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Senate Proceeding on Nov 16th, 2007 :: 0:15:06 to 0:18:35
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Tom Harkin

0:04:20 to 0:15:06( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

0:14:53 to 0:15:06( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Harkin: mr. sessions: i ask unanimous consent that the remaining republican time be divided equally between senators graham, thune, and sessions, that i be a allowed to speak at this point. the presiding officer:

Jeff Sessions

0:15:06 to 0:15:20( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: without objection.ct mr. sessions: mr. president, we know what the deal is. the senator from iowa knows what the problem is. the democratic leadership is refusing to allow amendments on the farm bill and

Jeff Sessions

0:15:06 to 0:18:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

0:15:20 to 0:15:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the farm bill is not going to pass until they do and they a going to allow amendments at some time and we are going to pass a farm bill. that's what the truth is, and everybody knows it here. but

Jeff Sessions

0:15:33 to 0:15:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i want to talk about something that's really trouble troubling to me. we had a hearing hearing yesterday in armed sars armed services, secretary of the army pete geren, general george casey, who is knew

Jeff Sessions

0:15:48 to 0:16:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the cheap chief of staff for the army, told us that they are reaching a crisis in maintaining support for our troops in iraq, that they need desperately for this congress to fulfill its responsibility

Jeff Sessions

0:16:01 to 0:16:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: to support the troops that we have sent into the field in harm's way to execute the policy of this nation. they are there because we sent them there. they are doing fabulous work, and they need

Jeff Sessions

0:16:16 to 0:16:39( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: support. just remember, mr. president, this summer we had a long debate about what to do. president bush said we need to change our policy, the american people said we heed to change our policy. we

Jeff Sessions

0:16:39 to 0:16:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: sent general petraeus there.~ mr. president, i see the senator from texas here. did you have an additional time? mrs. hutchison: mr. president, i had two minutes. i'll be happy to follow the senator

Jeff Sessions

0:16:51 to 0:17:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: from alabama. mr. sessions: mr. president, i would ask that two minutes be allocated to the senator from texas. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sessions: i'm not sure. we got confused earlier.

Jeff Sessions

0:17:06 to 0:17:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i will just say this, we really need to do this. we voted after a full debate this summer to give general petraeus a chance, ask him to come back and report in september. we voted 80-14 to fund

Jeff Sessions

0:17:21 to 0:17:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: that surge, and general petraeus, he came back with positive reports in september, but it was early. we were not sure what was going to really be the true trends. since september, the situation in

Jeff Sessions

0:17:33 to 0:17:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: iraq has improved to a degree that i did not expect possible. the casualities, american casualties are down two-thirds from earlier in the summer. it appears that al qaeda is completely on the run.

Jeff Sessions

0:17:49 to 0:18:02( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: great, great progress has been made. it's unthinkable at this point, after all we've been through, the difficult times we had this summer when progress is being made clearly, indispute pwhreurbgs that we

Jeff Sessions

0:18:02 to 0:18:13( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: would not jerk -- indisputably, that we would now jerk the rug out from under our soldiers. we need to get the leader, senator reid, to quit saying we're losing and quit saying this is not working,

Jeff Sessions

0:18:13 to 0:18:23( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: while our soldiers are making progress. how demoralizing is that? is my time up? the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. sessions: i thank the chair and i urge my colleagues to vote

Jeff Sessions

0:18:23 to 0:18:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: to support our troops at this critical point, as we're making progress. mrs. hutchison: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from texas is recognized for two minutes. mrs. hutchison: mr. president,

Kay Hutchison

0:18:35 to 0:18:48( Edit History Discussion )

Kay Hutchison: i risee to speak against the bridge bill that was sent over by the house of representatives. i hope that the senate can do what the senate has been doing all year, and that is stop these reckless

Kay Hutchison

0:18:35 to 0:20:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Kay Hutchison

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