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Senate Proceeding 11-03-09 on Nov 3rd, 2009 :: 4:38:35 to 4:43:05
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Amy Klobuchar

4:38:32 to 4:38:43( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: reform done and done as soon as possible and with that, mr. president, i would yield the and suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk

Amy Klobuchar

4:38:35 to 4:43:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar

4:39:07 to 4:39:28( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: quorum cal ms. kluchar: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from minnesota. ms. klobuchar: i rise today to -- the presiding officer: we're in a quorum call. cls mr. president. i ask the quorum call be lifted. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. klobuchar: mr. president, i rise today to talk about extended unemploym this is something -- i just received a call this afternoon from one of my state legislators

Amy Klobuchar

4:39:29 to 4:39:50( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: in minnesota who represents the iron range of my grandpa grew up. he worked 1,500 feet underground in the mines in ely, mnesota, never graduated from college, saved money in a coffee can in the basement of his house and my grandma's those send my dad to college. and my dad and his brother also

Amy Klobuchar

4:39:51 to 4:40:12( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: worked in those mines. it's tough times in ely, minimum, things go up and down, up and down, in the steel business. right now they're in a down time. some of the mines have started up again but they have high unemployment up there, high unemployment, in the double digits. and that's why this is so important, as america has been trying to really pick itself up

Amy Klobuchar

4:40:13 to 4:40:33( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: and get moving again after this economic crisis. i think that someone once said that when wall street gets a cold, main street gets pneumonia and that's what we're still seeing across this country, despite the glimmers of hope that we see, with the g.d.p., the good numbers there and some of the other good numbers with house sales going up a there's some positive things going to in this country, there's no doubt about that, there's no doubt

Amy Klobuchar

4:40:34 to 4:40:56( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: about that. but there are still to many people looking for jobs. i think the number is for every job out there, there's six unemployed people trying to find that job. i've gotten letters from people saying they've applied for hundreds of jobs, sent their resumes in. and that's why it's so important, while wl street is starting to do well again again, that we make sure that we're protecting the people of this country who need their unemployment alone.

Amy Klobuchar

4:40:57 to 4:41:18( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: in the past 25 days alone, over 185,000 americans have lost their unemployment benefits. with each passing day without an extension, more and more americans are losing the last lifeline that they have to keep their heads above water in this difficult, difficult economy. and one of the things i really like about the senate bill -- and i see the senator from illinois is back and i thank him

Amy Klobuchar

4:41:19 to 4:41:39( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: for his leadership, and senator reid and senator shaheen and others that have worked on this -- is the senate bill doesn't just say okay, only certain states are going to be able to get in extension of unemployment benefits. the senate bill says what the people of my state say. they say, you know, in my house, the unemployment rate in minnesota might be.3% right now but -- might be 7.3% right now but

Amy Klobuchar

4:41:40 to 4:42:00( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: my house, it's 100%. and i've been trying to find work over and over again. because i don't know what i would have said tthe people of my state, mr. president, if i had to come home and say to them, look, the people o wisconsin, they're going to get their unemployment benefits extended right across the border there but the people of minimum aren't. and, you know, we were glad to get brett favre from wisconsin,

Amy Klobuchar

4:42:01 to 4:42:21( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: mr. president, thawas a nice trade. but it doesn't mean that they get unemployment benefits and we don't. so that's not a fair trade. so we're very glad that the senate bill takes c like minnesota and so many other states, like montana and others across this country. so i just urge the senate to pass this as quickly as possible in the name of all the people in my state and others that have

Amy Klobuchar

4:42:22 to 4:42:42( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: been looking for work. and i'll just end with a letter that i got from a woman named barbara from montemedia, minnesota. and she wrote, "my husband has been looking for a job since march, and without unemployment to help us out, i don't know what will happen. all of us, our kids, we've been looking for steady employment

Amy Klobuchar

4:42:43 to 4:43:04( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: for months. we drive old cars, we bought a house within our means that we've been fixing up slowly by ourselves for the a22 years, we buy everything used or on sale. please don't let the people of our state get left out in the cold, because it's starting to get cold and we need the unemployment until we find a job." so i thank you, mr. president, for allowing me a few minutes to talk about this important bill

Amy Klobuchar

4:43:05 to 4:43:06( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: pending before the senate, and i

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