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Senate Proceeding on Oct 24th, 2007 :: 0:44:40 to 0:53:26
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time he would like? mr. cochran: mr. president, i would be happy to speak for up to 10 minutes. mr. specter: i yield 10 minutes to the senator from mississippi. the presiding officer: the senator

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: from mississippi is recognized. mr. cochran: mr. president, it's very difficult to listen to the criticism of those who have not known leslie southwick in the context and with the experiences of

Thad Cochran

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Speech By: Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: those of us who have worked with him, observed him at close range as a fellow lawyer, seen him take positions of public support for candidates who were running for office in mississippi, being active

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: in our republican party in mississippi. being admired widely by all who have come to know him, practicing law with him, observing him as a lecturer at the mississippi college school of law, observing

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: him serving voluntarily as an officer in the mississippi national guard, the u.s. army reserves, be deployed to iraq, volunteering for duty to serve as a judge advocate and accompanying mississippi

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: soldiers who were deployed to that region. in time of war.~ he didn't have to do that. he is way beyond the age of most of those who were engaged in that operation. or if that responsibility to protect

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the security interests of our country. it is so inconsistent, all of that, that those of us who know this nominee, compared with the harsh, shrill, pronouncements being made on this floor of the united

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states senate by leaders of the opposition to this nomination -- i'm not going to criticize their right to disagree with those of us who support judge southwick but i do want to point out that i

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hope senators will look at the record that has been accumulated in the senate as a result of statements made by senator lott, me, and others who have known judge southwick and know others who are

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the most respectable and trustworthy people in our state and nation who have a totally different view of him as a person and of his record as an appellate judge and as a lawyer and as a professor

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of law. i would hope senators will take a look at who is saying what and base a judgment on this nomination on the things that have been said and the information that has been made available to the

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senate from those who have spent time with judge southwick, would know him, and whether that would be out weighed by the harsh and shrill criticisms and hyperbole and exaggerations and inaccuracies

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: in the description of this person as a lawyer, as an individual, as a citizen who is here being subjected to totally unfounded criticism. i hope those words aren't too harsh. i believe they are just as

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: true and accurate as can be. it would be a disgrace on this body to block confirmation, to vote against invoking cloture -- which, in effect, would kill the nomination. we're going to vote on whether

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: or not to invoke cloture. it will take 60 votes to shut off debate so we can get to a vote on the confirmation. i've spoken on the floor on two or three occasions on this subject. back in june, i

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: think, was the first time. i've been reading the record and looking at what i said july 19. that was in 2007. i included after my remarks letters that i had received and that the committee had received

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: from lawyers, judges and acquaintances of leslie southwick over the past 30 years of his life. i'm not going to burden the record by putting all of those letters in or reading them or reading excerpts

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: from them. but these are some of the finest people. some of them are liberal democrats. some of them are active today as elected officials in our states. others are just fellow lawyers, fell who

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worked with him closely. state supreme court justice, former governor william winner, is an example. this morning, i found on my desk in my office when i came to work a letter that had been faxed to

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me, i guess this morning: 9:01 a.m. it was received in my office. it's from the secretary of state of mississippi, harriet clark. because this is a new letter, i think i'll read it. it was actually

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addressed to me and senator lott: dear senator cochran and senator lott: i sat at home last night and listened on c-span to the debate on judge leslie southwick and i feel compelled to write you this

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: letter. i am the senior democratic elected official in mississippi. i have been elected to office eight times as a democrat. i am retiring from politics in january so i have no ax to grind by commenting

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: on this debate. during my entire career in public service i have aggressively promoted the inclusion of all mississippians and particularly african-americans at the decision-making table in mississippi. i

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: take a back seed seek to no one in promoting inclusion in our state. it has been my pleasure to know leslie swib if leslie southwick for more than 20 years. if i had to name one person who is kind,

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: fair, smart, thoughtful, and open minded, it would be leslie southwick. for any senators who have been told or who have concluded otherwise, that is wrong. as wrong as it can be. we in mississippi are quite

Thad Cochran

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Thad Cochran: accustomed to being the objects of negative stereotyping. of course, it is much easier to believe a stereotype about someone than to make the effort to get to know that person. it is perfectly clear

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to me that this is what is happening to judge southwick. it seems to me that what is being decided in this case is not whether leslie southwick would be a good and fair judge. we could not have a better

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