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James Webb

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James Webb: act of 2009." and i thank the president. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. alexander: and i see the senator from virginia and i yield the floor. mr. webb: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. mr. webb: mr. president, are we in morning business? the presiding officer: yes. mr. webb: i ask unanimous consent to speak for such time as it may require. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. webb: thank you, mr. president.

James Webb

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Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

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James Webb: mr. president, i am very pleased to be cosponsoring this legislation with the senior senator from tennessee. this is a strong attempt by both of us to go toward the area of problem solving rather than political rhetoric that

James Webb

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James Webb: surrounds a lot of this issue when we examine the pieces of legislation that are before us that are making i think a great attempt at solving climate change issues. they are in some cases in contradiction to what our energy

James Webb

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James Webb: needs are at large. on the one hand, we stopped building nuclear years ago because of widespread fears among people who were in the political process about the technology that was involved. on another level, we stopped drilling for oil offshore after

James Webb

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James Webb: some incidents now 40 years ago. and then on another level, we hear repeatedly that coal is too dirty. and at the same time, we consume more and more energy, rightfully so given the productivity of thisountry and the state of

James Webb

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James Webb: our economy. but we're in contradiction in terms of what we need versus what we fear. and i believe that the time has come for us to focus on those areas in terms of energy production that we know are achievable, that we know are safe, where we know we are good

James Webb

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James Webb: and which can contribute positively in the area of climate change. we have an enormously complex climate change bill that was passed in the house. we have another enormously complex climate change bill that may be before the senate. we can't predict whetherhose bills will pass. if they do pass, we do know that

James Webb

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James Webb: ere are some so what senator alexander and i are trying to do on a bipartisan basis, hopefully with the support of our colleagues, is to put a simple piece of legislation forward that will address the areas that are achievable, that can give us an end result and get this

James Webb

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James Webb: legislation passed while all of these other issues continue to be examined. senator alexander outlined the major points of this legislation legislation. i'd like to emphasize a couple. one is that we will be able to provide $100 billion in loan

James Webb

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James Webb: guarantees but that's not $100 billion in money. that's $100 billion in guarantees and it depends on the success rate, and the basic projection on this is that it will be between 1% and 10% that have $100 billion that our taxpayers actually would be required to pay. so we're going to be able to

James Webb

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James Webb: bring at least a dozen nuclear power plants on-line. when i say a nuclear power plant, i mean the electrical generation capability of a traditional nuclear power plant. we may have more than those give, given the man tourization of nuclear power -- miniaturization of nuclear power that is now underway. we're going to be able to

James Webb

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James Webb: develop a nuclear work force, and let me stay on this point for a minute. senator alex around, the former secretary of education -- senator alexander, the former secretary of education, i've spent allf my life since i was 18 years old in and around the naval service from which o nuclear power programs first began.

James Webb

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James Webb: one of t great benefits of the nuclear power program in the united states has been quality individuals whose talents are unmatched around the world. i first watched this when i was at the naval academy many years ago, where the brightest people at the naval academy when i was there, among them -- many of the brightest people were selected

James Webb

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James Webb: for nuclear power programs. they went through intensive training. but also among the enlisted sailors, the quality of the training was unsurpassed. we would like to see this take place in terms of work force development here in the united states. we want to put $100 million a year in over a ten-year period

James Webb

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James Webb: to develop superb craftsmen as well as nuclear engineers. we are looking at mini manhattan projects for alternatenergy. this doesn't simply narrow the focus to nuclear energy. but we do know right now, even though we haven't built a new nuclear power plant in the united states for 30 years, that 70% of the carbon-free

James Webb

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James Webb: electrical power inhe united states comes from nuclear energy. this is a good match for what people are trying to do in the area of climate change. i believe that the way that we have designed this legislation is very focused. i'm very comfortable with the

James Webb

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James Webb: fact that this expansion of nuclear power as an alternate energy is doable, it's reasonable in scope and in cost, it will go a very long way toward our eventual goal of dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emissions and, as a result, this is legislation that would be beneficial to our economy, to our national health, to our position around the world world.

James Webb

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James Webb: and i hope that our colleagues will join us

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