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Senate Proceeding 10-06-09 on Oct 6th, 2009 :: 1:12:05 to 1:19:05
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Thad Cochran

1:12:01 to 1:12:21( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: amendment and oppose the mccain i yield the floor, sir. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from m a senator: mr. president, i want to thank the distinguished chairman of our senator inouye, for his leadership and the bipartisan way he's gone about managing his responsibilities as chairman of

Thad Cochran

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Speech By: Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran

1:12:22 to 1:12:43( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: the defense subcommittee. mr. corkermr. cochran: it has not only had public hearings, calling before the committee those of the various service departments. and also openi the opportunity for anyone outside interests to

Thad Cochran

1:12:44 to 1:13:04( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: come to talk about what our needs been a very careful, prudent and workman-like way to approach this very solemn and important responsibility. so he's brought us to where we are today. he's scheduled a vote finally on final passage lat

Thad Cochran

1:13:05 to 1:13:27( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: providing fund -- funding for our national security the department of defense, the men and women who volunteered to put themselves in harm's way to where the -- to wear the uniform of our country. to defend our country against aggression here and abroad. the department is being funded by a continuing

Thad Cochran

1:13:28 to 1:13:48( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: resolution although forcing the department operate under temporary resolution is not a very good way to provide certainty of funding for the department charged with protecting our national security interests is the best we could do. and i applaud the leadership, specifically the leadership of sena

Thad Cochran

1:13:49 to 1:14:09( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: our counterparts in the house to resolve differences, bringing up a bill before us that covers the entire activity charged by our government to department of defense. and this bill is ready to be approval by the senate. there's been much discussion

Thad Cochran

1:14:10 to 1:14:30( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: about ear the chairman raised this issue. later this afternoon we're going to vote on an earmark-related amendment or two. there's no who have been striving to inject reforms, other ways of doing business, we think we have

Thad Cochran

1:14:31 to 1:14:51( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: carefully reviewed all of the requests for the provisions that permit and authorize spending in this bill to be sure it is warranted, it is justified, it is in the national interests, it's not there just to serve some special interest or private interest of a member of congress.

Thad Cochran

1:14:52 to 1:15:12( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: congress has worked -- the house and senate, together, to improve and make significant changes i the process, the facilitate the scrutiny of directed spending. in addition the appropriations committee has gone beyond those requirements that have been

Thad Cochran

1:15:13 to 1:15:35( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: suggested process and imposed additional disclosure requirements and limitations on earmarking. but i am not going to support any suggested changes that will take away from the congress or diminish the congress to specifically carry

Thad Cochran

1:15:36 to 1:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: out the are -- that are under the constitution to direct spending. and that's what this committee has done. we've recommended and the cong to approve or reject certain provisions of the bill. ween't trained all amendments.

Thad Cochran

1:15:57 to 1:16:17( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: there's no closed rule. there's no specified number of amendments. there's no prohibition of any amendment of any sator. so anyone who has this bill or any provision in it has a right now to say what it is, offer a change in the way of an amendment, and we'll it. that's the way we conduct

Thad Cochran

1:16:18 to 1:16:39( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: business in the senate on earmarks. it's an open process, and i suggest that there's nothing in the p department to support that the department has not been true to its word in cost effectively procuring solutions for our defense department needs and doing it in a fair, open,

Thad Cochran

1:16:40 to 1:17:02( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: evenhanded manner. the inspector general and g.a.o. reports are replete with examples of poor judgment of defense department activities having nothing to do with congressional directing -- directed spending. the g.a.o. has upheld protests in recent years.

Thad Cochran

1:17:03 to 1:17:28( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: if the depar its acquisition responsibilities in a lawful and appropriate manner. so there are a lot of checks and balances at work in this process, and i think that we thorough and diligent many people are in assuring that the things that are approved in this bill serve the public interest, not just the private interests

Thad Cochran

1:17:29 to 1:17:50( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: or we've increased the requirement the department of defense identified over the summer for the mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles for our men and women serving in afghanistan we've imposed to help protect our soldiers in uniform and on the battlefield. we've included an additional

Thad Cochran

1:17:51 to 1:18:11( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: $1.2 billion and it's above what the administrati has requested. i think we've acted responsibly, and i -- i strongly defend the decision the committee has made on i have no doubt that including funding for the these additional vehicles will

Thad Cochran

1:18:12 to 1:18:32( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: save american lives. congressionally directed defense initiatives should b the closest scrutiny of t committee and it is. it has been legislative process as a whole in the authorizing procedure which precedes the appropations proce a review of the department of

Thad Cochran

1:18:33 to 1:18:53( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: defense's activities were carefully scrutinized by the armed services committee, which shares responsibilities for making these decis but i don't think members of this body should feel ashamed or embarrassed to promote passage of this bill. it's a good bill. it enhances our national security, and it supports the

Thad Cochran

1:18:54 to 1:19:05( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: efforts that we're of this great country. i thank the senate for allowing me to make these comments and

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