will need. mariah will the first true air hypersonic wind tunnel. the program has met its technical milestones and has not encountered significant setbacks.

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: in fact, the army aviation and missile command has given this project high marks. here's what the army has said, and i quote -- "this research has shown great potential to be used in a missile test facility and is the only technology shown to have any possibility of meeting the requirement for a missile scale hypersonic wind tunnel."

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: the army has asked the mariah program to provide testing capabilities at speeds of up to mach 12. this is the next generation of hypersonic flight, something that has never been done before. to get to that capability, cutting-edge research and technologies are required. the program already has provided very well and discernible benefits to both the scientific

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: community as well as our armed services. there is no other facility in the world capable of meeting the performance of requirements at mach eight and above. according to a 2000 air force science advisory board report, this type of testing will be need for space access vehicles, global reach aircraft, and missiles that require

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: air-breathing propulsion to reach speeds above mach 8. the mariah project has worked with princeton university, lawrence livermore and sandia national laboratories to develop technology and computer modeling that exists nowhere else in the world. the team has achieved world records by reaching test

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: pressures of over 200,000 p.s.i. the presiding officer: your time has expired. mr. tester: i ask for an tension. the presiding an objection? mr. tester: thank you, mr. president. the mariah project has worked with laurence livermore and sandia to develop computer modeling that exists nowhere else in the world.

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: the team achieved world records by receiving test pressures 200,000p.s.i.'s. working with sandia, miah has developed a one megawatt electron beam to boost the energy supply needed to generate the enormous pressures required

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: in a wind tunnel of thiscaliber. its benefits can be applied well beyond this project to include ship board missile defense, large-scale food sterilization, mail, and other items that could have a biohazard or bioweapon con tam meant. in -- con tam meant. mariah has successfully

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: developed three dimensional computational dynamic models capable of simulating the unexplored limits of mock 8 and above. this must be done before any missile or aircraft can be tested at hypersonic. why does this matter? the answer is foreign

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: competition and foreign capabilities. we know that russia, china and others are aggressively developing a new type of missile th is believed to be too fast for u.s. missile defense systems that are planned or are in use. in particular the india-russia joint venture is now

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: laboratory testing of -- kort the air force research labs report of april 2009 entitled ballistic and cruise missile threats and i quote -- "russian officials claim a new class of hypersonic vehicle is being developed to all strategic missiles to pen great missile defense systems."

Jon Tester

1:02:20 to 1:02:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Tester: that is from the commander of the russian rocket forces who said last december by 2015 to 20, the russian strategic rocket forces will have new, complete missile systems capable of carrying out any tasks including in conditions where an enemy uses anti-defense missile.

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: and yet some have said our military does not need this technology. when it comes to figuring out how to defeat ts potential threat, i believe we should look into future. not look back at reports that are five or 10 years old. this is a project about potential threat to our national defense looming on the horizon and finding a way to defeat it.

Jon Tester

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Jon Tester: it is vital to our national security.

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