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Senate Proceeding on Oct 24th, 2007 :: 0:25:39 to 0:29:58
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and he will get confirmed. to my colleagues from mus miss, well done, you sent to the senate an unusually well qualified candidate by any standard you would apply to the person in terms of his humanity,

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: intellect, judicial demeanor as one of the best elections i've had the prifer of privilege of reviewing in the senate. the unfortunate news is we are going through this particular exercise it get 60

Lindsey Graham

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Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: votes. i think the accusations being made against judge southwick are unfounded are just political garbage, to be honest. he received the highest qualified rating from the american bar association.

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: everyone who has ever served with judge southwick in any capacity -- whether as a judge, lawyer, or private citizen -- has nothing but glowing things to say about the man. we're trying to use two

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: legallive develops to cast doubt over the man. 600 cases he has set in judgment upon and the american bar association has reviewed all the cases, i would assume, and come to the conclusion they are

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: at their highest level in terms of john f. kennedy qualification. terms of judicial qualification. he has tried to bring out the best in mississippi. these are the type of people you would hope to represent

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: the state of mississippi or any other state in terms of their demeanor, tolerance, their willingness to work together with all groups to move their state forward. now, the two cases in question are just

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: complete garbage. the idea that the term "homosexual" lifestyle was used in an opinion he concurred in about a custody case. that term, if you research it in the law, has been used in hundreds of

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defendant cases. over 100 cases. president clinton mentioned it in 1993 when he talked about the policy regarding the military, a term used in the mississippi court cases that were the precedent

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for the case involved. to say that some -- he concurred in an opinion where the authoring judge used that term has somehow tainted him means you better go through the records and throw a bunch of bups

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off, democrats and republicans -- judges off, democrats and republicans. that is ridiculous. that would be chaos. you would have politicians, you would have judges, you would have people from all over the country

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: that somehow, because of that term, could not sit in judgment of others, is ridiculous. search the record of how this term has been used. to suggest it means something in judge southwick's case but

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: no one else's, has a lot to say about this body, not judge southwick. now, the other case, where he was sitting in judgment of an administrative board who decided not to dismiss an employee who used a racial slur

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: in the workplace. to suggest that by somehow giving deference to the board, the review panel that he embraces this term or is intolerant, is ridiculous. an administration board in mississippi is expert

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: in the area of employment discrimination law, hiring and firing practices, the case decided at the ago law and comes to appeal and every judge says this is a terrible word to use but as a matter

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: of law the board's finding that it was an isolated incidents incident did not justify complete dismissal was the issue in the case. do we want to create a situation in this country where the judges who

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: want to get promise noted will promoted will beworried about themselves and what someone will say of the context? will we get so you cannot represent someone? what about the person who was being accused of

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: the slur? what if you represented them? would we come here on the floor of the senate, my god, you represented that said a terrible thing; therefore, you can't be a judge? i don't know about you,

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: but as a lawyer, i've represented some pretty bad people. it was my job. and judges have to apply the law. and use their best judgment. i hope this man will get an up-or-down vote and that this garbage

Charles Schumer

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Speech By: Charles Schumer

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